Waitress: The Musical Parents Guide

Waitress: The Musical,” a 2023 American musical comedy-drama film, captures the live stage performance of Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson’s 2015 musical adaptation of the 2007 film written by Adrienne Shelly. Produced during the fall of 2021 at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York City, the film played a pivotal role in the gradual reopening of Broadway amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, it marked the first musical to resume performances towards the end of the shutdown.

The cast of this remounting, including producer Sara Bareilles, Charity Angél Dawson, Caitlin Houlahan, Drew Gehling, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson, Joe Tippett, and Christopher Fitzgerald, showcased their talents. Diane Paulus, the original director, returned to helm the production, while Brett Sullivan and Jessie Nelson directed the live filming.

Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, 2023, the film is set for a theatrical release in the United States on December 7, 2023, courtesy of Bleecker Street and Fathom Events.

Waitress: The Musical Movie Details

Movie NameWaitress: The Musical
GenreDrama, Comedy, Musical
RatingNot Yet
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorBrett Sullivan
ProducersMichael Roiff, Fran Weissler, Barry Weissler, Sara Bareilles, Jessie Nelson, Paul Morphos
Release Date (Theaters)December 7, 2023 (Limited)
Runtime2 hours and 24 minutes
DistributorBleecker Street / Fathom Events


Waitress: The Musical” unfolds the Tony-nominated, Broadway sensation onto the cinematic stage, captivating audiences with an expanded narrative that delves into the intricate layers of the characters. The movie centers around Jenna Hunterson, portrayed by composer-lyricist Sara Bareilles, a skilled waitress and pie artisan ensnared in the confines of a small town and an unfulfilling marriage.

Jenna’s life takes a transformative turn when a baking contest in a neighboring county emerges as her ticket to liberation. Faced with the prospect of breaking free from the monotony of her existence, Jenna embarks on a courageous journey to rediscover a fragment of herself long buried beneath the weight of her circumstances.

As the plot unfolds, the film weaves a poignant tapestry of Jenna’s struggles and triumphs, drawing on the resilient spirit of her character. The narrative is enriched by the camaraderie among the waitresses, who become Jenna’s pillars of support during her pursuit of self-discovery. Their bonds illuminate the power of friendship and the importance of a chosen family, adding depth to the storyline.

Moreover, an unexpected romance blossoms in Jenna’s life, catalyzing her metamorphosis. This love story becomes a vital thread in the narrative, portraying the healing and transformative power of genuine connection.

Waitress” doesn’t merely celebrate the art of baking pies; it becomes an ode to the indomitable human spirit. The film resonates with themes of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams, emphasizing that it is never too late to reclaim one’s aspirations. Through Jenna’s journey, the movie underscores the beauty of embracing long-abandoned dreams, even in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, “Waitress: The Musical” emerges as a cinematic masterpiece that goes beyond the confines of a traditional love story. It is a celebration of the human experience, exploring the complexities of relationships, the courage to chase dreams, and the sweet victories that come with a well-baked pie.

Waitress: The Musical Parents Guide

Note: Since the movie’s official rating is not yet available, this is a general guide based on the described content.

Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • The film explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams.
  • It includes a storyline involving an unfulfilling marriage, transformative life changes, and unexpected romance.

Content Overview:

  • The movie portrays the life of Jenna Hunterson, a waitress and pie artisan, navigating challenges in a small town and an unsatisfactory marriage.
  • Themes of personal growth, friendship, and chosen family are integral to the storyline.
  • The narrative involves an exploration of relationships, courage, and the pursuit of aspirations.

Potential Concerns:

  • Given the themes of adult relationships and personal struggles, the film may not be suitable for very young audiences.
  • Parents should consider the emotional depth and maturity level of their children before viewing.

Viewer Discretion:

  • The film is expected to be suitable for a mature audience, possibly due to thematic elements rather than explicit content.
  • Parents are encouraged to review more detailed content advisories once an official rating is available closer to the release date.

Who is in the cast of Waitress: The Musical?

Below is the cast of Waitress: The Musical Movie

  1. Sara Bareilles
  2. Charity Angél Dawson
  3. Caitlin Houlahan
  4. Drew Gehling
  5. Dakin Matthews
  6. Eric Anderson
  7. Joe Tippett
  8. Christopher Fitzgerald
  9. Brett Sullivan
  10. Michael Roiff
  11. Fran Weissler
  12. Barry Weissler
  13. Jessie Nelson
  14. Paul Morphos

Key point:

  1. Captures live stage performance of the 2015 musical adaptation of the 2007 film.
  2. Produced in 2021, played a crucial role in reopening Broadway post-COVID.
  3. Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, 2023; theatrical release on Dec 7, 2023.
  4. Genre: Drama, Comedy, Musical. Not Yet Rated. Original Language: English.
  5. Runtime: 2h 24m. Distributed by Bleecker Street / Fathom Events.
  6. Cast includes Sara Bareilles, Charity Angél Dawson, Caitlin Houlahan, and others.
  7. Story follows Jenna Hunterson, a waitress seeking liberation through a baking contest.
  8. Explores themes of resilience, friendship, and the transformative power of connection.
  9. Described as a cinematic masterpiece celebrating the human experience.
  10. Directed by Brett Sullivan; producers include Michael Roiff and Sara Bareilles.


Is Waitress: The Musical kid-appropriate?

The suitability for children depends on their maturity level. Parents are advised to consider the themes and emotional content.

Is  Waitress: The Musical rated R?

The official rating is not yet available. Parents should check the official rating closer to the release date for more detailed information.

Is “Waitress: The Musical” a good movie?

The assessment of whether the movie is “good” is subjective. Reviews and ratings from trusted sources may provide insights.

What movie is “Waitress” based on?

“Waitress: The Musical” is based on the 2007 film written by Adrienne Shelly.