The Road Dance Parents Guide

The Road Dance Parents Guide: A Movie of Hope, Courage, and Resilience.

The Road Dance is a 2023 period drama film directed by Richie Adams. The movie stars Hermione Corfield as Kirsty Macleod, a young woman from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland who dreams of a better life in America with her fiancé, Murdo MacAulay (played by Will Fletcher). However, their plans are disrupted by the outbreak of World War I, and Murdo is forced to join the British army. The movie has a run time of 116 minutes and will be released on October 13, 2023.

Movie NameThe Road Dance
DirectorRichie Adams
WritersRichie Adams, John MacKay
StarsDavid Brooks, Felicity Keenan, Hermione Corfield, Morven Christie, Ali Fumiko Whitney
Release DateOctober 13, 2023.
RatingNot Rated
Running Time1h 56m

The film begins on a hopeful note, with Kirsty and Murdo attending a road dance in their village. However, the night ends in tragedy when Kirsty is sexually assaulted and left with no memory of the attack. The consequences of the assault soon become apparent, and Kirsty must navigate the challenges of dealing with trauma and seeking justice.

The Road Dance is a well-crafted movie that effectively captures the emotional journey of its characters. The film’s success is largely due to the exceptional performances of its cast, particularly Hermione Corfield’s portrayal of Kirsty. Corfield delivers a nuanced performance that conveys the full range of Kirsty’s emotions, from hope and determination to grief and rage. Will Fletcher also delivers a strong performance as Murdo, conveying his devotion and resolve in the face of adversity.

The film’s pacing is even, and the cinematography is stunning, capturing the beauty of the Scottish countryside. The relationships between the characters are well-developed, and the village feels authentic. The film also depicts the resilience and healing found in family relationships and female solidarity.

While the film deals with heavy subject matter, it is carefully sanitized, with minimal graphic violence or sexual content. The assault scene is shot in dim light, and the camera focuses primarily on Kirsty’s face, avoiding graphic sexual detail. The film also includes depictions of suicide and attempted suicide but without blood.

Overall, The Road Dance is a compelling and satisfying movie that will appeal to fans of period dramas. The film’s themes of resilience, healing, and justice are universal and resonate with audiences. Kirsty’s journey embodies the message of Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson, who said, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”

The Road Dance Parents Guide


There’s a biassed mention of suffocation death and a mention of sickness death. A lady has been pursued and brutally assaulted. There has been a death in the struggle. A man is shot during a battle. A man fires himself off-screen, and the shot is heard.

Sexual Content:

A guy and a woman exchange kisses. Another man punches another. A woman is attacked and sexually assaulted in a dimly lit scene. The scenario is so dark that the details of the attack are obscured, and the majority of camera angles show her face, bewildered and in pain. She is later seen with bloodied pants and face bruises. A baby dies on-screen, which is a spoiler. Suicidal people jump over cliffs.

Profanity: None noted.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

At a party, adults consume whisky, and some become inebriated. A doctor gives a woman medication.

The Road Dance Rating & Content Info

The Road Dance is a movie that has been rated as Not Rated by the MPAA. The movie contains violence, sexual content, and alcohol/drug use. The violence in the movie includes an oblique reference to death by drowning, a mention of death by cancer, a mention of death in battle, a man being shot in a combat scene, and a man shooting himself off-screen. The sexual content in the movie includes a man and woman kissing, a man punching one another, and a woman being attacked and sexually assaulted in a very dimly lit scene. The scene is so dark that the detail of the attack is unclear and most of the camera angles show her face, dazed and in pain. She is later seen with facial injuries and blood-stained underwear. Additionally, a baby dies on screen and a suicidal person jumps off a cliff. I’d prefer The Fair Play movie to this movie.


Despite the darkness in the story, The Road Dance is a movie that showcases the strength of the human spirit. Kirsty, the protagonist, faces a terrifying attack and must navigate her way through the aftermath while keeping her secrets safe and fighting for her future. The film highlights hope, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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