Criminal Code 2023 Parents Guide

Criminal Code” is an 2023 upcoming action and crime television series directed by Pedro Morelli and Heitor Dhalia. Produced by Manoel Rangel and Egisto Betti, the series is set to be distributed by Netflix and is a creation of Paranoid Filmes. The movie is set to be released on November 14, 2023. Storyline: Federal police officers tackle an unprecedented investigation, unraveling deep criminal networks. The series explores the complexities of crime, delving into motivations, alliances, and societal factors

Criminal Code Movie Details:

Series NameCriminal Code
Directed byPedro Morelli, Heitor Dhalia
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
GenreCrime, Drama, Action
Release DateNovember 14, 2023
Country of OriginBrazil
Also Known AsDNA do Crime
Official WebsiteNetflix

The storyline

 The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of an extraordinary investigation, one that transcends conventional boundaries, challenging the very essence of criminality within the country. As federal police officers delve deep into the intricacies of this unprecedented case, viewers are taken on a gripping journey that goes beyond the surface-level understanding of crime.

The series peels back the layers of deception, exposing the clandestine networks that have eluded justice for far too long. With each revelation, the “Criminal Code” illuminates the unseen threads that bind together the complex tapestry of criminal activities. The investigation becomes a riveting exploration, not just into the acts themselves, but into the motivations, alliances, and shadows that shape the criminal landscape.

Against a backdrop of suspense and intrigue, the series captures the essence of law enforcement grappling with the ever-evolving nature of crime. Viewers witness the challenges faced by federal police officers as they navigate through a maze of corruption, deceit, and unexpected alliances. The unfolding narrative goes beyond the procedural aspects of the investigation, delving into the personal and professional sacrifices made by those who stand on the front lines of justice.

Criminal Code” doesn’t just present a crime drama; it offers a profound examination of the societal factors that contribute to criminal behavior. The series confronts issues of power, socio-economic disparity, and systemic flaws that fuel the cycle of unlawful activities. In doing so, it challenges preconceived notions about crime and justice, prompting viewers to question not only the characters on screen but the very structures that govern their world.

As the series progresses, the unraveling of the criminal construction becomes a mirror reflecting the broader challenges faced by society. “Criminal Code” becomes a narrative crucible, forging an intense connection between the audience and the characters as they grapple with the harsh realities of the criminal underworld. In this unparalleled exploration of crime, the series transcends the boundaries of a traditional procedural drama, offering an immersive experience that invites viewers to ponder the intricate web of morality, justice, and the human condition.

Criminal Code 2023 Parents Guide

  1. Check Age Classification: Always look for the age classification in movies and series.
  2. Seek Summaries or Reviews: Look for a summary or review of the series before allowing your child to watch it.
  3. Preview Content: Watch the series yourself before letting your kids watch it and explain why it may or may not be suitable for them.
  4. Agree on Screen Time: Set limits on the amount of time spent watching movies or series.
  5. Encourage Breaks: Remind your children to take regular breaks during viewing sessions.
  6. Watch Together: Make watching a family activity by watching the series with your kids.

Tips for Parents Guides: Ensuring that your child consumes age-appropriate content is crucial. Here are some tips for parents considering the series “Criminal Code”:

Age Rating & Content Info: Please note that the series has not been released yet, and the age rating is currently unavailable.

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Cast: The series features a talented cast including:

  • Marcelo Di Marcio
  • Pedro Caetano
  • Guito
  • Daniel Blanco
  • Miguel Nader
  • Guilherme Faria as Toreto
  • Milton Lacerda
  • Luis Capti Kwong as Fernando Inoki
  • Maeve Jinkings
  • Thomas Aquino
  • Rômulo Braga


“Criminal Code” is an upcoming action and crime TV series set to be released on November 14, 2023, on Netflix. Directed by Pedro Morelli and Heitor Dhalia, the show follows federal police officers involved in an unprecedented investigation, delving deep into the complexities of criminal activities in Brazil. The narrative goes beyond procedural aspects, exploring societal issues, personal sacrifices, and the intricate web of morality and justice.