We Have a Ghost Parents Guide

We Have a Ghost Parental Guidance Review and Ratings. Get insights on age rating, content, themes, and more in this parent’s guide.

We Have a Ghost

We Have a Ghost is a fun and family-friendly ghost story that is sure to entertain both parents and kids. It is a good choice for a Halloween movie night or a rainy day.

It follows a couple who move into a new house and discover that it is haunted by a ghost who is actually a friendly and helpful presence.

As a parent, I thought We Have a Ghost was a fun and harmless film that could be enjoyed by the whole family.

The film is not too scary, but it does have some jump scares and creepy moments. The humor is mostly light and family-friendly, and the performances are all solid.

If you are looking for a ghost movie that is not too scary, but still has some fun and scares, then I would recommend We Have a Ghost. It is a good choice for parents who want to watch a movie with their children.

Age Rating and Content Warnings

“We Have a Ghost” is rated PG-13 by the MPAA. It contains elements of language, some sexual/suggestive references, and violence. Parents should exercise caution and consider the following details before allowing their children to watch this movie.


The movie contains mild sexual content and references:

  • A brief kiss between a teen boy and a teen girl.
  • A teen boy reveals his abdomen in an Instagram selfie and makes references to dating apps and sex.
  • A woman on a social media platform claims a ghost impregnated her.
  • A woman flirts with a married man, though nothing explicit occurs.
  • A teen girl wears short-shorts, and another teen girl wears a bra under an open shirt (some cleavage is visible).


The movie contains action-packed scenes with violence:

  • SWAT officers, police, and CIA agents chase, threaten, and shoot at the ghost and two teens. There are car chases, crashes, and intense moments as they evade capture.
  • A flashback shows a man being killed with a metal sculpture (no blood is seen).
  • There are instances of guns being pointed at characters, physical struggles, and characters falling or being knocked unconscious.
  • A ghost pranks a fake TV psychic, though no harm is done.
  • There are scenes of intense yelling, screaming, and fear.
  • A ghost steals a car and visits an elderly man, whose wife suffers from dementia.


The movie contains strong language and profanity:

  • 1 obscene hand gesture, 5 sexual references, 30 scatological terms, 13 anatomical terms, and 19 mild obscenities.
  • Name-calling and derogatory language are used, including racial slurs (which are deleted from this review), and religious exclamations are made.

Substance Use

There are references to substance use in the movie:

  • A woman mentions another woman taking Xanax with wine, and a character is said to have been high on drugs.
  • Alcohol is briefly shown in a bar setting, and characters discuss drinking habits.

Discussion Topics

The movie raises several discussion topics that parents may want to address with their children:

  • The supernatural, ghosts, and the balance between science and superstition.
  • The impact of social media, including cellphone videos, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and CNN.com.
  • Racial stereotyping in high school and the use of profanity.
  • Themes of money, work, fame, anger, amnesia, death, loss, murder, secrets, loneliness, compassion, government intrusion, injustice, and family.
  • The importance of helping others and making decisions, even when rules are broken.

What You Should Know

1. What is the age rating for “We Have a Ghost”?

The movie is rated PG-13 by the MPAA, indicating that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents should exercise caution and consider the content warnings provided in the parents guide to make an informed decision about their child’s viewing.

2. Is “We Have a Ghost” a family-friendly movie?

“We Have a Ghost” contains content that may not be suitable for younger children. It includes mild sexual content, violence, and strong language. Parents should review the detailed parents guide to determine if it aligns with their family’s values and their child’s maturity level.

3. Can my teenager watch this movie without parental guidance?

As the movie is rated PG-13, it is generally considered appropriate for teenagers. However, parents should still review the specific content warnings provided and consider their teenager’s maturity, sensitivity to certain themes, and personal values before making a decision.

4. What are the sexual references in the movie?

The sexual references in “We Have a Ghost” include a brief kiss between two teens, discussions about dating apps and sex, and a social media post claiming that a ghost impregnated a woman. While the sexual content is relatively mild, parents should assess whether it is suitable for their child’s age and understanding.

5. How violent is “We Have a Ghost”?

The movie contains action-packed scenes with violence, including SWAT officers, police, and CIA agents chasing, threatening, and shooting at characters. There are car chases, crashes, and moments of intense fear. Parents should review the violence/gore section of the parents guide for a detailed breakdown of the violent scenes depicted in the movie.

6. What strong language is used in the movie?

“We Have a Ghost” includes strong language and profanity, such as scatological terms, anatomical terms, and mild obscenities. Additionally, there are instances of name-calling and religious exclamations. Parents should be aware of the language used in the movie and decide if it aligns with their family’s standards.

7. Does “We Have a Ghost” depict substance use?

The movie contains references to substance use, including a character mentioning someone taking Xanax with wine and another character being high on drugs. Additionally, there are scenes set in a bar with various liquor bottles visible. Parents should consider these references when deciding if the movie is appropriate for their child.

8. What are the main themes explored in “We Have a Ghost”?

“We Have a Ghost” touches on various themes, including the supernatural, science vs. superstition, social media, racial stereotyping in high school, fame, loss, compassion, government intrusion, and family dynamics. These themes provide opportunities for meaningful discussions with children and teenagers about relevant topics.

9. Can the movie’s positive messages outweigh the potentially objectionable content?

“We Have a Ghost” conveys messages about imperfect parenting, allowing teenagers to make decisions, and the importance of compassion and helping others. However, parents should carefully consider whether the positive messages are sufficient to offset any objectionable content present in the film, based on their family’s values and preferences.

10. How can I use “We Have a Ghost” as a starting point for conversations with my child?

“We Have a Ghost” raises several thought-provoking topics that can spark meaningful conversations with your child. You can discuss the supernatural, social media’s influence, racial stereotyping, the responsible use of profanity, the impact of fame, government intrusion, and the importance of family and compassion. Use the movie as a tool to engage in open dialogue and gain insights into your child’s thoughts and perspectives.

11. Are there any positive role models in “We Have a Ghost”?

The movie features characters who exhibit positive traits, such as resilience, bravery, and compassion. However, it is important to note that some characters also display negative behaviors. Take the opportunity to discuss the complexities of character development and the importance of distinguishing between positive and negative role models with your child.

12. Can “We Have a Ghost” be considered a horror movie?

“We Have a Ghost” blends elements of comedy, supernatural, and action genres. While it includes some spooky moments and scenes, it is not primarily a horror movie. Parents who are concerned about their child’s sensitivity to horror elements should review the specific scenes mentioned in the parents guide to make an informed decision.

The Verdict

“We Have a Ghost” is a PG-13 movie that includes mild sexual content, violence, and strong language.

While it may appeal to older teens and adults, parents should consider whether the content is appropriate for their younger children. It’s advisable to review the specific scenes and dialogue mentioned above to make an informed decision.

The movie touches on various themes that can spark valuable conversations within the family. Overall, exercise discretion based on your child’s maturity level and personal values.