Love at First Sight 2023 Movie Review

Love at First Sight,” a 2023 American romantic comedy film, brings to life the enchanting narrative penned by Katie Lovejoy, inspired by Jennifer E. Smith’s 2011 novel, “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.” Directed by Vanessa Caswill, the movie features a stellar cast including Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy, Dexter Fletcher, Rob Delaney, Sally Phillips, and Jameela Jamil. Premiering exclusively on Netflix on September 15, 2023, the film promises to capture the essence of love and laughter in a delightful cinematic experience.

Love at First Sight 2023 Movie Review

Movie NameLove at First Sight
RatingPG-13 (Brief Strong Language
GenreRomance, Comedy
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorVanessa Caswill
ProducerMatthew Kaplan
WriterKatie Lovejoy
Release Date (Streaming)Sep 15, 2023
Runtime1h 30m
Production CoAce Entertainment

Love at First Sight Movie Storyline

In the bustling chaos of an airport, Hadley Sullivan, a 20-year-old American student known for her habitual tardiness and a perpetually low phone battery, misses her flight to London by a mere four minutes. Thankfully, she managed to secure a seat on the next flight. While at the mobile phone charging station, she encounters Oliver Jones, a 22-year-old Yale statistics student from Britain. Oliver graciously lends Hadley his phone charger, sparking a connection that leads to a shared dinner at the airport cafeteria.

As they share their stories, Hadley reveals her journey to London for her father’s wedding, navigating the complexities of divorced parents and uncertain career choices. Oliver, on the other hand, discloses his passion for statistical inference and a mysterious research project. Bonding over shared aversions, such as their mutual disdain for mayonnaise, Hadley admits her reservations about the wedding, and Oliver encourages her to mend ties with her father.

Believing Oliver is also headed to a wedding, they part ways after boarding, only for fate to bring them together again when Oliver’s seat is relocated next to Hadley’s due to a broken seatbelt. Throughout the flight, their connection deepens, evolving into a budding romance. Upon landing, Oliver gives Hadley his number, but her dead phone leaves her unable to contact him.

Undeterred, Hadley attends her father’s wedding, where she is pleasantly surprised by Charlotte’s warmth and consideration. However, a chance revelation about a memorial service leads Hadley to discover that Oliver is attending his mother’s memorial, not a wedding. Making a spontaneous decision, she rushes to the memorial before the wedding reception, setting the stage for a poignant reunion.

Meanwhile, Oliver, with his brother Luther, attends the Shakespeare-themed memorial, only to discover that his mother, Tess, is still alive. Tess, facing a terminal illness, had orchestrated her own memorial to experience it before her passing. Tensions rise as Oliver advocates for treatment, but Tess insists on embracing her remaining time.

Hadley navigates the confusing situation, eventually finding Oliver and witnessing his struggle with emotions. Their encounter takes a rocky turn, but Oliver’s eulogy at Tess’s memorial becomes a turning point. Expressing his difficulty quantifying the profound impact of his mother’s life, Oliver confronts the limitations of statistics in capturing human experiences.

As Hadley tries to return to the wedding reception, she reflects on her impulsive actions and calls her father for help. In a heartfelt conversation, Andrew commends Hadley’s bravery and addresses her lingering feelings about his divorce. Reconciled, they return to the reception, where Hadley and her father share a dance with Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s family encourages him to pursue Hadley, emphasizing the unpredictability of love. Oliver, inspired by his father’s advice, decides to take the risk. At the reception venue, he confesses his fears to Hadley and unveils his research focus on the statistical probability of love at first sight. Their connection deepens, culminating in a surprise kiss and a revelation of a future together.

In the film’s conclusion, it’s revealed that Hadley and Oliver will embark on a 58-year-long marriage, eventually welcoming a daughter into their lives. The story beautifully unfolds, highlighting the unpredictable nature of love and the profound impact of taking risks.

Love at First Sight 2023 Movie Parental Guide

Why is Love at First Sight rated PG-13

Love at First Sight has received a PG-13 rating from the MPAA due to brief strong language and some suggestive references.

  • Sex & Nudity: The film includes flirting, innuendo, and a few kisses on the lips. It does not contain explicit sexual content or nudity.
  • Violence & Gore: There is no information provided regarding explicit violence or gore in the movie. Given that it’s described as a romantic comedy, it’s likely that any conflict is handled in a light-hearted manner typical of the genre.
  • Profanity: The movie contains occasional strong language, including the use of “s–t,” “pissed,” and one instance of “f–k.” It seems to be relatively moderate in terms of profanity.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: Characters in the movie engage in some drinking, but it’s not portrayed in excess. There is no information regarding the use of drugs or smoking.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: The parental guide doesn’t provide specific details about frightening or intense scenes. However, given that it’s described as a sweet romcom, it’s likely that any conflict or emotional moments are handled in a way suitable for the genre, without excessively intense or frightening scenes.

In summary, “Love at First Sight” appears to be a mild romantic comedy with some typical elements of the genre, including mild language, romantic situations, and casual drinking. It seems suitable for audiences looking for a lighthearted and predictable romantic film.

Cast of Love at First Sight 2023 Film

Certainly! Here’s the list of the cast members for the provided characters:

  • Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley Sullivan
  • Ben Hardy as Oliver Jones
  • Rob Delaney as Andrew Sullivan
  • Katrina Nare as Charlotte
  • Jameela Jamil as the narrator
  • Luke Whoriskey as Raleigh
  • Tom Taylor as Luther Jones
  • Dexter Fletcher as Val Jones
  • Sally Phillips as Tessa Jones


“Love at First Sight” is a romantic comedy film released on Netflix. Hadley, an American student, and Oliver, a British statistics student, meet at an airport, sparking a connection that leads to a budding romance during a flight. However, misunderstandings arise about their destinations. Hadley attends her father’s wedding, while Oliver discovers his supposedly deceased mother is alive. The film explores the unpredictability of love, the impact of impulsive decisions, and the limitations of statistical analysis in capturing human experiences.

Key Points:

  1. Airport Encounter: Hadley and Oliver meet at an airport, sparking a connection over shared aversions and a dinner at the cafeteria.
  2. Flight Romance: During the flight, Hadley and Oliver’s connection deepens, leading to a budding romance.
  3. Misunderstandings: Hadley attends her father’s wedding, thinking Oliver is doing the same. Oliver discovers his mother is alive but facing a terminal illness.
  4. Reunion: Hadley rushes to Oliver’s mother’s memorial, setting the stage for a poignant reunion.
  5. Challenges and Resolution: Tensions rise as Oliver grapples with his mother’s illness. Hadley reflects on her impulsive actions, leading to a heartfelt conversation with her father.
  6. Love and Risk: Oliver’s family encourages him to pursue Hadley. Inspired, Oliver confesses his feelings, unveiling his research on the statistical probability of love at first sight.
  7. Conclusion: The film reveals Hadley and Oliver’s 58-year-long marriage, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of love and the impact of taking risks.

Parental Guide:

  • PG-13 rating for brief strong language and suggestive references.
  • Mild romantic elements, flirting, and some kisses.
  • Occasional strong language, moderate profanity.
  • Some drinking is portrayed, no explicit violence or gore.