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The Naughty Nine Parents Guide

The Naughty Nine,” a Christmas heist TV film directed by Alberto Belli, features an ensemble cast including Winslow Fegley, Camila Rodriguez, Derek Theler, Deric McCabe, Clara Stack, Anthony Joo, Ayden Elijah, Imogen Cohen, Madilyn Kellam, and Danny Glover. Premiering on November 22, 2023, exclusively on Disney Channel, the film promises an entertaining and festive heist storyline.

The Naughty Nine Movie Review

Movie NameThe Naughty Nine
GenreHoliday, Adventure, Comedy, Kids & Family
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorAlberto Belli
WritersJed Elinoff, Scott Thomas
Release Date (Streaming)Nov 23, 2023
Runtime1h 30m

The Naughty Nine Plot Summary

Andy (Winslow Fegley) is a mischief maestro, always finding himself knee-deep in pranks and heists alongside his partner-in-crime, Dulce (Camila Rodriguez). Their mischievous escapades constantly land them on the wrong side of their parents and teachers. However, the tables turn when they discover that being naughty also puts them on Santa’s notorious list.

A disappointing Christmas unfolds for Andy and Dulce as they find themselves giftless due to their misdeeds. Determined to remedy the situation, they hatch a daring plan: assemble a team of fellow naughty listers and execute the ultimate heist—breaking into Santa’s workshop to reclaim their presents.

Heist films are known for their universal appeal, and “The Naughty Nine” doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re into R-rated sci-fi heists or G-rated Christmas-themed capers for kids, this film has something for everyone. Admittedly, being a Disney Channel Original Movie, certain expectations around production value, budget, and writing should be tempered. Despite being a made-for-TV movie, “The Naughty Nine” stands out with a slightly higher quality in these areas compared to typical DCOMs.

The film’s success hinges on two key elements: the heist itself and the underlying message. The heist, tailored for a younger audience, remains entertaining as Andy assembles a diverse team of characters, each with unique skills and reasons for landing on the naughty list. Notable among them is Jon Anthony (Deric McCabe), a character that adds an extra layer of charm to the storyline.

What sets this production apart is its overarching theme. In a heartwarming revelation by Santa (Danny Glover) toward the end, the film underscores the importance of daily choices in shaping one’s character. Andy and his cohorts learn a valuable lesson—that past misbehavior doesn’t define one’s future. The narrative delicately explores the idea that while mischievous acts may offer momentary satisfaction, enduring joy comes from doing good. These messages resonate well with young audiences and might even strike a chord with adults.

With minimal negative content, “The Naughty Nine” is poised to become a family favorite. It delivers a simple yet heartwarming story with a festive heist at its core. For a holiday-themed flick, it ticks all the boxes, making it a delightful watch regardless of whether you find yourself on the naughty or nice list.

The Naughty Nine Parents Guide

Why is The Naughty Nine rated TV-G?

The MPAA has designated “The Naughty Nine” with a TV-G rating, indicating that it is generally suitable for all audiences. The rating encompasses several aspects, ensuring that the content is appropriate for viewers of all ages.


The film features scenes of mild peril, introducing a level of tension and excitement without reaching levels that might be unsettling for younger viewers. The portrayal of peril is crafted to be suitable for a broad audience, aligning with the TV-G rating’s guidelines.

Sexual Content:

“The Naughty Nine” contains no sexual content, maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. The absence of any explicit material ensures that the film remains accessible and enjoyable for viewers of all ages, aligning with the TV-G classification.


The use of language in the movie is kept within the boundaries of a family-friendly rating. Kids in the film may employ some mild insults like “loser,” but these are presented in a context that is consistent with the TV-G rating, ensuring that the dialogue remains suitable for all audiences.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

There is no depiction of alcohol or drug use in “The Naughty Nine.” The absence of such elements contributes to the film’s family-friendly rating, ensuring that it remains free from content that might be inappropriate for younger viewers.

In summary, “The Naughty Nine” has been assigned a TV-G rating by the MPAA due to its overall content being suitable for all audiences. The filmmakers have crafted the movie with care, incorporating mild peril, maintaining a lack of explicit content, keeping language within family-friendly limits, and excluding any depictions of alcohol or drug use. This ensures that the film provides wholesome entertainment for viewers of all ages.

Cast of The Naughty Nine Film

  1. Winslow Fegley as Andy Steele
  2. Camila Rodriguez as Dulce Gutierrez
  3. Derek Theler as Bruno
  4. Deric McCabe as Jon Anthony Dizon
  5. Clara Stack as Rose Wingert
  6. Anthony Joo as Lewis Sobong
  7. Ayden Elijah as Albert Reyes
  8. Imogen Cohen as Ha-Yoon Si-u
  9. Madilyn Kellam as Laurel Steele
  10. Danny Glover as Santa Claus


The Naughty Nine” is a Christmas heist TV film directed by Alberto Belli, premiering on Disney Channel. The story follows Andy and Dulce, habitual troublemakers who end up on Santa’s naughty list. Determined to reclaim their presents, they assemble a team of fellow naughty listers for the ultimate heist: breaking into Santa’s workshop.

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Holiday, Adventure, Comedy, Kids & Family
  2. Rating: TV-G
  3. Director: Alberto Belli
  4. Writers: Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas
  5. Release Date (Streaming): Nov 23, 2023
  6. Runtime: 1h 30m
  7. Distributor: Disney+
  8. Cast: Winslow Fegley, Camila Rodriguez, Derek Theler, Deric McCabe, Clara Stack, Anthony Joo, Ayden Elijah, Imogen Cohen, Madilyn Kellam, Danny Glover
  9. Plot: Andy and Dulce plan a heist to reclaim Christmas presents after finding themselves on Santa’s naughty list.
  10. Heist Element: The film’s success relies on the entertaining heist and a diverse team of characters with unique skills.
  11. Underlying Message: Emphasizes the importance of daily choices in shaping one’s character and the idea that past misbehavior doesn’t define the future.
  12. Family-Friendly: The movie is rated TV-G, featuring mild peril, no sexual content, family-friendly language, and no depiction of alcohol or drug use.

In summary, “The Naughty Nine” offers a festive heist with universal appeal, combining entertaining elements for a family audience while delivering a positive message about personal growth and redemption.