Code 8: Part II Parents Guide

Code 8: Part II 2024, the upcoming Canadian science fiction action film, serves as a sequel to the 2019 movie Code 8. Directed by Jeff Chan, the film features a screenplay co-written by Chris Paré, Sherren Lee, and Jesse LaVercombe. Notably, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell will reprise their roles as Connor Reed and Garrett Kelton from the original film. The cast also includes Sirena Gulamgaus, Altair Vincent, Alex Mallari Jr., Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Aaron Abrams, and Jean Yoon.

Scheduled for release on Netflix on February 28, 2024, Code 8: Part II promises to continue the gripping narrative set in its predecessor. Stay tuned for an action-packed sequel that delves into the world of enhanced individuals and the challenges they face.

Code 8: Part II Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

Movie NameCode 8: Part II
GenreAction, Sci-fi
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorJeff Chan
ProducersRobbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Jeff Chan, Steven Hoban, Matthew Kariatsumari, Chris Pare
WritersChris Pare, Jeff Chan, Sherren Lee, Jesse LaVercombe, Colin Chichakly
Release DateFebruary 28, 2024 (Streaming)
Runtime1 hour 40 minutes
Production CompanyXYZ Films, Collective Pictures

Code 8: Part II Plot Summary

The movie plot centers on a teenage girl who finds herself thrust into a world where justice is a rare commodity. However, she possesses a unique set of extraordinary abilities that sets her on a path to unveil the truth and seek retribution.

Haunted by the shadows of her brother’s demise, our resilient protagonist embarks on a perilous journey, determined to dismantle the web of corruption that entangles the city’s law enforcement. Recognizing the need for assistance beyond her capabilities, she seeks an unlikely alliance with an enigmatic ex-convict, portrayed by the charismatic Robbie Amell. His rugged demeanor conceals a past riddled with both mistakes and redemption.

As the narrative unfolds, the ex-con introduces our protagonist to his former partner-in-crime, portrayed by the captivating Stephen Amell. Together, this unlikely trio forms a formidable alliance, driven by a shared desire for justice and an unwavering commitment to exposing the truth. The ex-convict duo brings a unique skill set to the table, blending street-smart cunning with a surprising depth of experience, making them essential allies in the impending battle against corruption.

The enemy they face, however, is not an ordinary force of corruption; it’s a unit of corrupt police officers armed with cutting-edge robotic technology. These rogue law enforcers utilize advanced, almost otherworldly, robotic enhancements to maintain their stranglehold on power and evade exposure. The clash between the ragtag team of rebels and the high-tech, corrupt police force sets the stage for a thrilling and high-stakes confrontation that will determine the fate of justice in the city.

As our protagonists delve deeper into the heart of the conspiracy, they unravel a web of deceit, betrayal, and shocking revelations. Along the way, they must navigate a city shrouded in darkness, where alliances are fragile, and danger lurks around every corner. Can this unlikely trio overcome the formidable technological arsenal of their adversaries and bring the corrupt to justice? Only time will tell as they race against the clock, facing challenges that will test their resolve and the limits of their extraordinary abilities.

Code 8: Part II Parents Guide

Violence: The movie contains intense scenes of violence, including the on-screen depiction of a murder and its aftermath. Expect hand-to-hand combat, gunfire, and confrontations between the protagonists and corrupt police officers. The use of advanced robotic technology in violent encounters may be intense for some viewers.

Language: Moderate to strong language throughout the film, including profanity and expletives.

Themes: The movie explores themes of justice, corruption, and betrayal. It includes elements of suspense and a dark, gritty atmosphere.

Sexual Content: Limited sexual content, but there are some suggestive scenes. The focus remains primarily on the action and suspense rather than explicit sexual situations.

Drug and Alcohol Use: Occasional scenes depict characters consuming alcohol, and there are references to drug use, contributing to the overall portrayal of a gritty urban setting.

Frightening/Intense Scenes: The movie includes intense and suspenseful sequences, particularly during confrontations with the corrupt police officers. Some scenes may be frightening for younger audiences.

Overall: This film is recommended for mature audiences due to its intense violence, strong language, and thematic elements. Parental discretion is advised, and it may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Cast of Code 8: Part II Film

  1. Robbie Amell as Connor
  2. Stephen Amell as Garrett
  3. Alex Mallari Jr. as Sergeant ‘King’ Kingston
  4. Sirena Gulamgaus as Pavani
  5. Aaron Abrams as Detective Davis
  6. Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Officer Cirelli
  7. Akiel Julien as Shane
  8. Natalie Liconti as Maev
  9. Nneka Elliott as Nadine
  10. Sammy Azero as Tarak
  11. Jean Yoon as Mina
  12. Altair Vincent as Officer Stillman
  13. Sarena Parmar as Stephanie Kingston
  14. Jessica Allen as Tamera
  15. Jane Moffat as June
  16. Sunnie McFadden as Camille
  17. Noorin Gulamgaus as Marcus
  18. Mikayla SwamiNathan as Younger Pavani
  19. Hazel Gorin as Woman With Walker
  20. Darrin Maharaj as News Anchor
  21. Kari Matchett as Connor’s Mom
  22. Yasemin Kamci as Pavani’s Mom
  23. Yatharth Bhatt as Younger Tarak
  24. Starr Domingue as Neighbour Woman
  25. J.D. Nicholsen as Police Union President
  26. Albert Lapi as Guarding Officer

Key points

  • Code 8: Part II (2024): Canadian sci-fi action sequel to the 2019 film.
  • Release Date: February 28, 2024, on Netflix.
  • Plot: Teen with unique abilities seeks justice, uncovers corruption, allies with ex-convict and partner against corrupt police with advanced technology.
  • Parents Guide:
    • Violence: Intense scenes, murder, hand-to-hand combat, gunfire.
    • Language: Moderate to strong profanity.
    • Themes: Explores justice, corruption, betrayal in a dark atmosphere.
    • Sexual Content: Limited, focus on action and suspense.
    • Drug/Alcohol Use: Depicted in gritty urban setting.
    • Frightening Scenes: Intense confrontations may be frightening.
  • Recommendation: Mature audiences due to intense violence, strong language, and thematic elements.
  • Cast: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Alex Mallari Jr., Sirena Gulamgaus, Aaron Abrams, Moe Jeudy-Lamour, etc.
  • Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Production: Directed by Jeff Chan, produced by Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, and others. Distributed by Netflix.