Ricky Stanicky Parents Guide

Ricky Stanicky is an American comedy film, directed by Peter Farrelly, starring Zac Efron, John Cena, Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino, Lex Scott Davis, and William H. Macy, is set to release on Prime Video via Amazon MGM Studios on March 7, 2024.

Movie NameRicky Stanicky
GenreComedy, Fantasy
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorPeter Farrelly
ProducersPaul Currie, Thorsten Schumacher, John Jacobs, Michael De Luca
WritersJeff Bushell, Brian Jarvis, Jim Freeman, Peter Farrelly, Pete Jones, Mike Cerrone
Release Date (Streaming)Mar 7, 2024
Runtime1 hour 48 minutes
DistributorAmazon MGM Studios
Production CompaniesFootloose Productions, Smart Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions, Rocket Science

Ricky Stanicky Plot Summary

Two decades ago, the inseparable trio of childhood best friends, Dean, JT, and Wes, found themselves entangled in the aftermath of a mischievous prank gone awry. Faced with the consequences of their actions, they hatched a clever plan to extricate themselves from trouble—introduce an entirely fictional character named Ricky Stanicky. Little did they anticipate that this imaginary ally would evolve into a convenient scapegoat, serving as the ultimate excuse for their perpetual indulgence in juvenile antics.

Fast forward to the present, and Dean, JT, and Wes continue to rely on the non-existent Ricky Stanicky as a reliable alibi, preserving the facade of their perpetual adolescence. However, the precarious equilibrium of their fabricated reality begins to unravel when their significant others grow skeptical and demand to finally meet the elusive Mr. Stanicky.

Caught in a web of their creation, the trio, now grappling with the consequences of their prolonged charade, concocts a daring plan to breathe life into the imaginary Ricky. Enter “Rock HardRod, a washed-up actor and bawdy celebrity impersonator, played by the irrepressible John Cena. Tasked with bringing the legendary Ricky Stanicky to life, Rod takes on the role of a lifetime with zest and enthusiasm.

As the charade unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that Rod‘s dedication to his craft is unparalleled. However, the line between reality and fiction blurs, and the trio begins to question the wisdom of their decision. The once-harmless deception spirals out of control, and the consequences of their actions take an unexpected turn.

In a comedic twist of fate, the friends find themselves wishing they had never conjured up Ricky Stanicky in the first place. The film explores the hilarious and chaotic consequences of trying to keep a fictional character alive, with John Cena‘s portrayal of “Rock HardRod adding an extra layer of comedic brilliance to this rollercoaster of absurdity.

Ricky Stanicky Parents Guide

Language: Expect a steady stream of moderate to strong profanity throughout the film, including explicit dialogue and mature language. Viewer discretion is advised, especially for younger audiences.

Humor: The movie leans heavily on adult-oriented comedy, featuring raunchy and suggestive content. The humor is tailored for a mature audience, often revolving around adult relationships and situations. Parents should consider the appropriateness of this content for viewers under 17.

Violence: While the film incorporates limited physical comedy, slapstick humor, and mild confrontations, the overall violence is kept to a minimum. However, the context may still warrant caution for younger viewers.

Sexual Content: Prepare for sexual innuendos, explicit discussions, and brief scenes of a suggestive nature. The film explores adult themes related to relationships and intimacy, making it more suitable for a mature audience.

Substance Abuse: There are depictions of characters consuming alcohol, and references to drug use may be present. Parents should be aware of these elements when considering the appropriateness for younger viewers.

Themes: Mature themes permeate the storyline, focusing on deception, the consequences of one’s actions, and adult relationships. These themes contribute to the overall tone of the film, making it more suitable for viewers aged 17 and above.

Overall: With its combination of mature content, explicit language, and adult themes, this film is recommended for viewers aged 17 and above. Parental discretion is strongly advised, and parents should consider the individual sensitivities of their teenagers before allowing them to watch.

Why is Ricky Stanicky rated R?

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)  rated Ricky Stanicky R due to pervasive strong language, explicit sexual content, and mature themes,

Cast of Ricky Stanicky film

  1. Riley Stiles as Young Dean
  2. Oscar Wilson as Young JT
  3. Gaius Nolan as Young Wes
  4. Brian Jarvis as Police Chief
  5. Jackie Flynn as Fire Chief Grunberg
  6. Kevin Flynn as Fireman Mycroft
  7. Jasmine Anders as Officer Parfitt
  8. Lex Scott Davis as Erin
  9. Zac Efron as Dean
  10. Stan Grant as Stan Grant
  11. Dieu Vieil Mbelo as Trumpet Man
  12. Alieu Chol as Trumpet Player
  13. Bol Cinwel as Trumpet Player
  14. Louis Ecaldre as Trumpet Player
  15. Samson Madu as Trumpet Player
  16. Takudzwa Matsatsa as Trumpet Player
  17. Gayetee Sonkarkey as Trumpet Player
  18. Aaron Thoman as Trumpet Player
  19. Surafel Yigletu as Trumpet Player
  20. Andrew Santino as JT
  21. Anja Savcic as Susan
  22. Jermaine Fowler as Wes
  23. John Cena as Ricky Stanicky (Rod)
  24. Bob Farrelly as Barry the Bartender
  25. Nathan Jones as Big Ben
  26. Jasper Bagg as Little Lenny
  27. Peter Venn as Casino Extra
  28. Cessalee Stovall as Nurse
  29. Sean Dobra as Hospital Guy
  30. Debra Lawrance as Mrs. Levine
  31. Heather Mitchell as Leona
  32. Daniel Monks as Keith
  33. Allan Lim as Rod’s Audio Engineer
  34. Jeff Ross as Rabbi Greenberg
  35. Sloan Fischer as Cheese Puffs
  36. William H. Macy as Summerhayes
  37. Jane Badler as Miriam Summerhayes
  38. Apple Farrelly as Carly
  39. Marta Kaczmarek as Mimi Jacobs
  40. Francesca Waters as Ginny Hoffman
  41. Charlie Torr as Glazed Dates
  42. Jackson Tozer as Gary Polisner
  43. Charlotte Marquis as Kid at Bris
  44. Olivia Marquis as Kid at Bris
  45. Goldie Harris-Currie as Kid at Bris
  46. Sunny Harris-Currie as Kid at Bris
  47. Evie Bock as Kid at Bris
  48. Layla Bock as Kid at Bris
  49. Harry Saunders as Kid at Bris
  50. Ryan Shelton as Phillip
  51. Harrison Frick as Karnowski
  52. Sean Gildea as Peterson
  53. Jim Knobeloch as Billings
  54. Belinda Aitken as Executive #3
  55. Zen Gesner as World River Exec #1
  56. Kate Lister as World River Exec #2
  57. Ruben Francis as World River CEO
  58. Sharon Johal as Sarah Delahunty
  59. Adam Murphy as News Reader #2
  60. Bibi Bello as TSA Agent
  61. Kieran Rahilly as Smiley
  62. Emily Irene Bishop as Emily Irene Bishop
  63. Charlie Levy as Charlie Levy
  64. Will Thomas Schneider as Will Thomas Schneider
  65. Olivia Bishop as Olivia Mary Bishop
  66. Lachlan David Mccredie as Lachlan David Mccredie
  67. Stephanie Dianne Woods as Stephanie Dianne Woods
  68. Joshua Cox as Joshua Cox
  69. Zahra Nezami as Zahra Nezami
  70. Bluelily Rahera Steen as Bluelily Rahera Steen