Fair Play Parents Guide

Fair Play Parents Guide 2023 review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

TitleFair Play
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
Release DateOctober 6, 2023
DirectorChloe Domont
CountryUnited States

Fair Play Movie Review

“Fair Play” is an American thriller film that premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2023. Written and directed by Chloe Domont, the film stars Phoebe Dynevor, Alden Ehrenreich, Eddie Marsan, and Rich Sommer. The plot revolves around a young couple whose relationship is tested after an unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund firm.

The film was released in select theaters on September 29, 2023, before its streaming release by Netflix on October 6, 2023. Despite being Domont’s feature directorial debut, “Fair Play” received positive reviews from critics.

The Plot

Emily Meyers and Luke Edmunds are both analysts at One Crest Capital, a hedge fund in New York. They are in a secret relationship and Luke proposes to Emily at his brother’s wedding, which she happily accepts. Emily overhears that Luke is being considered for a promotion after a portfolio manager is fired, but she is surprised when the CEO, Campbell, offers her the position instead.

Luke becomes increasingly resentful of Emily’s promotion and turns to a self-help guru for advice on how to assert himself in the workplace. Meanwhile, Emily tries to advocate for Luke but things go wrong when he makes a poor trading decision, causing the company to lose $25 million. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Luke gives Emily insider information about a company that is rumored to be collapsing, which she uses to short the stock.

Emily’s success leads to tension with Luke, who accuses her of stealing his job. He goes to Campbell and makes a grandiose speech about his loyalty, but it is too late as Campbell has already hired a new portfolio manager. Emily’s overbearing mother plans a surprise engagement party for the couple, which leads to a drunken argument between Emily and Luke.

The next day, Luke barges into a meeting with Campbell and Paul, a senior executive. He causes a scene, revealing his relationship with Emily and berating Campbell for denying him a promotion. Emily is unable to reach Luke and later finds him at the engagement party, where they argue in front of their families and guests. Emily smashes a bottle on Luke’s head when he suggests that she traded sexual favors for her promotion.

Emily tells Campbell that Luke was stalking her and that they were never in a relationship to protect her job. Luke packs his belongings and plans to move in with his brother, but Emily attacks him with a kitchen knife when he refuses to apologize for raping her. Luke breaks down crying and begs for forgiveness before leaving.

Fair Play Parents Guide


After being raped, a lady is later seen with bruises on her face, arm, and chest due to having her head repeatedly banged on a counter. Blood may be seen flowing across the floor after one figure stabs another one in the arm.

Sexual Content:

A passionate kiss between a man and a woman can be seen frequently. In a public restroom, a couple makes out while he kisses her thighs and chest. There is a fleeting glimpse of a woman’s breast in a sexual setting. Bed linens have blood on them. Men conjecture that a woman would exchange sexual favors for advancement. A woman insists on having sex with her partner. The two people kiss in bed but do not engage in sexual activity. Women pole dance while wearing scant attire, exposing their breasts through the fabric. Inadvertent incest is mentioned. There are crude allusions to oral sex, one of which is explicit. When the woman withdraws her consent, sexual contact becomes an assault.


The language contains various crude anatomical phrases, including some that pertain to the male and female genitalia, 15 scatological curses, at least 175 sexual expletives (some of which are used in a sexual context), and 10 terms of deity.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

One of the key characters is seen smoking. Adults consume alcohol at social gatherings. Alcohol is consumed from a bottle by an adult. The main characters binge drink to the point of extreme inebriation.


  • Phoebe Dynevor as Emily
  • Alden Ehrenreich as Luke
  • Eddie Marsan as Campbell
  • Rich Sommer as Paul
  • Sebastian de Souza as Rory
  • Geraldine Somerville as Emily’s mother
  • Patrick Fischler as Robert Byne.

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Critical response

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has received positive reviews from 87% of 180 critics, with an average rating of 7.4 out of 10. The consensus on the website reads that Fair Play successfully combines premarital disharmony with greed and gender politics in the cutthroat finance world, with an assured style reminiscent of the best ’90s nail-biting thrillers. Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 74 out of 100 based on 43 critics, indicating generally favorable reviews.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety praised Domont’s screenplay and direction, as well as the cast performances. He wrote that Fair Play is a good little movie, full of sex, money, corporate backstabbing, and a lot of other things that are fun to watch. Ryan Lattanzio from IndieWire described the film as a steamy, razor-wired, barking-mad movie and assigned it a grade of A-. He also praised the screenplay and cast performances, particularly Ehrenreich’s. Kevin Maher from the Times gave the film a score of 4 out of 5, stating that there’s something bracingly modern yet deliberately old-fashioned about this guilty pleasure thriller set in the aspirational world of Manhattan high finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fair Play rated R?

The MPAA has given Fair Play an R rating due to its frequent use of profanity, sexual content, partial nudity, and sexual violence.

What is the parental guidance for Fair Play?

Parents are advised to watch Fair Play with their children, especially those under the age of 13. The movie contains some scenes that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Is Fair Play appropriate for children?

Fair Play is suitable for children above the age of 13. However, parents should exercise caution when allowing their children to watch the movie as it contains some scenes that may be unsuitable for younger children.

What is the plot of Fair Play?

Fair Play is a movie about a group of young athletes who are struggling to balance their personal lives with their sporting ambitions. The movie explores themes such as friendship, love, and the pressures of competition. To I’ll rather prefer No want will save you to fair play