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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 2024 Parents Guide

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 2024
, directed by George Miller, is a highly anticipated post-apocalyptic action-adventure film that serves as both a spin-off and prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015). Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Imperator Furiosa, with notable names like Chris Hemsworth, Alyla Browne, and Tom Burke in supporting roles.

The film’s casting process began in March 2020, leading to the selection of Taylor-Joy, Hemsworth, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (later replaced by Burke due to scheduling conflicts) in October. Key crew members from “Fury Road” returned, including co-writer Nico Lathouris, film editor Margaret Sixel, costume designer Jenny Beavan, and composer Tom Holkenborg. Principal photography unfolded in Australia from June to October 2022.

Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, “Furiosa” is set to hit theaters in Australia on May 23, 2024, and in the United States on May 24, 2024. Get ready for an intense cinematic experience as the film explores the origins of Imperator Furiosa in this latest installment of the iconic Mad Max franchise.

Movie NameFuriosa: A Mad Max Saga
GenreAction, Adventure
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorGeorge Miller
ProducersGeorge Miller, Doug Mitchell
RatingNot Yet
WriterGeorge Miller
Release DateMay 24, 2024 (Wide)
DistributorWarner Bros. Pictures
Production CompanyKennedy Miller Mitchell, Warner Bros.
Aspect RatioDigital 2.39:1

Furiosa Plot Summary

Abducted from the Green Place of Many Mothers, the young and determined Furiosa finds herself entangled in the tumultuous crossfire between two tyrannical warlords in a dystopian wasteland.

Separated from her sanctuary, Furiosa discovers the clash of ideologies embodied by these ruthless warlords, each vying for dominance in a brutal post-apocalyptic world. One, a cunning strategist wielding power through manipulation and deceit, seeks control through an iron grip, while the other, a brute force-driven despot, aims for dominance through sheer brutality and a legion of loyal followers.

Caught in the web of their power struggle, Furiosa is compelled to confront the complexities of loyalty, morality, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. Along her journey, she forges unlikely alliances with survivors, each carrying their own motives and stories shaped by the unforgiving world they inhabit.

As Furiosa strives to reclaim agency over her destiny, she unravels long-buried secrets about her past, including the origins of the Green Place of Many Mothers. Her quest for personal truth becomes intertwined with the broader struggle for freedom and justice in a world where hope is as scarce as water.

In a crescendo of action, betrayal, and self-discovery, Furiosa emerges not only as a formidable force against the warlords but as a symbol of resilience for those who dare to challenge the oppressive order. The once-distant Green Place becomes a beacon of hope as Furiosa leads a daring rebellion, echoing through the desolate echoes of a once-vibrant world.

The journey is arduous, but in the crucible of adversity, Furiosa transforms from a stolen soul into a relentless warrior, destined to shape the destiny of a shattered realm.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 2024 Parents Guide

Key Points for Parents:

  1. Genre: The film falls under the genres of action and adventure, suggesting intense and dynamic sequences.
  2. Violence: Expect scenes depicting violence and brutality, characteristic of the post-apocalyptic setting. The struggle for dominance between warlords may involve intense action sequences.
  3. Complex Themes: The plot explores complex themes such as loyalty, morality, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. These themes may prompt discussions with older children.
  4. Survival Themes: The characters navigate a harsh and unforgiving world, which may include survival situations, perilous journeys, and alliances forged under challenging circumstances.
  5. No Official Rating: As of now, the film has not received an official rating, so parental discretion is advised.
  6. Younger Version of Immortan Joe: The younger version of a character previously portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne in “Mad Max: Fury Road” makes an appearance, adding a layer of continuity to the Mad Max universe.

Cast of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga :

  1. Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa
  2. Chris Hemsworth as Dementus
  3. Charlee Fraser
  4. Tom Burke
  5. Angus Sampson
  6. Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus
  7. Daniel Webber as War Boy
  8. Alyla Browne as Young Furiosa
  9. Nat Buchanan as Pregnant Wife #2
  10. Goran D. Kleut
  11. Spencer Connelly as Warboy Recruit
  12. Lachy Hulme
  13. CJ. Bloomfield
  14. Ian Roberts as Mr. Harley
  15. David Collins as Smeg
  16. Matuse as Fang
  17. Robert McFarlane as Dementus Biker (Misfit Gang)
  18. Darcy Bryce as Pissboy
  19. Maleeka Gasbarri as Pregnant Wife #1
  20. Rahel Romahn
  21. Xanthia Marinelli as Treadmill Rat / Vuvalini
  22. Alex Time as Dementus Biker
  23. Florence Mezzara
  24. Yeye Zhou as Treadmill Rat
  25. Kelli Bailey as The Wretched
  26. Matt de Souza as Treadmill Rat
  27. Marcia Coronado as Vuvalini
  28. Ning Cyrus as War Boy
  29. Chong Wei Zhang as Corpse Minder
  30. Dylan Hill as Blackfinger
  31. Anne-Emilie Perol as Vuvalini
  32. Cody Riley as Dementus Biker / Mortiflyer / War Boy
  33. Jacob Parker as Gas Town Resident
  34. Denise Davidson as The Wretched / Treadmill Rat
  35. Shakriya Tarinyawat as Biker (uncredited)


 Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is a post-apocalyptic action adventure, a spin-off and prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Furiosa, abducted from the Green Place of Many Mothers, caught in a power struggle between two warlords. The film explores themes of loyalty, morality, and survival, with intense action sequences and a quest for personal truth. Furiosa leads a rebellion, transforming into a relentless warrior.

Key Points for Parents:

  1. Genre: Action, Adventure.
  2. Violence: Expect intense scenes typical of a post-apocalyptic setting.
  3. Complex Themes: Explores loyalty, morality, and survival.
  4. Survival Themes: Characters navigate a harsh world, facing perilous situations.
  5. No Official Rating: Parental discretion advised.
  6. Younger Immortan Joe: Adds continuity to the Mad Max universe.