There Is No Sanctuary Parents Guide

There Is No Sanctuary Parents Guide

There Is No Sanctuary” is an upcoming (2023)  horror series Movie, both directed and written by Jaime Reborn. This intriguing production boasts a talented cast that includes Jaime Reborn, Blake Lena, and Brittni Carraway in the lead roles.

The movie is set to be released on October 31, 2023, and has a Runtime of about 1 hour 43 minutes

There Is No Sanctuary Movie Details:

TitleGenreDirectorRelease DateLanguageCountryProduction Company
There Is No SanctuaryHorrorJaime RebornOctober 31, 2023EnglishUnited StatesStudio Productions Reborn

Plot Synopsis:

The series revolves around the challenges faced by a team attempting to rescue individuals trapped in a zombie-like quarantine zone following a military extraction. The surviving members find themselves in a constant struggle, dealing with stress and disorders as they navigate this dangerous situation.

There Is No Sanctuary Parents Guide

Why is There Is No Sanctuary Rated Unrated?

The MPAA may have rated “There Is No Sanctuary” as Unrated for various reasons. When a movie is classified as Unrated, it means that it hasn’t gone through the standard rating process by the MPAA, which typically results in a G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 rating.

Use of Violence:

The movie includes scenes with some violence, such as Howard sharing a story involving strangling a gorilla, a stroke incident while driving, and subtle references to abusive relationships and potential suicide.

Material That May Scare or Disturb Children:

 For children under the age of five, there are no specific disturbing elements noted in the film.

Product Placement: No instances of product placement are observed in the movie.

Sexual References:

The film contains sexual references, primarily within the context of a therapy session where a character discusses their experiences with a significant other.

The film delves into several themes, including family breakdown and dysfunction, jealousy, abusive relationships, mental illness (clinical depression), failing health, and a sense of losing control.

Nudity and Sexual Activity:

There is no nudity or explicit sexual activity depicted in the film.

Use of Substances:

Instances of substance use include characters consuming alcohol, with Howard receiving a bottle of rum, patrons drinking in a pub, and champagne being poured. The film also touches upon the past issue of Howard’s alcohol consumption.

Coarse Language:

 Some mild coarse language is used in the film, including terms like “Hell,” “Bloody,” “Jesus” (used as an exclamation), and “Fool.”

The Role of Parents:

Parents play a pivotal role in their children’s lives, and their involvement is essential. Engaging with children not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also encourages children to express their thoughts and interpretations. Parents should not only be aware of the content their children consume but also actively participate in their viewing experience. This involvement helps foster critical thinking skills and personal development.

There Is No Sanctuary Cast:

The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with notable actors such as Jaime Reborn portraying Chief Warrant Officer 5 Elijah Biko, Blake Lena taking on the role of Captain Stephen Russo, and Brittni Carraway as Hope.

  • Jaime Reborn
  • Elijah Biko
  • Blake Lena         
  • Captain Stephen Russo
  • Brittni Carraway

Key Points Summary:

  1. Introduction: “There Is No Sanctuary” is an upcoming horror series directed and written by Jaime Reborn, starring Jaime Reborn, Blake Lena, and Brittni Carraway in the lead roles.
  2. Key Details: The series falls into the horror genre and is set to be released on October 31, 2023, in English, produced in the United States by Studio Productions Reborn.
  3. The Importance of Age Ratings and Parental Guidance: Age ratings and parental guidance are essential for guiding parents in deciding what content is appropriate for their children, considering the diverse maturity levels and interpretations of content.
  4. Unrated Series: “There Is No Sanctuary” has not received an official rating, emphasizing the need for parents to carefully evaluate the content before allowing their children to watch.
  5. The Role of Parents: Parental involvement in a child’s media consumption is vital for building strong parent-child relationships and fostering critical thinking skills.
  6. Additional Details: The series is set to be released on October 31, 2023, and centers around the struggles of a team trying to rescue individuals from a zombie-like quarantine zone. The surviving team members face stress and disorders. The cast includes Jaime Reborn, Blake Lena, and Brittni Carraway in prominent roles.


“There Is No Sanctuary” is an upcoming horror series without an official rating. This article provides crucial information about the series, including its release date, storyline, and cast members. Parents should carefully consider the appropriateness of this series for their children, given the absence of a rating.