Christmas as Usual Parents Guide

Christmas as Usual is a heartwarming Norwegian film directed by Petter Holmsen. This Holiday, Comedy, and Romance blend, with a runtime of 1 hour and 28 minutes, is set to stream on Netflix from December 6, 2023. The production, led by Motion Blur Films and featuring Espen Horn, Jenny Victoria Jærn, and Kristian Strand Sinkerud as producers, promises a festive tale of love and laughter in a cross-cultural setting. Get ready for a charming holiday experience that transcends borders

Movie NameChristmas as Usual
GenreHoliday, Comedy, Romance
Original LanguageNorwegian
DirectorPetter Holmsen
ProducersEspen Horn, Jenny Victoria Jærn, Kristian Strand Sinkerud
WriterPetter Holmsen
Release Date (Streaming)Dec 6, 2023
Runtime1h 28m
Production CompanyMotion Blur Films

Christmas as Usual Plot Summary

In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, Thea finds herself at the intersection of love and cultural diversity. Newly engaged to her Indian beau, Jashan (played by the charismatic Kanan Gill), Thea embarks on a journey to introduce her fiancé to her Norwegian family in the wintry landscapes of Norway. Envisioning a blissful engagement announcement and a storybook Christmas, Thea quickly discovers that weaving together disparate traditions isn’t as seamless as she had hoped.

Christmas as Usual” unfolds as a cross-cultural romantic comedy, attempting to bridge the gap between two worlds. Jashan’s bemusement at the intricacies of the “Norwegian Christmas cult” provides moments of genuine amusement, especially when he embraces the unfamiliar, like trying isbading without a clue about its nature. However, the film encounters pitfalls, with instances such as Jashan’s unintentional disruption of a church service and Thea’s family’s exaggerated reaction to a spicy Indian meal, which often miss the mark or lack subtlety.

Navigating the delicate balance between romance and comedy proves challenging for the film. While Jashan exudes eagerness and charm, Thea appears reserved and distant, resulting in an on-screen chemistry that fails to sparkle. The romantic elements fall short of enchantment, leaving the audience yearning for a connection that never fully materializes.

Despite deviating from the typical rom-com formula by featuring fewer explicit scenes, “Christmas as Usual” compensates with moments of levity and warmth. The film, however, introduces elements of concern, with scenes depicting heavy drinking and brief instances of drunk driving. Its TV-14 rating serves as a cautionary note for viewers.

Beyond its surface narrative, the film touches on poignant themes such as prejudice, insularity, loyalty, and the significance of open communication. Regrettably, these thematic explorations, much like the romantic plotline, feel underdeveloped. “Christmas as Usual” manages to elicit laughter and provoke self-reflection, yet it refrains from delving deeper into the complexities of its underlying themes.

In essence, the film mirrors the seasonal rom-com genre by offering a visually appealing exterior that sparks anticipation. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that “Christmas as Usual” lacks substance, resembling an empty box under the tree—charming on the surface but ultimately devoid of meaningful content.

Christmas as Usual Parents Guide

Why is Christmas as Usual rated TV-14?

Christmas as Usual  is rated TV-14  by the MPAA is primarily attributed to several factors that may not be suitable for children under 14 years old. The detailed breakdown of the rating provides insight into the specific content elements that contribute to this classification:

  1. Violence:
    • The film includes a scene where two men engage in physical confrontation, pushing and shoving each other, resulting in the disturbance and toppling of a Christmas tree. This depiction of physical altercations may be intense for younger audiences.
  2. Sexual Content:
    • A moment of romantic intimacy is portrayed as a man and a woman share a kiss. While this content is relatively mild, it contributes to the overall rating, indicating that the material may be more suitable for teenage viewers.
  3. Profanity:
    • “Christmas as Usual” contains a notable amount of profanity, encompassing approximately a dozen instances. This includes two sexual expletives, six scatological curses, two terms involving deity, and minor profanities. The presence of explicit language contributes significantly to the decision to classify the film as TV-14.
  4. Alcohol / Drug Use:
    • The characters in the movie engage in scenes involving alcohol consumption. The main characters are depicted getting drunk, and there’s a brief scene where one character attempts to drive, leading to a minor collision. Additionally, adults are shown consuming alcohol with meals. The portrayal of alcohol use and its consequences, including drunk driving, is a contributing factor to the TV-14 rating.

Christmas as Usual Cast:

  1. Kanan Gill as Jashan
  2. Ida Ursin-Holm as Thea
  3. Marit Andreassen as Anne-Lise
  4. Mads Sjøgård Pettersen as Jørgen
  5. Jonas Strand Gravli as Taxisjåfør
  6. Veslemøy Mørkrid as Hildegunn
  7. Nora Harriet as Ronja (voice)
  8. Dustin Rubin as Simen (voice)
  9. Erik Follestad as Simen
  10. Matilde Hovdegard as Ronja


Christmas as Usual is a 2023 Norwegian comedy-drama on Netflix. Directed by Petter Holmsen, it follows Thea introducing her Indian fiancé to her Norwegian family during Christmas. The film attempts cross-cultural humor but falls short due to uneven execution.

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Holiday, Comedy, Romance
  2. Director: Petter Holmsen
  3. Producers: Espen Horn, Jenny Victoria Jærn, Kristian Strand Sinkerud
  4. Runtime: 1h 28m
  5. Release Date: Dec 6, 2023
  6. Cast: Kanan Gill, Ida Ursin-Holm, Marit Andreassen
  7. Rating: TV-14 for violence, mild sexual content, profanity, and alcohol/drug use.
  8. Impression: Visually appealing but lacks substance; struggles to balance romance and comedy.
  9. Release: Netflix on December 6, 2023.

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Christmas as Usual is a 2023 comedy-drama film which is directed and written by Petter Holmsen. It stars Ida Ursin-HolmKanan Gill, and Marit Andreassen.

It is produced by Espen HornJenny Victoria JærnKristian Strand Sinkerud. Christmas as Usual was released on December 6, 2023, on Netflix.