Your Christmas or Mine 2 Parents Guide

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 is a 2023 British Christmas romantic comedy, a sequel to the 2022 film “Your Christmas or Mine?“. Produced for Amazon Studios, the sequel features the return of screenwriter Tom Parry, director Jim O’Hanlon, and stars Asa Butterfield, Cora Kirk, Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, and Alex Jennings. The cast is enriched with the addition of Jane Krakowski.

Movie NameYour Christmas Or Mine 2
GenreHoliday, Comedy
Original LanguageEnglish (United Kingdom)
DirectorJim O’Hanlon
ProducersKate Heggie, Richard Webb
WriterTom Parry
Release DateDec 8, 2023 (Streaming)
DistributorAmazon Studio

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 Plot Summary

Hayley and James (Cora Kirk and Asa Butterfield) find themselves once again embroiled in a festive family mix-up. The Taylor and Hughes families had planned to spend their holiday together at an Austrian ski resort, but the vacation takes an unexpected turn. James and his aristocratic family find themselves in a flimsy shack, surrounded by the Taylors’ luggage. Meanwhile, Hayley’s boisterous clan is settled with the Hughes family’s belongings in the opulent penthouse suite booked by Humphrey Hughes (Alex Jennings). Stranded by an impending heavy snowfall, the two families are stuck in their respective locations for the night.

Sequels can be nerve-wracking, often risking the charm of the original film. Having enjoyed the first installment of “Your Christmas or Mine,” there was a concern that this production might not live up to its predecessor. While it falls slightly short, it manages to maintain appeal. The first film stood out for its unique plot, successfully building a rom-com around the separation of the romantic leads for a significant portion. The sequel, however, is less audacious, with the young lovers only apart overnight. Throughout the rest of the vacation, they navigate eccentric families, seek privacy, and contend with misconceptions, misunderstandings, and communication errors—typical rom-com fare.

As a seasonal rom-com, “Your Christmas or Mine 2” holds its own. Packed with comedy, endearing yet quirky characters, and often absurd situations that land well, the film balances humor and romance. The central love story is heartwarming, with James’ sincere devotion and Hayley’s refreshing honesty. The chemistry between the leads is enough to make their relationship believable without making the film too intense for teen viewers.

On the content front, the primary concern revolves around alcohol. A scene at a local bar features a beer-chugging contest, resulting in the characters getting notably drunk. While treated comically, the consequences include inebriation for all and some off-screen vomiting by James. The film also features over 30 profanities, mainly taking the form of terms related to deity. With an Amazon Prime rating of 13+, these content elements align appropriately.

Like many Christmas rom-coms, “Your Christmas or Mine 2” may not be an award-winner, but it offers an enjoyable viewing experience. Mixing laughs with romance, well-intentioned characters, and positive messages about love, self-respect, and the importance of family, the movie serves as a delightful Christmas treat. So, grab some snacks, a cozy blanket, and settle in for a feel-good, laughter-filled holiday experience.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 Parents Guide

Why is Your Christmas or Mine 2 rated PG-13?

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for alcohol use, smoking, and foul language


In terms of violence, the movie features intense moments where a man dramatically stabs a knife into a table, adding a palpable tension to the scene. Moreover, a character narrates chilling tales about Krampus, a menacing figure deeply rooted in Austrian legends, injecting an element of suspense and unease into the narrative.

Sexual Content:

The film explores various facets of romantic relationships, with a man and a woman sharing several passionate kisses throughout. A scene unfolds with a fully clothed man and woman beginning to kiss on a bed, only to be interrupted by a naked man emerging from the bathroom, albeit with strategic blocking to avoid explicit visuals. Adding a touch of humor, a character dons a sweater with the cheeky phrase “Merry Titmas.” The movie also includes brief instances of minor sexual innuendo, contributing to the lighthearted and comedic tone. Furthermore, there is a non-explicit mention of a lesbian relationship, broadening the scope of diverse relationships within the storyline.


The script incorporates a recurring use of the letter “F” as a substitute for a strong sexual expletive, creating a comedic effect without explicitly using the actual term. Additionally, the dialogue includes 21 instances of terms related to deity, ten minor profanities, and a scatological term, adding a mix of humor and intensity to the characters’ interactions.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

The portrayal of adult behaviors includes occasional smoking, reflecting real-world habits. Adults are depicted frequently consuming alcohol, both during meals and in social situations. A pivotal scene unfolds in a bar, where main characters engage in a drinking contest, leading to a state of inebriation for some, with one character vomiting off-screen. This element contributes to the comedic aspect of the film while addressing the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption in a humorous manner.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 Cast

Here’s the cast list:

  • Asa Butterfield as Hubert James Hughes
  • Cora Kirk as Hayley Taylor
  • Daniel Mays as Geoff Taylor
  • Angela Griffin as Kath Taylor
  • David Bradley as Jack
  • Natalie Gumede as Kaye Taylor
  • Alex Jennings as Humphrey Hughes
  • Jane Krakowski
  • Rhea Norwood


Your Christmas Or Mine 2 is a 2023 British Christmas rom-com sequel available on Amazon Prime. Directed by Jim O’Hanlon, it reunites the original cast with the addition of Jane Krakowski. The plot involves a family mix-up during a holiday in Austria, creating comedic situations. While not as audacious as the original, it maintains appeal with a balance of humor and romance.

Key Points:

  1. Plot: Festive family mix-up during an Austrian holiday.
  2. Comparison with Original: Slightly less audacious, maintaining rom-com elements.
  3. Content and Rating: PG-13 for alcohol use, smoking, and foul language.
  4. Cast: Asa Butterfield, Cora Kirk, Jane Krakowski, and original cast members.
  5. Overall Impression: Enjoyable holiday film with humor, romance, and positive messages.