Armageddon Time Parents Guide

Armageddon Time Parental Guidance Review and Ratings. How Good or Bad Could it Be and For Who? Let’s explore.

Armageddon Time

Armageddon Time is a 2022 coming-of-age drama film written and directed by James Gray. It is inspired by Gray’s own childhood in Queens, New York, in 1980. The film stars Banks Repeta as Paul Graff, a Jewish-American boy who befriends a Black boy named Johnny (Jaylin Webb). The two boys navigate the challenges of adolescence, racism, and the changing political landscape of the time.

Armageddon Time is a beautifully shot and acted film that offers a nuanced and compassionate look at a specific time and place in American history. Gray’s direction is assured, and he brings a wealth of personal experience to the story. The performances are all top-notch, with Repeta giving a breakout performance as Paul.

The film is not without its flaws. The pacing can be slow at times, and the plot is somewhat predictable. However, these flaws are minor compared to the film’s many strengths. Armageddon Time is a thoughtful and moving film that is sure to stay with you long after you watch it.

And what about it’s family-friendliness? Let’s find out below.

Age Rating and Content Warnings

The movie “Armageddon Time” has received an R rating from the MPAA due to its content. It contains scenes that may not be suitable for children. Parents should be aware of the following potentially objectionable content:

Violence and Gore

  • A boy is beaten by his father with a belt, resulting in physical and emotional abuse.
  • A woman yells at her son and physically grabs him by the face.
  • Verbal confrontations and yelling occur between characters, including instances of threats and aggression.
  • A boy draws an insulting picture of a teacher, leading to disciplinary action.
  • Two boys break into a school, leading to police involvement.
  • A boy is shown hiding on the streets after his grandmother is sent to a care home.

Sex and Nudity

  • A boy makes a crude remark about a teacher possibly holding him to her chest.


  • The movie contains strong language, including multiple instances of the F-word and other strong profanities.
  • There are derogatory terms used against African-American, Jewish, and Chinese individuals.

Substance Use

  • Two boys are shown smoking a marijuana cigarette in a school bathroom.

Positive Messages

Despite the mature content and themes, “Armageddon Time” also conveys positive messages that parents may appreciate:

  • Make the most of opportunities when they are presented.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for what you have.

What You Should Know

1. What is the MPAA rating for “Armageddon Time”?

The MPAA has given “Armageddon Time” an R rating due to its language and some drug use involving minors.

2. Is “Armageddon Time” suitable for children?

No, “Armageddon Time” is not recommended for children due to its mature content, including scenes of violence, strong language, and drug use involving minors.

3. What is the main theme of “Armageddon Time”?

The main theme of “Armageddon Time” revolves around a young boy’s struggle to pursue his artistic dreams while facing conflicting aspirations from his family.

4. Who is the director of “Armageddon Time”?

“Armageddon Time” is directed by James Gray.

5. Can you provide a brief overview of the plot?

“Armageddon Time” is set in 1980s Queens, New York, and follows a young boy named Banks Repeta who dreams of becoming an artist. However, he must navigate the conflicting aspirations of his family and the challenges that come with it.

6. Does the movie address important social issues?

Yes, “Armageddon Time” touches on social issues such as racism, anti-Semitism, child abuse, and homelessness. It explores these themes within the context of the characters’ lives and experiences.

7. Are there any standout performances in the film?

“Armageddon Time” features a talented cast, including Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong, and Jaylin Webb. Each actor brings depth and authenticity to their respective roles, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

8. What are some of the notable scenes parents should be aware of?

Parents should be aware of a scene where a boy is physically and emotionally abused by his father with a belt. There are also instances of verbal confrontations, racial slurs, and drug use involving minors.

9. How can parents initiate discussions with their children about the movie’s themes?

Parents can start by asking open-ended questions about the characters’ choices, the consequences of their actions, and the social issues depicted in the film. This can encourage children to share their thoughts and perspectives while fostering meaningful conversations.

10. Is “Armageddon Time” a family-friendly movie?

No, “Armageddon Time” is not considered a family-friendly movie due to its mature content and themes. It is advisable for parents to choose alternative films that are more suitable for family viewing.

11. How can parents decide if their older children can watch “Armageddon Time”?

Parents should consider the age and maturity level of their older children when deciding if they can watch “Armageddon Time.” It is recommended that parents watch the movie first to assess its suitability for their children. Engaging in open discussions with older children about the movie’s content and themes can also help in making an informed decision.

12. Are there any positive messages in “Armageddon Time”?

Despite its mature content, “Armageddon Time” conveys positive messages about seizing opportunities, pursuing dreams, and being grateful for what one has. These messages can serve as valuable discussion points for parents and children.

13. How can parents guide their children after watching “Armageddon Time”?

After watching “Armageddon Time,” parents can encourage their children to reflect on the movie’s themes and discuss their thoughts and emotions. They can provide guidance on understanding and navigating complex issues such as racism, abuse, and personal aspirations.

14. Can you recommend alternative movies for family viewing?

Certainly! If you’re looking for family-friendly movies, consider films with appropriate age ratings and positive messages. Some recommendations include “The Lion King,” “Finding Nemo,” “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” and “Moana.” These movies offer wholesome entertainment and valuable life lessons suitable for children and families.

The Verdict

Armageddon Time Parents Guide Rating: Not Recommended for Children

This movie is rated R for a reason, and its content may not be suitable for younger audiences. The film contains scenes of physical and emotional abuse, strong language, racial slurs, drug use involving minors, and mature themes. While it portrays a coming-of-age story, parents should exercise caution and consider the age and maturity level of their children before allowing them to watch “Armageddon Time.” It is advisable for parents to watch the movie first and make an informed decision based on their own judgment.

For families looking for a family-friendly movie, it would be best to explore other options that align with their preferences and values.

Remember, as a parent, you know your child best, so make sure to review the content and assess its suitability for your family’s movie night. Open discussions with your children about the movie’s themes and content can also help in guiding them through any potentially sensitive topics.

Enjoy your movie-watching experience and take the time to find films that provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family!