Terrifier 2 Parents Guide

Terrifier 2 Parents Guide 2023:

Terrifier 2,” released in 2022, is an American slasher-splatter film, masterfully crafted by Damien Leone, who took on the roles of writer, director, editor, and producer. This film serves as the highly-anticipated sequel to its predecessor, “Terrifier” (2016), and is the second installment in the series to focus solely on the infamous character, Art the Clown. It marks the third feature-length film to showcase the enigmatic Art the Clown character. Additionally, “Terrifier 2” stands as the fourth film in the Terrifier franchise, and it represents the sixth overall installment in this thrilling horror series.

Terrifier 2 Movie Details

Movie NameTerrifier 2
Directed byDamien Leone
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
Release DateOctober 6, 2022 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Also Known AsУжасающий 2 (Alternate Title)

Why Terrifier 2 rated NR?

The abbreviation “NR” in the context of movie ratings stands for “Not Rated.” When a movie is labeled as “NR,” it means that it has not been officially assigned a rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). This can occur for various reasons:

  • Independent Films: Some independent or low-budget films may not go through the formal MPAA rating process, especially if they have limited distribution or are released primarily through film festivals or alternative distribution methods.
  • Foreign Films: Foreign films that are not produced in the United States may not receive an MPAA rating. In such cases, the rating systems of their respective countries or regions may apply.
  • Unreleased Films: Unfinished or unreleased films may also receive an “NR” designation until they are completed and ready for distribution.

Is Terrifier 2 OK for kids?

An “NR” movie rating does not provide a clear indication of a movie’s suitability for kids. Parents and guardians need to do their research and exercise their discretion when deciding whether an “NR” movie is appropriate for their children based on the content and the child’s age and maturity.

Terrifier 2 Parents Guide

Violence & Gore

  • Art the Clown uses a hammer to strike the head of a mortician to murder him. After that, Art mockingly goes out the mortician’s eye and inserts it into his empty socket. Then, with blood splattering viscerally, he uses his bare hands to open the man’s head and takes his brain.
  • Art is repeatedly hacked in the neck by Sienna with a sword until she finally chops off his head. Not nearly as graphic as earlier sequences, but still gory.
  • A shotgun is used to blow a woman’s head apart. Later, blood and gore are all over her body, which is seen propped up at a dinner table. Next, Art shoves mashed potatoes into her severed head. Some viewers might find this to be intense.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking:

  • When Brooke was telling her boyfriend how Sienna’s father had away, she revealed that he had consumed a full bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and had crashed his car into an electrical transformer while intoxicated.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Art uses an automatic weapon to shoot a large group of individuals in his dream. Some viewers might become agitated by this.
  • A woman gives birth to Art the Clown’s full head in a post-credit sequence. Very unsettling to witness.
  • Boys are seen using a stick to pick at a dead animal. There is a lot of blood and guts, and it is pretty gory. Later, the same dead animal is seen being played with by Art and the little clown, who then toss it at Jonathan. very graphic.
  • A woman looks into the garbage bag that Art the Clown is carrying and discovers numerous weapons.

Parental Guidance:

This movie contains extremely graphic violence, gore, and disturbing scenes. It is not suitable for children or those who are sensitive to intense horror content. Viewer discretion is strongly advised, and the film is intended for mature audiences who enjoy the horror genre. Parents should exercise caution and consider the age and maturity of their children before allowing them to watch “Terrifier 2.”

The plot of “Terrifier 2

Following his resurrection by an unknown entity, Art the Clown embarks on a reign of terror, brutally murdering the coroner investigating his lifeless body with a chillingly wielded hammer. Seeking to clean his blood-soaked attire, he makes an eerie visit to a local laundromat. There, he encounters The Little Pale Girl, an enigmatic and sinister entity clad in clown attire. A lone patron becomes an unwitting witness to Art’s eerie interaction with the invisible girl before meeting a grisly fate at the hands of Art.

A year later, teenager Sienna Shaw is meticulously putting the finishing touches on her Halloween costume, an angel-warrior design lovingly crafted by her recently deceased father, who succumbed to a brain tumor. Sienna’s younger brother, Jonathan, is captivated by Art the Clown, having stumbled upon sketches of Art and his victims from the harrowing Miles County Massacre in their father’s sketchbook. On this fateful Halloween night, Sienna experiences a haunting nightmare involving Art and awakens to a fire on her dresser, which incinerates the wings essential for her costume. Curiously, a sword, a cherished gift from her father, remains unscathed.

As Halloween unfolds, Jonathan observes Art and The Little Pale Girl at school, where they engage in disturbing play with a deceased opossum. Meanwhile, Sienna grapples with a panic attack as her friends Allie and Brooke discuss the notorious Victoria Heyes’s public breakdown and mutilation of controversial talk show host Monica Brown. Sienna and Allie venture to a costume shop in search of replacement wings, but their quest takes a nightmarish turn as they come face-to-face with Art. Tragedy ensues as Art brutally dispatches the shop’s vendor and later infiltrates Allie’s home, where he inflicts horrific injuries upon her. A tragic turn of events unfolds as Allie’s mother meets a grim fate upon discovering her daughter’s still-breathing body.

Jonathan, determined to expose the truth about Art, shows Sienna and their mother, Barbara, his father’s sketchbook filled with gruesome newspaper clippings linking Art to a series of killings. He unveils the chilling resemblance between The Little Pale Girl and Art’s first victim, Emily Crane, the daughter of circus performers found lifeless in a makeup trailer. Despite Jonathan’s belief that their father possessed the knowledge to thwart Art, Sienna and Barbara remain skeptical. Tensions escalate, leading to Barbara tearing up the sketchbook and an altercation with Jonathan, who flees. While attempting to clean her vandalized car, Barbara encounters Art, meeting a horrifying demise.

When Jonathan returns home, he makes the grisly discovery of his mother’s lifeless body. Art relentlessly pursues him, eventually drugging and kidnapping him, along with purloining Sienna’s cherished sword.

At a Halloween party, Brooke unwittingly spikes Sienna’s drink with MDMA in an attempt to alleviate her anxiety. Sienna’s panic resurfaces when she encounters The Little Pale Girl, prompting her friends to drive her home. However, The Little Pale Girl impersonates Jonathan over the phone, luring Sienna to The Terrifier haunted attraction at a dilapidated carnival, the very site of Art’s previous heinous acts. Here, Art claims the lives of Sienna’s friends, Jeff and Brooke, in a gruesome pursuit.

Sienna stumbles upon Brooke’s lifeless body and confronts Art in a fierce battle, during which she is knocked unconscious. She later regains consciousness to witness Art wielding her father’s sword on her brother, Jonathan. Sienna manages to overpower Art, launching a relentless assault with his weapons. Despite Art’s repeated resurrections, Sienna and Jonathan find a way to finally vanquish him.

Terrifier 2 Trailer

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Terrifier 2 Movie Cast:

Lauren LaVeraSienna Shaw, Jonathan’s older sister
Elliott FullamJonathan Shaw, Sienna’s younger brother
David Howard ThorntonArt the Clown
Amelie McLainThe Little Pale Girl
Sarah VoigtBarbara Shaw, mother of Sienna and Jonathan
Kailey HymanBrooke, Sienna’s friend
Casey HartnettAllie, Sienna’s friend
Charlie McElveenJeff, Brooke’s boyfriend
Johnnath DavisRicky, the costume shop clerk
Amy RussAllie’s Mother
Cory DuValCoroner
Nedim JahićTravis Bryant
Leah VoyseyClown Cafe TV host / Nurse
Chris JerichoBurke, a nurse


 While it’s the fourth film in the Terrifier franchise, it marks the third feature-length appearance of Art the Clown. The film is not officially rated by the MPAA (hence, it’s “NR”), which means it’s not classified into standard age-specific categories. This absence of an official rating makes it essential for parents and guardians to assess the content’s suitability for children on a case-by-case basis, considering the film’s gore, violence, and intense scenes.

Key Points:

  • “Terrifier 2” is a 2022 American slasher-splatter film, a sequel to “Terrifier.”
  • Directed and created by Damien Leone, it focuses on the infamous character, Art the Clown.
  • The film is not officially rated by the MPAA, making it crucial for parents to assess its suitability for children based on its content.
  • The movie features intense violence and gore, including scenes of hammer murders, eye gouging, decapitations, and more.
  • There are references to alcohol consumption and accidents.
  • The film is filled with frightening and intense moments, such as a dream sequence involving an automatic weapon and unsettling imagery.
  • The plot revolves around Art’s resurrection and his pursuit of Sienna and Jonathan on Halloween night.
  • “Terrifier 2” is aimed at horror genre enthusiasts but is not suitable for younger viewers due to its graphic and intense content.

The plot of “Terrifier 2” revolves around Art the Clown’s resurrection, as he embarks on a sinister pursuit of teenage Sienna Shaw, portrayed by Lauren LaVera, and her younger brother, Jonathan, played by Elliott Fullam. These events transpire on the ominous backdrop of Halloween night, one year after the chilling events depicted in the first film.