I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me 2023 Parents Guide

“I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me” is an upcoming comedy and thriller film adapted from Juan Pablo Villalobos’ novel of the same name. Directed by Fernando Frias and written by Maria Camila Arias, Fernando Frias, and Juan Pablo Villalobos, the movie stars Anna Castillo, Bruna Cusí, and Dario Yazbek Bernal.

Premiering on Netflix on November 22, 2023, the film promises a compelling blend of comedy and suspense, bringing the novel’s narrative to life on the screen. Stay tuned for an exciting cinematic experience.

I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me Movie Review

Movie NameI Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me
GenreComedy, Mystery & Thriller
Rating TV-MA
Original LanguageSpanish
DirectorFernando Frias
ProducersAntonio Asensio, Paloma Molina
WritersFernando Frias, Juan Pablo Villalobos, Maria Camila Arias
Release Date (Streaming)Nov 22, 2023
Runtime1h 57m

The Plot Summary:

Juan Pablo embarks on a transformative journey with his girlfriend, Valentina, as they set out for Barcelona, where he plans to pursue a PhD in Literature. However, their adventure takes an unexpected twist when, before departing Mexico, Juan Pablo becomes entangled in a clandestine criminal network. This unforeseen involvement becomes a wellspring of inspiration for him, fueling the creation of the novel he had always envisioned.

As Juan Pablo delves deeper into the criminal underbelly, his life takes a surreal turn, marked by absurd and sinister events. The juxtaposition of his academic aspirations and his entanglement in the dark world of crime creates a compelling narrative full of twists and turns. The novel that emerges from this tumultuous period becomes a reflection of Juan Pablo’s journey, intertwining the realms of academia and criminality in an intricate and gripping tale. Will Juan Pablo be able to navigate the complexities of his dual life and emerge unscathed, or will the shadows of the criminal network cast a permanent stain on his literary aspirations? “I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me” unfolds as a thrilling exploration of one man’s quest for knowledge, love, and the unforeseen consequences of his clandestine entanglements.

I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me 2023 Parents Guide

Why is I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me rated TV-MA?

I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me” is rated TV-MA due to mature themes, explicit language, depictions of alcohol consumption, and scenes of violence, making it suitable only for mature audiences.


The characters in this film engage in conversations and dialogue that may contain mature themes intended for adult audiences. Parents should be aware that exposure to such language may have adverse effects on younger viewers.

Consumption of Alcohol:

The film depicts characters holding glasses filled with alcohol, portraying scenes where some characters consume alcoholic beverages. It is important for parents to note the presence of such scenes and consider their appropriateness for their children.


Given that the storyline revolves around a young man becoming involved in criminal activities, there may be instances of violence depicted in the film. Parents should be prepared for the potential inclusion of violent content and assess its suitability for their children.

Parents Consideration:

 Parents should exercise caution as the film contains content specifically designed for adults. The inclusion of scenes depicting the consumption of alcohol and mature language necessitates careful consideration. It is advised that parents evaluate these aspects before allowing their children to watch “I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me.”

Cast of I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Film

  1. Darío Yazbek
  2. Natalia Solián
  3. Anna Castillo
  4. Alba Ribó
  5. Juan Minujín
  6. Juan Carlos Remolina
  7. Clara Roquet
  8. Alexis Ayala
  9. Berenice Mastretta
  10. Laura
  11. Giovanni Conconi
  12. Juan Pablo (joven)
  13. Natàlia Planell


“I Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe Me” follows Juan Pablo’s journey to pursue a PhD in Literature in Barcelona with his girlfriend, Valentina. However, he gets entangled in a criminal network in Mexico, inspiring him to write a novel. The film explores the clash between his academic aspirations and criminal involvement, leading to a suspenseful narrative.

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Comedy and thriller.
  2. Director: Fernando Frias.
  3. Release Date: November 22, 2023, on Netflix.
  4. Runtime: 1h 57m.
  5. Rating: TV-MA for mature themes, explicit language, alcohol consumption, and violence.
  6. Plot: Juan Pablo’s dual life in academia and crime, leads to the creation of a novel.
  7. Cast: Includes Darío Yazbek, Anna Castillo, and Natalia Solián.
  8. Parental Advisory: Mature content; caution for explicit language, alcohol scenes, and violence.
  9. Setting: Barcelona and Mexico.
  10. Tone: Blends comedy and suspense.