Obliterated 2023 Parents Guide

Obliterated is 2023 an American action dramedy streaming TV series set to debut on Netflix on November 30, 2023, with a total of eight episodes. Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, the show follows an elite Special Forces team, led by Captain Alex Mercer, as they race against time to thwart a supposed threat to Las Vegas. After successfully defusing a bomb, the team celebrates, only to discover the bomb was a decoy. The true danger is still at large, leading the team into a web of international espionage and a conspiracy that imperils not just Las Vegas but entire nations.

Obliterated Movie Details

Movie NameObliterated
GenreAction Drama
Release DateNovember 30, 2023
CountryUnited States

Plot Summary

In this upcoming action-packed thriller, an elite Special Forces team, commanded by the enigmatic Captain Alex Mercer, faces a relentless race against time to thwart what initially appears to be a deadly threat to Las Vegas. As they skillfully navigate through a series of heart-pounding challenges and defuse a sophisticated bomb, they believe they have averted a catastrophic disaster.

To celebrate their victory, the team indulges in a night of revelry, immersing themselves in the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas. Booze flows freely, drugs pulse through their veins, and the city’s seductive glow becomes the backdrop for a night of unbridled passion. Little do they know that the danger is far from over.

The next morning, the team wakes up to a city unchanged. No explosions, no aftermath—just the harsh light of reality. Confused and disoriented, they soon discover that the bomb they successfully deactivated was, in fact, a cunning decoy. The true threat lies hidden in the shadows, a malevolent force playing a high-stakes game with the lives of millions.

Now, burdened by guilt and fueled by a sense of responsibility, Captain Mercer and his team embark on a relentless pursuit to uncover the real mastermind behind the ruse. Their journey takes them deep into the underbelly of international espionage, revealing a conspiracy that threatens not only Las Vegas but the stability of nations.

As they untangle the web of deception, the team faces unexpected alliances, double-crosses, and a series of shocking revelations that challenge their loyalty and trust. With time running out, they must navigate a complex web of political intrigue, high-tech espionage, and personal vendettas to unmask the true enemy.

Deceptive Shadows” is a gripping tale of redemption, resilience, and the high cost of duty. The team must rise above their personal demons, confront their pasts, and make sacrifices for the greater good. In the end, they discover that the true strength of a team lies not just in their ability to thwart external threats, but in their unwavering commitment to each other.

This fall, prepare for a rollercoaster of suspense, action, and unexpected twists as “Deceptive Shadows” takes you on a journey through the blurred lines between heroism and betrayal.

Obliterated 2023 Parents Guide

Why Does Obliterated Rated TV-MA?

Obliterated has been rated TV-MA by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) due to its inclusion of some strong violence, sexual content, alcohol use, and language.

The TV-MA rating is typically assigned to films that may contain material that some parents might find unsuitable for children under 17. It indicates that the content may be intense or explicit, and parental guidance is suggested for viewers under the age of 17.

Strong Violence:

Expect intense and graphic scenes depicting violence, reflecting the high-stakes nature of the elite Special Forces team’s mission.

Sexual Content:

The show contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature, reflecting the characters’ indulgence in a night of revelry and passion in the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas.

Alcohol Use:

The narrative involves the characters celebrating their victory with unrestrained indulgence, including the consumption of alcohol, contributing to the TV-MA rating.


The show features strong language, reflecting the gritty and intense nature of the plot and character interactions.

Parental Guidance:

Given the mature content and themes presented in Obliterated, parental guidance is strongly recommended for viewers under the age of 17. Parents are encouraged to watch the show with their teens, providing an opportunity for discussion and ensuring that the content aligns with their family values.

Note: The show’s gripping narrative, diverse cast, and complex themes contribute to a thrilling and engaging viewing experience. However, the mature content makes it suitable for adult audiences, and parents should use their discretion when determining its appropriateness for younger viewers.

Main Cast:

  • Nick Zano as Chad McKnight, a Navy SEAL team leader
  • Shelley Hennig as Ava Winters, a CIA agent
  • Terrence Terrell as Trunk, a Navy SEAL
  • Alyson Gorske as Lana, a civilian party girl
  • C. Thomas Howell as Haggerty, Army explosives technician
  • Eugene Kim as Paul Yung, an Air Force pilot
  • Paola Lázaro as Angela Gomez, a Marine sniper
  • Kimi Rutledge as Maya Lerner, an NSA agent

Recurring Cast:

  • Carl Lumbly as Langdon, Director of the CIA
  • David Costabile as Maddox, a black-market operator
  • Costa Ronin as Ivan Koslov, an arms dealer
  • Lindsey Kraft as Yani, a lounge singer
  • Tobias Jelinek as Ehren
  • Minnie Mills as Jen, Paul’s daughter

Guest Cast:

  • Virginia Madsen as Marge
  • Lori Petty as Crazy Susan
  • Clive Standen as Liam
  • Ivan G’Vera as Vlad
  • Keston John as Mr. Dugan

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Action Drama
  2. Rating: TV-MA
    • Strong violence, sexual content, alcohol use, and language contribute to the mature rating.
  3. Premiere Date: November 30, 2023, on Netflix
  4. Setting: United States, primarily Las Vegas
  5. Language: English
  6. Distributor: Netflix

Viewer Guidance:

  • TV-MA rating, indicating content may be intense or explicit, suitable for adults.
  • Parents are strongly advised to provide guidance due to strong violence, sexual content, alcohol use, and language.