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Weak Layers Movie Parents Guide

Weak Layers 2024 is a comedic film that marks the revival of the ski comedy genre, directed by Katie Burrell and produced by Andrew Ladd and Jared Drake. Set to release on Jan 5, 2024, in theaters (Limited) and Feb 6, 2024, on streaming platforms, the movie stars Katie Burrell, Jadyn Wong, and Chelsea.

Movie NameWeak Layers
Original LanguageEnglish
RatingNot Yet
DirectorKatie Burrell
ProducersAndrew Ladd, Jared Drake
WritersAndrew Ladd, Katie Burrell
Release Date (Theaters)Jan 5, 2024 (Limited)
Release Date (Streaming)Feb 6, 2024
DistributorGreenwich Entertainment
Production CompanyRealization Films

In the frosty winter of 1984, a cinematic revolution carved its way down the slopes of Palisades Tahoe, birthing an adrenaline-pumping subgenre known as the ski comedy. “Hot Dog… The Movie” took the world by storm, etching its name into the annals of cult film history and inspiring a generation of snow enthusiasts. The echoes of laughter and the thrill of downhill adventures resonated for two glorious decades with films like “Ski Patrol,” “Aspen Extreme,” “Ski School,” and “Better Off Dead.”

Yet, as Hollywood’s landscape shifted and evolved, the once-beloved ski comedy genre found itself buried beneath the avalanche of changing trends. The snow-covered peaks became silent, but the memories endured in the hearts of passionate fans worldwide. It is against this backdrop that “Powder Peaks Revival” emerges — a nostalgic journey back to the roots of ski comedies.

Powder Peaks Revival” is a progressive throwback that breathes new life into the classic ski comedy, choosing Lake Tahoe as its pristine canvas. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, the film unfolds a tale that transcends the slopes and dives deep into the spirit of adventure.

At the heart of the story are three dynamic, local women — fearless, passionate, and unapologetically rowdy. United by their love for the mountains and an insatiable thirst for adrenaline, they embark on a quest to win the world-famous 72-hour short ski film competition. Meet Alex, the seasoned ski veteran with a rebellious spirit; Mia, the ambitious newcomer with a knack for pushing boundaries; and Casey, the free spirit whose infectious laughter lights up the mountains.

Powder Peaks Revival” not only showcases the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Tahoe but also dissects the modern, male-driven ski culture that has dominated the genre for too long. The film challenges stereotypes and celebrates the strength, camaraderie, and unique energy found in tight-knit local communities nestled in ski towns around the world.

As the trio barrels down the slopes, navigating powder-covered challenges and rivalries, the film becomes more than a competition; it becomes an ode to mountain town life. “Powder Peaks Revival” captures the essence of living on the edge, embracing the thrill of the descent, and reveling in the deep connections formed in the heart of winter wonderlands.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, friendship, and adrenaline as “Powder Peaks Revival” breathes fresh powder into the dormant ski comedy genre, inviting audiences to rediscover the magic of the mountains and the indomitable spirit that defines ski culture. It’s not just a movie; it’s a resurrection.

Weak Layers Parents Guide

Content Overview:

  • Violence: Mild comedic situations and rivalry on the slopes; no intense or graphic violence.
  • Language: Occasional mild language and humor typical of a comedy genre.
  • Sexual Content: Limited; some flirtatious interactions and comedic situations.
  • Substance Use: Scenes depicting social drinking and humorous portrayals of inebriation.
  • Themes: Adventure, camaraderie, and overcoming challenges in a ski competition setting.

Recommended Age:

  • Teens and Above: The film is suitable for teens and older audiences who enjoy comedy and skiing-themed movies.

Parental Guidance Suggested For:

  • Younger Audiences: Some content may not be suitable for younger viewers due to mild language and comedic adult themes.
  • Parental Discretion Advised: Parents may want to preview the film to assess its suitability for their children based on individual sensitivities.

Note: Since the movie is not yet rated, parental discretion is advised, and individual preferences may vary.

Here is the list of the cast of Weak Layers:

  1. Katie Burrell as Cleo Brown
  2. Jadyn Wong as Lucy Lin
  3. Chelsea Conwright as Tina Gates
  4. Evan Jonigkeit as Gabe Paul
  5. Neal Bledsoe as Dane Blake
  6. Charlie Manoukian as Ross
  7. KC Deane as James Berton
  8. Kevin Alain as Drunk Tourist Guy
  9. Darius Devine as Donovan Banks
  10. Scott Gaffney as Scott Gaffney
  11. Josh Gold as Bellhop
  12. Debbie Dutton as Betty
  13. Beau Martino as Pete the Valet
  14. Nui Ponphila as Registration Guy
  15. D. Brad St. Cyr as Marty
  16. Colton Ward as Dishwasher
  17. Robin Soli as Chairlift Lady
  18. Dave Cherry as Landlord

Key Point

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Setting: Lake Tahoe
  • Story: Three women in a ski film contest challenging male-driven ski culture; celebrate camaraderie.
  • Content Overview: Mild comedic situations; occasional mild language; limited flirtatious interactions; scenes of social drinking; adventure, camaraderie themes.
  • Recommended Age: Teens and above.
  • Note: Unrated; parental discretion advised. The cast includes Katie Burrell, Jadyn Wong, Chelsea Conwright, Evan Jonigkeit, and Neal Bledsoe.