Awareness Parents Guide

Awareness Parents Guide 2023 review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

Release DateOctober, 11, 2023
DirectorDaniel Benmayor
DistributorAmazon Prime Video

Awareness is a 2023 thriller movie, directed by Daniel Benmayor, is a film about Ian, played by Carlos Scholz, who has supernatural powers that allow him to make others see what he wants them to see. He has been the sidekick in his father Vicente’s, played by Pedro Alonso, petty criminal enterprises for as long as he can remember. However, after their last scam, Ian has come to the attention of the Agency, a shadowy, semi-governmental secret organization that wants to bring him down.

Awareness has a running time of 112 minutes and was released in theaters on October 11, 2023.

The Story:

Awareness is a movie that follows a rebellious teen who uses his power to create visual illusions in other people’s minds to run small scams. However, when his powers are revealed, he finds himself being hunted by those who want his powers for themselves. The movie has been rated 16+ (Amazon) by the MPAA.

Keith Hawkes is not sure if the writing was two hours of parboiled inanity or if it just didn’t survive the translation from Spanish to English. The film plays with congealed old stories like a disinterested raccoon pawing through last night’s trash. It borrows heavily from other stories, but it doesn’t know what to do with the pieces it has. The movie is a boring, jumbled mess, and even teens aren’t going to want to wade through the garbled cliches of the plot to get to the moderately interesting fight scenes.

Awareness Parents Guide


Characters are subjected to physical harm, including beatings, strangulation, poisoning, shootings, and instances of forced suicide. Graphic images of cranial surgeries are briefly shown.

Sexual Content:

A character is briefly depicted from the shoulders up in the shower.


The film contains seven sexual expletives, four scatological curses, as well as occasional use of mild curses and terms involving deities.

Alcohol/Drug Use:

Adult characters are shown consuming alcohol, with one character portrayed as an alcoholic.

Is Awareness suitable for kids?

The film is not suitable for family audiences due to the intense violence and ludicrous body count. Moreover, Vicente’s heavy drinking and profanity make it unsuitable for children. The film is a poor choice for anyone looking for something new in the superhero genre.

Awareness Movie Cast

  • Iván Millán Díaz asAgente 3
  • Lucas Fuica as El Mulo
  • Óscar Jaenada
  • Silvia Kal as Lucía
  • Karina Kolokolchykova as Urzula
  • Mi Hoa Lee as Científica
  • Pedro Alonso
  • Victor Cerezuela as Invitado catering
  • Carlos Cortés Ciudad as Agente 2
  • Lela Loren
  • María Mercado as Patri


The MPAA has rated Awareness as 16+ (Amazon). The movie contains scenes of violence, including characters being beaten, strangled, poisoned, shot, and forced to commit suicide. Brief graphic pictures of cranial surgeries are also shown. Sexual content is limited to a character briefly seen from the shoulders up in the shower. Profanity includes seven sexual expletives, four scatological curses, and occasional uses of mild curses and terms of deity. Adult characters are seen drinking, and one is depicted as an alcoholic. Please Don’t miss Totally Killer movie is one of it kind.