Perfect Days Parents Guide

Perfect Days,” a 2023 drama directed by Wim Wenders and co-written by Wenders and Takuma Takasaki, is a collaborative effort between Japan and Germany. This film amalgamates four short stories, featuring Kōji Yakusho in the lead role as a diligent toilet cleaner. Slated to release on February 14, 2024.

Movie NamePerfect Days
Directed byWim Wenders
Age RatingPG
Release DateFebruary 14, 2024
Aspect Ratio1.33 : 1
LanguageJapanese, English
Country of OriginJapan, Germany

Perfect Days Plot Summary

In the vast urban expanse of Tokyo, Hirayama, portrayed by the talented Koji Yakusho, embodies a seemingly unremarkable existence as a diligent employee at Tokyo Toilets. His days are filled with the mundane yet essential task of cleaning the city’s public bathrooms. Living alone, Hirayama seeks solace and joy in the simple pleasures of life: nurturing plants, immersing himself in the soothing melodies of cassette tapes, and losing himself in the pages of books. Despite the outward simplicity, Hirayama discovers profound satisfaction in the finer details – the crisp morning air, capturing the perfect photograph of leaves against the sky, and the nurturing of saplings. His is a life that may appear confined, yet within its boundaries, he uncovers unexpected wellsprings of happiness.

Koji Yakusho’s Cannes Best Actor Award-winning performance elevates the character of Hirayama, imbuing him with a quiet serenity that speaks volumes. However, the brilliance of Yakusho’s portrayal contrasts sharply with the uneven performances of the supporting cast. Tokio Emoto’s exaggerated depiction of Hirayama’s young coworker, Takashi, is a jarring departure from the film’s nuanced tone. Director Wim Wenders’ decision to juxtapose Yakusho’s understated elegance with Emoto’s cartoonish antics raises questions about the film’s overall coherence. While Hirayama carries the narrative with grace, the disparity in character portrayals weakens the film’s impact, especially in a drama of such subtlety.

Perfect Days, despite its lack of a robust plot, unfolds with minimal narrative tension, relying heavily on its characters to propel the story forward. Hirayama stands as the solitary force capable of achieving this, making Yakusho’s performance a highlight for cinema enthusiasts. However, for viewers seeking a blend of action, comedy, or variety, the film may fall short of expectations.

The film’s content remains largely clean, devoid of violence, with brief instances of alcohol consumption and a sprinkling of profanities. Even the depiction of sexual content is restrained, confined to bathing-related nudity. While the PG rating is appropriate, Perfect Days may not resonate as a family film, as its deliberate pace may test the patience of younger audiences. For aficionados of serious cinema and those intrigued by Japan’s public toilet infrastructure, Perfect Days offers a poignant exploration of a quiet life well-lived, despite its lengthy runtime. Although the narrative may lack urgency, the film succeeds as a touching portrait, inviting audiences to marvel at the wonders found within the simplicity of everyday existence.

Perfect Days Parents Guide

  • Language: Minimal profanity.
  • Violence: No significant violent scenes.
  • Sexual Content: Limited to bathing-related nudity, no explicit scenes.
  • Alcohol/Drugs: Brief instances of alcohol consumption.
  • Themes: The film explores the joys of a simple life, with a focus on nature and daily routines.
  • Intensity: Low, with a deliberate pace that may not engage younger audiences.
  • Role Models: Hirayama serves as a positive role model, finding happiness in simplicity.
  • Message: Highlights the beauty in mundane moments and the wonders of Japan’s public toilet infrastructure.

Why is Perfect Days rated PG?

Perfect Days is rated PG-13 due to brief instances of profanity, bathing-related nudity, and a deliberate pace that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Cast of Perfect Days Film

  1. Miyako Tanaka as Old Lady with Brush
  2. Koji Yakusho as Hirayama (as Kôji Yakusho)
  3. Long Mizuma as Businessman
  4. Tokio Emoto as Takashi
  5. Soraji Shibuya as Kid
  6. Aoi Iwasaki as Kid
  7. Kisuke Shimazaki as Lost Boy
  8. Yuriko Kawasaki as Mother
  9. Aki Kobayashi as Baby
  10. Bunmei Harada as Priest
  11. Min Tanaka as Homeless
  12. Reina as Tourist
  13. Shunsuke Miura as Bath House Owner
  14. Gan Furukawa as Old Man
  15. Atsushi Fukazawa as Kat-Chan
  16. Taijirô Tamura as Regular
  17. Masahiro Kômoto as Bar Owner
  18. Makiko Okamoto as Old Woman
  19. Aoi Yamada as Aya
  20. Daigo Matsui as Vyn Store Staff
  21. Nao Takahashi as Customer
  22. Nari Saitô as Customer
  23. Hiroto Oshita as Customer
  24. Naoko Ken as Cat Lady
  25. Mijika Nagai as Office Lady
  26. Motomi Makiguchi as Old Local
  27. Isao Matsui as Old Local
  28. Aoi Yoshida as Dera-Chan
  29. Motoyuki Shibata as DPE Owner
  30. Inuko Inuyama as Bookstore Owner

Key Points:

  1. Directed by Wim Wenders, “Perfect Days” is a 2023 drama co-written by Takuma Takasaki, blending four short stories and starring Koji Yakusho.
  2. The film focuses on Hirayama, a diligent toilet cleaner in Tokyo, finds satisfaction in the simplicity of life.
  3. Koji Yakusho’s Cannes Best Actor Award-winning performance stands out, but the supporting cast’s uneven portrayals raise questions about the film’s coherence.
  4. The narrative lacks urgency, relying on characters to propel the story forward, making it more suitable for serious cinema enthusiasts.
  5. Despite a lack of a robust plot, the film succeeds as a touching portrait of a quiet life well-lived, with a deliberate pace that may not engage younger audiences.
  6. The PG rating is appropriate, with minimal violence, bathing-related nudity, and brief instances of alcohol consumption.
  7. “Perfect Days” may not resonate as a family film due to its deliberate pace, but it offers a poignant exploration of the wonders found in everyday existence.