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My Sailor My Love Parents Guide

My Sailor My Love Parent’s Guide

When it comes to choosing movies for family viewing, parents often seek guidance to ensure that the content is appropriate for their children. In this parent’s guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the movie “My Sailor My Love.” This article provides valuable information, including its classification, a synopsis of the story, themes, and potential content concerns, to help parents make informed decisions about whether this film is suitable for their families.

In Klaus Haro’s poignant drama, “My Sailor, My Love,” we meet Howard (James Cosmo), a retired Irish sea captain and widower. When his daughter hires Annie (Brid Brennan), a kind-hearted housekeeper, Howard is far from pleased with the intrusion. He initially attempts to intimidate Annie, channeling the age-old trope of gruff men and the women who tame them. In a classic fashion, he booms, “Never darken my door again!” It’s as if he unconsciously acknowledges the centuries of love stories that explore the theme of rugged individuals softened by the presence of a caring woman. The production designer, John Hand, even weaves in a subtle reference to the iconic rose from “Beauty and the Beast.

My Sailor My Love Movie Details:

DirectorWritersStarsRatingRunning TimeGenre
Klaus HäröJimmy Karlsson, Kirsi VikmanJames Cosmo, Brid Brennan, Catherine Walker, Nora-Jane Noone, Aidan O’HareNot Rated1h 43mDrama

Synopsis of the Story:

“My Sailor My Love” follows the story of Grace (Catherine Walker), who is grappling with the trauma of a largely absent father and the loss of her clinically depressed mother. As she balances her marriage, her work as a nurse, and the responsibility of caring for her aging father, Howard (James Cosmo), who resides in a seaside house, her life becomes increasingly complex. When Grace discovers her father’s living conditions in disarray, she hires Annie (Brid Brennan) as a housekeeper to assist him. Annie, a kind-hearted widowed grandmother from town, brings a breath of fresh air into Howard’s life. However, tension arises, leading to Annie’s departure. The story unfolds as Howard regrets his actions and seeks to reconcile with Annie. A close friendship blossoms, leading to Howard’s proposal of marriage, much to Grace’s dismay. Tragedy strikes, revealing the profound impact Annie had on Howard’s life.

My Sailor My Love Parents Guide

Why is My Sailor My Love Rated Unrated?

The MPAA may have rated “My Sailor, My Love” as Unrated for various reasons. When a movie is classified as Unrated, it means that it hasn’t gone through the standard rating process by the MPAA, which typically results in a G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 rating.

Use of Violence:

The movie includes scenes with some violence, such as Howard sharing a story involving strangling a gorilla, a stroke incident while driving, and subtle references to abusive relationships and potential suicide.

Material That May Scare or Disturb Children:

 For children under the age of five, there are no specific disturbing elements noted in the film.

Product Placement: No instances of product placement are observed in the movie.

Sexual References:

The film contains sexual references, primarily within the context of a therapy session where a character discusses their experiences with a significant other.

The film delves into several themes, including family breakdown and dysfunction, jealousy, abusive relationships, mental illness (clinical depression), failing health, and a sense of losing control.

Nudity and Sexual Activity:

There is no nudity or explicit sexual activity depicted in the film.

Use of Substances:

 Instances of substance use include characters consuming alcohol, with Howard receiving a bottle of rum, patrons drinking in a pub, and champagne being poured. The film also touches upon the past issue of Howard’s alcohol consumption.

Coarse Language:

 Some mild coarse language is used in the film, including terms like “Hell,” “Bloody,” “Jesus” (used as an exclamation), and “Fool.”

Key Messages and Values:

The movie emphasizes key messages such as the importance of admitting when one is wrong, taking chances, and loving wholeheartedly. Values parents may wish to reinforce with their children include forgiveness, compassion, empathy, helpfulness, and persistence.

My Sailor My Love” is a romantic drama set in Ireland, focusing on later-in-life relationships. While it lacks fast-paced action and extravagant effects, it presents authentic characters, and believable acting, and captures the starkness of a bittersweet tale. The film is more suitable for adult audiences and may not hold the interest of children and teenagers.

My Sailor My Love Cast

Here is the list of My Sailor My Love movie cast

James CosmoHoward
Brid BrennanAnnie
Catherine WalkerGrace
Nora-Jane NooneKelly
Aidan O’HareMartin
Bob KellyBrian
Nova FarrellyBelinda
Molly McCannAlison
Carol O’ReillySuzy
Ciara FallonMelanie
Shane McCarthyAlex
Shane G. CaseyTerry
Tara FlynnSarah
Tim LandersWalter
Ciara McKeownElizabeth
Aisling ReidEstate Agent
Valerie O’ConnorMatron Carol
Helen RocheWoman Patient
Donagh DeeneyDoctor


In conclusion, “My Sailor My Love” offers a poignant narrative that explores a range of adult themes. Parents are advised to consider the content and themes when deciding whether it’s suitable for family viewing.


This parent’s guide provides information about the movie “My Sailor My Love,” including its unrated rating and themes related to family, abusive relationships, and mental health. The film contains mild violence, sexual references, alcohol use, and some coarse language. It’s better suited for adults, with key messages of forgiveness, empathy, and taking chances.

Key Points:

  • Movie: “My Sailor My Love”
  • Classification: Unrated
  • Themes: Family, abusive relationships, mental health
  • Content: Mild violence, sexual references, alcohol use, mild coarse language
  • Audience: More suitable for adults
  • Key Messages: Forgiveness, empathy, taking chances