La La Land Parents Guide

La La Land Parental Guidance Review and Ratings. Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

La La Land

La La Land is a 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film which follows a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress who fall in love while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles.

The film’s musical numbers are some of the best ever put to film. They are beautifully choreographed and performed, and they perfectly capture the joy and excitement of following your dreams.

The film’s cinematography is also stunning. The city of Los Angeles is beautifully captured, and the film’s use of color is simply breathtaking.

La La Land performances are top-notch. Gosling and Stone are both excellent, and they have great chemistry together. The supporting cast is also very good.

The film’s script is witty and charming. It is full of clever dialogue and memorable lines.

The film’s message is ultimately one of hope. It is a reminder that even if things don’t always work out the way we want them to, it is still worth following our dreams.

However, the film’s ending is somewhat divisive. Some people find it to be a bittersweet and realistic ending, while others find it to be too depressing.

The film’s pacing can be a bit slow at times.

The film’s depiction of Los Angeles is somewhat idealized. It does not show the city’s darker side.

Furthermore, the film’s opening number, “Another Day of Sun,” is one of the most iconic musical numbers in recent years. It is a joyous and energetic celebration of Los Angeles and the dreams of its residents.

Age Rating and Appropriate Age

La La Land is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some thematic elements and brief strong language. The film’s content may not be suitable for younger audiences due to some scenes involving romantic relationships and mild language. The recommended age for this movie is 13 and above.

Potentially Objectionable Content

Sex/Nudity (3 out of 5)

  • A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes.
  • A man and a woman touch hands and nearly kiss in a dark movie theater.
  • A clothed man and a woman snuggle in bed together (we do not see sex).
  • A man and a woman dance and kiss at a wedding reception.
  • A man and a woman hug and kiss in several scenes.
  • A man and a woman dance and embrace. Men and women dance sensually with men nuzzling the women’s necks and caressing their chest (clothed).
  • Women wearing low-cut dresses and shorts (cleavage and bare legs are seen) dance among cars stopped in traffic on a highway; one woman’s skirt flips up to reveal an undergarment (like a dance pant).
  • Men and women are shown wearing swimsuits at a pool party (women’s cleavage, bare abdomens and backs are seen as well as men’s bare chest and abdomens).
  • Women wear short shorts and dresses that reveal cleavage during a dance number.
  • A woman showers, and we see her upper chest and cleavage.
  • Women wear low-cut dresses and tops that reveal cleavage in several scenes.
  • A woman wears a dress that reveals her bare back. We see that a woman is pregnant with a swollen belly.

Violence/Gore (2 out of 5)

  • A man turns down a one-way street and backs out with a truck driving toward him.
  • A man smacks another man on the shoulders after he dances with the first man’s wife (during a song and dance number).
  • A man honks his car horn angrily and scowls at a woman in another car as he passes her on the road.
  • A man and a woman yell at each other. A man and a woman argue about chasing dreams and selling out.
  • A man is fired from a restaurant bar when he does not play songs that the manager requested.
  • A woman cries in character during an audition. We hear a story about a woman jumping into the Seine river.
  • A smoke alarm sounds when a soufflé burns.
  • Two men move on a bicycle and a skateboard respectively through parked cars in a traffic jam, jumping from cement walls to car hoods, etc.

Language (5 out of 5)

La La Land includes strong language with at least 1 F-word, 2 obscene hand gestures, 4 scatological terms, 3 anatomical terms, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling, exclamations, and religious profanities. Parents should be aware of this content, especially if considering the movie for younger audiences.

Substance Use

The film depicts various instances of alcohol consumption. Three women drink wine in an apartment, people drink alcohol at a bar, restaurant, pool party, jazz club, and gatherings. Additionally, characters drink wine with dinner, and glasses of champagne are poured at a party. Parents may want to be cautious of these portrayals and discuss the consequences of alcohol use with their children.

Positive Messages

La La Land explores themes of following dreams, passion, and the challenges of pursuing one’s goals. The movie also emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself while navigating the competitive and often unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry. The film’s positive messages encourage audiences to pursue their aspirations while being mindful of their relationships and personal values.

Cast Overview

  • Emma Stone as the struggling actress
  • Ryan Gosling as the jazz pianist
  • J.K. Simmons
  • Rosemarie DeWitt
  • Finn Wittrock
  • Jason Fuchs
  • John Legend
  • Sonoya Mizuno
  • Callie Hernandez

Overall Suitability for Children and Families

La La Land is a visually stunning and emotionally captivating musical, but due to its thematic elements, some mild language, and romantic content, it is more suitable for teenagers and above. Parents should consider the movie’s rating and content before allowing younger children to watch it.

What You Should Know

1. What is the age rating of La La Land?

La La Land is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some thematic elements and brief strong language. The film is more suitable for teenagers and above due to its content, which includes romantic scenes and mild language.

2. Is La La Land a family-friendly movie?

While La La Land is visually stunning and has positive messages about following dreams, it may not be entirely family-friendly for younger children. Parents should consider the film’s PG-13 rating and the presence of some potentially objectionable content, such as romantic scenes and mild language, before deciding to watch it with their families.

3. Can I watch La La Land with my young children?

Due to its PG-13 rating and content, La La Land may not be suitable for young children. Parents are advised to preview the movie to determine its appropriateness based on their children’s maturity level and sensibilities.

4. Are there any positive messages in La La Land?

Yes, La La Land explores themes of following dreams, passion, and staying true to oneself. It encourages audiences to pursue their aspirations while navigating the challenges of life and the entertainment industry. The film’s positive messages can be inspiring for older children and teenagers.

5. Does La La Land have any objectionable content?

Yes, La La Land includes some potentially objectionable content. It features romantic scenes with kissing and hugging, mild language, and instances of alcohol consumption. Parents should be aware of these elements and decide whether the content aligns with their family’s viewing preferences.

6. Are there any violent or graphic scenes in La La Land?

No, La La Land does not contain any graphic or violent scenes. The movie’s conflict revolves around the pursuit of dreams and relationships, and it does not involve any intense or explicit violence.

7. What is the main focus of La La Land’s story?

La La Land’s main focus is on the love story between Mia, the struggling actress portrayed by Emma Stone, and Sebastian, the jazz pianist portrayed by Ryan Gosling. The film follows their journey as they navigate their careers, dreams, and the challenges of being in a relationship.

8. Is the music in La La Land suitable for children?

Yes, the music in La La Land is composed of beautiful and catchy musical numbers. The film’s music is generally family-friendly and can be enjoyable for children and adults alike.

9. Are there any educational elements in La La Land?

Yes, La La Land provides some educational elements, especially related to the history of jazz and the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. The film can spark interest in music, dance, and film history for curious viewers.

10. How does La La Land portray the pursuit of dreams?

La La Land portrays the pursuit of dreams as a challenging journey filled with highs and lows. It emphasizes the importance of perseverance and staying true to one’s passion while navigating the complexities of personal relationships and the competitive nature of the entertainment industry.

11. Is La La Land a traditional musical?

Yes, La La Land is a traditional musical, featuring various song and dance numbers that advance the plot and showcase the talents of the lead actors, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

12. What makes La La Land visually stunning?

La La Land’s visual appeal comes from its beautifully choreographed dance sequences, vibrant set designs, and stunning cinematography. The film’s nostalgic and colorful aesthetics add to the overall enchanting experience.

The Verdict

La La Land is a beautifully crafted musical with exceptional performances, but it includes some content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. Parents should be aware of the film’s PG-13 rating, which reflects the presence of romantic scenes, mild language, and alcohol use. If your teenagers are interested in music, dance, and the pursuit of dreams, La La Land could be an inspiring and enjoyable film for them.