A Deadly Invitation Parents Guide

A Deadly Invitation Parents Guide 2023 review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

NameA Deadly Invitation
GenreComedy Mystery Thriller
Release DateOctober 6, 2023

A Deadly Invitation Movie Review:

Imagine stepping into a thrilling world of laughter, mystery, and suspense in the year 2023. “A Deadly Invitation” is not your typical movie it’s a rollercoaster ride of excitement! Picture a director named J.M. Cravioto guiding the story, with the creative minds of Javier Durán Pérez, Anton Goenechea, and Carmen Posadas shaping every twist and turn.

Now, let’s talk about the stars of the show. You’ll get to hang out with Regina Blandón, Manolo Cardona, and Pedro Damián. They’re the ones who bring the characters to life and make you laugh, gasp, and maybe even jump out of your seat.

But wait, there’s more! Behind the scenes, you’ve got the genius minds of Erik Barmack, Alexis Fridman, and Jimena Rodriguez making sure everything happens just right. They’re the ones who put all the pieces together so that you can enjoy this unforgettable comedy mystery thriller.

So, get ready to dive into “A Deadly Invitation.” It’s like solving a puzzle while having the time of your life!

The Story:

The story follows Olivia Uriarte, a lady who has recently divorced her fifth spouse and is heartbroken. Olivia intends to commit suicide, or rather murder, in order to avert the impending fall.

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A Deadly Invitation Parental Guide

The Nudity and Sexual Content

The film features several explicit sexual scenes as well as full-frontal nudity. Throughout the film, there are depictions of orgies, sexual actions, and sex dialogues.

Use of Drugs

The usage of drugs, particularly cocaine and Quaaludes, is heavily shown in The Wolf of Wall Street. There are situations in which characters snort drugs, become inebriated, and engage in risky behavior.


The film contains a lot of profanity, including strong language, slurs, and vulgarities. Throughout the film, the conversation is frequently frank and nasty.

Why is A Deadly Invitation rated TV-14

A Deadly Invitation was rated TV-14 by the MPA due to language, smoking, narcotics, and suicide.

Movie Cast

  • Stephanie Cayo
  • Maribel Verdú
  •  Manolo Cardona
  •  José María de Tavira
  • Aarón Díaz
  • Regina Blandón
  • Frank Maldonado.

A Deadly Invitation Trailer:

Guiding Tips for Parents:

  • Consider the age and maturity of your child before allowing them to watch A Deadly Invitation Movie.
  • If you decide to watch the movie with your teen, it’s important to discuss the film’s themes, morality, and consequences of the characters’ actions.
  • Be prepared for explicit content, including sexual scenes, nudity, drug use, and strong language throughout the movie.
  • Consider watching the movie yourself first to determine its suitability for your child.
  • Encourage critical thinking and reflection on the ethical aspects portrayed in the film.