Peter Five Eight Parents Guide

Peter Five Eight 2024 is an upcoming American thriller film written and directed by Michael Zaiko Hall, featuring Kevin Spacey in a leading role.

Peter Five Eight Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

Movie NamePeter Five Eight
GenreMystery & Thriller
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorMichael Zaiko Hall
ProducersChavez Fred, Michael Zaiko Hall, Jet Jandreau, John Lerchen
WriterMichael Zaiko Hall
Release Date (Theaters)Mar 22, 2024 (Limited)
Production CompaniesForever Safe Productions, Ascent Films, LTD Films, Mad Honey Productions

Peter Five Eight Plot Summary

This plot centers on, a seasoned assassin who embarks on a covert mission that takes an unexpected turn in a picturesque small mountain community.

In the picturesque yet enigmatic mountain community, the facade of glamour surrounding a local real estate agent begins to unravel, exposing a complex web of intrigue and dark secrets. Fiona Evergreen, the seemingly poised and sophisticated real estate maven, is anything but what she appears to be. Her polished exterior conceals a turbulent and troubled soul, haunted by the demons of her past.

The tranquil mountain town becomes the backdrop for an unexpected turn of events when a mysterious stranger, draped in enigmatic black attire, arrives at Fiona’s doorstep. His presence is not a mere coincidence; rather, he is the emissary of a shadowy and powerful figure whose influence looms large over the community. The charismatic stranger, known only as Mr. Noir, carries an air of intrigue that captivates those he encounters.

As Mr. Noir delves into Fiona’s life, her carefully constructed world begins to crumble. Unraveling the threads of her facade, he exposes the truth about Fiona’s hidden struggles with alcoholism and the traumatic secret that has been carefully buried in the recesses of her past. The revelation of Fiona’s darker side sends shockwaves through the community, challenging the perception of those who thought they knew her well.

Haunted by her demons and confronted with the consequences of her actions, Fiona finds herself at a crossroads. Will she succumb to the darkness that threatens to consume her, or will she find the strength to confront her past and forge a path to redemption? As the charismatic stranger weaves his way through the lives of the mountain community’s inhabitants, the true extent of the shadowy figure’s influence becomes clear, leaving the town on the precipice of a revelation that will forever alter its destiny.

In this tale of deception, redemption, and the consequences of hidden truths, the small mountain community becomes the stage for a gripping drama that explores the complexities of human nature and the lengths one will go to protect their secrets.

Peter Five Eight Parents Guide

Violence: While the movie contains minimal physical violence, it focuses more on psychological confrontations and tense situations rather than explicit or graphic depictions. Viewers may encounter intense scenes of characters facing emotional turmoil and conflicts, but there are no gratuitous violent sequences.

Language: There is occasional use of strong language throughout the film, including mild profanity. While it may not be pervasive, some scenes feature characters expressing themselves with emotionally charged dialogue.

Substance Abuse: A prominent theme in the movie revolves around alcoholism, with the main character, Fiona Evergreen, portrayed as an unhinged alcoholic. The film doesn’t shy away from depicting the struggles and consequences of her addiction, presenting a raw and unfiltered portrayal of this dark aspect of her life.

Sexual Content: The film contains limited sexual content. While there are no explicit scenes, implied relationships and suggestive dialogue may be present. The focus is more on the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters’ connections.

Dark Themes:Mountain Shadows” explores deep and dark themes, including deception, redemption, and the consequences of hidden truths. The narrative delves into the complexities of human nature and the impact of past actions on present circumstances, providing a thought-provoking and emotionally charged experience.

Intensity: The movie maintains a tense and mysterious atmosphere throughout, creating moments of suspense and psychological drama. Viewers should be prepared for emotionally charged scenes that contribute to the overall intensity of the film.

Overall Message:Mountain Shadows” is a film that delves into personal struggles, emphasizing the importance of facing one’s demons and seeking redemption. The mature themes explored in the storyline make it suitable for audiences who can engage in discussions about complex emotions and the consequences of one’s past. Parental discretion is advised due to the mature nature of the themes presented.

Cast of Peter Five Eight Film

  • Kevin Spacey as Peter
  • Rebecca De Mornay as Brenda
  • Jet Jandreau as Sam
  • Jake Weber as Lock
  • Michael Emery as Travis
  • Garrett Smith as Grant
  • Dale Dobson as Willoughby
  • John Otrin as Preacher
  • Kelley Poling as Jen
  • Michele Farbman as Darla
  • Elizabeth Harnett as Marlene
  • Tom McElroy as Bearded Man
  • Suzanne Petri as Neighbor Lady
  • Michael Chinn as Patron
  • Erika Keck as Madeline
  • Nicholas Fabrio as Bartender
  • Sophia DeMornay-O’Neal as Hana (credited as Sophia De Mornay-O’Neal)
  • Jack Trout as Rick
  • Marguerite Beebe as Cashier (credited as Marquerite Beebe)
  • Anna Sinreich as Georgette
  • Cliff Flowers as Yocal
  • Jason Mac as Jerry