The Cello 2023 Parents Guide

The Cello, a gripping cinematic experience that delves into the realms of horror, mystery, and thriller. With an R rating, this Arabic-language film is directed by Darren Bousman, produced by Lee Nelson, and features a compelling script penned by Turki Al Alshikh. Scheduled for limited theatrical release on December 8, 2023, with a runtime of 2 hours, “The Cello” is set to captivate audiences under the distribution of Destiny Entertainment.

Movie NameThe Cello
GenreHorror, Mystery & Thriller
Original LanguageArabic
DirectorDarren Bousman
ProducerLee Nelson
WriterTurki Al Alshikh
Release Date (Theaters)Dec 8, 2023 (Limited)
Runtime2h 0m
DistributorDestiny Entertainment

The Cello Movie Plot Summary

In the pursuit of musical excellence, Nasser, a skilled Saudi cellist portrayed by Samer Ismail, harbors ambitious dreams that seem constrained by the limitations of his aged and worn cello. The opportunity to acquire a magnificent red cello, presented to him by a mysterious proprietor played by Tobin Bell, becomes a turning point in Nasser’s artistic journey. This beautiful instrument not only revitalizes his performance but also sparks a newfound creativity in his compositional endeavors.

Unbeknownst to Nasser, however, the captivating red cello conceals a malevolent history. As he readies himself for a crucial audition with a prestigious philharmonic, the sinister past manifests itself through the spectral presence of an ancient conductor embodied by Jeremy Irons. The haunting repercussions of this cursed instrument unfold in a series of tragic events, entwining the lives of those closest to Nasser in suffering and death.

Caught between the allure of achieving his musical aspirations and the harrowing consequences tied to this perfect yet maleficent instrument, Nasser faces a profound dilemma. The haunting specter of the ancient conductor forces him to confront the ethical and personal cost of pursuing his dreams. As the line between artistic passion and supernatural horror blurs, Nasser must grapple with a decision that transcends the realm of music and touches the very core of his existence. Will he choose to forge ahead on the path to greatness, even if it means embracing the darkness that accompanies the red cello’s sinister legacy? The haunting melodies of his internal struggle resonate as Nasser navigates a chilling and suspenseful journey that intertwines the pursuit of artistic mastery with the chilling consequences of the past.

The Cello 2023 Parents Guide

Why is The Cello Rated R?

The Cello is rated R due to intense violence, strong language, suggestive content, substance use, and frightening scenes


The film portrays intense and graphic scenes of violence, including unsettling depictions of suffering and death. Viewers should be prepared for emotionally charged moments that may be disturbing, particularly during the unfolding of the malevolent history tied to the red cello. Graphic content may include supernatural elements and may not be suitable for sensitive viewers or those averse to horror themes.


The use of strong and mature language is pervasive throughout the movie. Profanity and explicit expressions contribute to the film’s intense atmosphere. Parents are cautioned about the presence of strong language, which may not be suitable for younger audiences.


While explicit sexual content is limited, the film may contain suggestive scenes that hint at adult themes. It is advised for parents to be aware of these moments, as they contribute to the overall mature content of the movie.

Substance Use:

The movie includes scenes depicting the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Characters may be shown engaging in substance use, contributing to the overall atmosphere of the film. Parents should be mindful of these elements when considering the suitability of the movie for younger viewers.

Frightening/Intense Scenes:

The Cello is characterized by suspenseful and chilling moments that may evoke fear or unease in viewers. The integration of supernatural horror elements, including the spectral presence of an ancient conductor, contributes to the overall intensity of the film. Parents should consider the potential impact of these frightening scenes on their children and whether they are appropriate for their age and sensitivity level.

Overall Parental Guidance: “The Cello” has received an R rating due to its intense violence, strong language, and frightening scenes. It is recommended for mature audiences who can handle the graphic and suspenseful nature of the film. Parents are advised to use discretion and consider the individual sensitivities of their children before allowing them to watch this movie.

Here’s the list of the cast for The Cello:

  1. Jeremy Irons as Francesco
  2. Tobin Bell as Vincent
  3. Samer Ismail as Nasser
  4. Elham Ali as Alia
  5. Mila Al Zahrani as Sarah
  6. Souad Abdullah as Haya Latif
  7. Muhannad Al Hamdi as Omar
  8. Baraa Alem as Hamza
  9. Ghassan Massoud as Saleh Latif
  10. Chloé Henry as Maria


The Cello is a gripping Arabic-language film directed by Darren Bousman, featuring Samer Ismail as Nasser, a talented cellist whose aspirations take a dark turn when he acquires a mysterious red cello. Gifted by Tobin Bell’s enigmatic character, the instrument revitalizes Nasser’s music but hides a malevolent history.

Key Points:

  1. Plot: The film follows Nasser, a skilled cellist, whose pursuit of musical excellence takes a dark turn when he acquires a red cello with a malevolent history.
  2. Characters: Samer Ismail plays Nasser, Tobin Bell is the mysterious cello owner, and Jeremy Irons embodies the spectral ancient conductor. The cast also includes Elham Ali, Mila Al Zahrani, Souad Abdullah, and others.
  3. Themes: The story explores the conflict between artistic ambition and the ethical/personal consequences of embracing a cursed instrument, blurring the line between artistic passion and supernatural horror.
  4. Rating: The Cello is rated R for intense violence, strong language, suggestive content, substance use, and frightening scenes.
  5. Parental Guidance: The movie contains intense violence, strong language, suggestive scenes, substance use, and frightening moments. It is recommended for mature audiences, and parents are advised to consider individual sensitivities before allowing younger viewers to watch.
  6. Release: Scheduled for limited theatrical release on December 8, 2023, with a runtime of 2 hours, distributed by Destiny Entertainment.
  7. Genre: A mix of horror, mystery, and thriller, with elements of supernatural horror and suspenseful scenes