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Frybread Face and Me 2023 Parents Guide

Frybread Face and Me” (2023) is a coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Billy Luther. The cast features Keir Tallman, Charley Hogan, Sarah H. Natani, Martin Sensmeier, and Kahara Hodges. Executive producer Taika Waititi adds to the film’s creative prowess.

Premiering at South by Southwest on March 11, 2023, the film hit limited theaters on November 24, 2023, distributed by ARRAY and also made available on Netflix.

Frybread Face and Me Movie Review

Movie NameFrybread Face and Me
RatingNot Yet
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorBilly Luther
ProducerChad Burris
WriterBilly Luther
Release Date (Theaters)Nov 24, 2023 (Limited)
Release Date (Streaming)Nov 24, 2023
Runtime1h 23m
DistributorARRAY Releasing

The Plot Summary:

Benny’s (Keir Tallman) eagerly anticipated summer plans take an unexpected turn when his parents inform him that he’ll be spending the break on the Navajo Reservation with his grandmother (Sarah H. Natani) and other relatives. Grumbling and resistant, Benny is whisked away on a bus, leaving behind the allure of a Fleetwood Mac concert in San Diego and his parents grappling with their own challenges.

Upon arrival at his grandmother’s home, Benny encounters a world he barely remembers. His grandmother, a dignified woman, communicates with him in Navajo, a language he struggles to comprehend. The household also includes Uncle Marvin (Martin Sensmeier), a rodeo competitor managing the family sheep farm, and the free-spirited Aunt Lucy (Kahara Hodges), who flits in and out, occasionally couch-surfing with friends. The scene is completed by the arrival of cousin Frybread Face (Charley Hogan), or Dawn, as she’s formally known, whose plump and confident demeanor belies the unkind nickname she carries.

Frybread Face takes it upon herself to initiate Benny into the Navajo way of life, introducing him to the concept of “hozho.” This Navajo philosophy, akin to the idea of “zen,” revolves around finding peace, balance, beauty, and harmony within oneself and the world. Unaccustomed to the cultural traditions and sheep-related responsibilities, Benny, yearning to return home, contemplates escape until an unforeseen event alters his perspective.

“Frybread Face and Me” unfolds as both a coming-of-age tale and a narrative of cultural reconciliation. Benny undergoes significant growth, acquiring new skills, building self-confidence, and embracing his cultural heritage. Despite the language barrier with his grandmother, Benny learns to interpret her intentions, fostering a meaningful connection. Within his extended family, he discovers the richness of Navajo customs, takes pride in his long hair, and engages in tribal rituals, notably the first laugh ceremony for his baby cousin.

While the film delves into the nuances of Navajo culture, the reviewer expresses difficulty in fully appreciating it, citing a lack of familiarity with the cultural context. Despite finding intrigue in Benny’s wise grandmother, the reviewer notes moments of boredom and critiques the acting.

On a positive note, the film maintains a modest level of explicit content, with a brief glimpse of a Playboy magazine and minimal cursing and violence tied to the plot. “Frybread Face and Me” ultimately delivers a narrative centered on family love, the strength derived from cultural understanding, and the possibility of family reconciliation. Though it may not fully achieve “hozho,” the film remains a hopeful exploration of cultural discovery and familial connections.

Frybread Face and Me 2023 Parents Guide

What’s the reason for Frybread Face and Me being Not Rated?

The MPAA has given Frybread Face and Me a Not Rated rating.

NOTE: A film may be designated as “Not Rated” for several reasons, including if it hasn’t undergone the official rating process or if the content doesn’t fit within the specific criteria for traditional ratings like G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. Sometimes, independent or small-budget films may not pursue an official rating.


  • A rodeo rider experiences a fall from a bull, resulting in visible injuries and some blood.
  • A young boy strikes a man in a wheelchair.
  • The lifeless body of a dog is discovered on a highway and subsequently removed.

Sexual Content:

  • A child engages in play with toys, simulating a discussion about responsibility for a pregnancy.
  • Children engage in a conversation about lesbians.
  • There is a reference to someone having “big balls.”
  • A brief scene involves a child glancing at a Playboy magazine, featuring a momentary view of a woman’s breasts.


  • The script includes three scatological curses, three instances of taking the deity’s name in vain, and three minor profanities.
  • A crude term for women is used, along with a homophobic slur.

Alcohol/Drug Use:

  • No instances of alcohol or drug use are noted in the script.

Cast of Frybread Face and Me Film

  • Keir Tallman: Benny
  • Charley Hogan: Frybread Face
  • Sarah H. Natani: Grandma
  • Martin Sensmeier: Marvin
  • Kahara Hodges: Aunt Lucy
  • Morningstar Angeline: Ann
  • Leilani Taliaferro: Ida
  • Nasheen Sleuth: Aunt Sharon
  • Jeremiah Bitsui: Uncle Roger
  • Sunny Dooley: Navajo doctor


Summary: “Frybread Face and Me” is a 2023 drama directed by Billy Luther. Benny spends an unexpected summer on the Navajo Reservation, reconnecting with his cultural heritage through his grandmother and cousin Frybread Face.

Key Points:

  1. Characters:
    • Benny: Reluctant protagonist navigating Navajo traditions.
    • Frybread Face: Cousin guiding Benny’s cultural journey.
    • Grandma: Fosters a connection despite language barriers.
  1. Premiere and Release:
    • Premiered at South by Southwest on March 11, 2023.
    • Limited theater release on November 24, 2023, distributed by ARRAY and on Netflix.
  2. Cultural Exploration:
    • Benny’s growth involves rediscovering Navajo traditions and embracing cultural pride.
  3. Review Highlights:
    • Cultural unfamiliarity noted in the review.
    • Modest explicit content and relevance to the plot highlighted positively.
  4. MPAA Rating:
  5. Parental Guide:
    • Violence, sexual content, profanity, and substance use outlined in the script.