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Cabrini Parents Guide

Cabrini is an upcoming American Drama Movie, directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde and written by Rod Barr, portrays the challenges faced by Catholic missionary Francesca Cabrini, played by Cristiana Dell’Anna, in late 19th-century New York. The film explores resistance to Cabrini’s charity and business efforts, shedding light on issues like sexism and anti-Italianism during that era.

Movie NameCabrini
GenreBiography, History, Drama
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorAlejandro Monteverde
ProducersJonathan Sanger, Leo Severino
WritersRod Barr, Alejandro Monteverde
Release DateMar 8, 2024 (Wide Release in Theaters)
Runtime2 hours and 25 minutes
DistributorAngel Studios
Production CoFrancesca Film Production NY

Cabrini Plot Summary

Alejandro Monteverde, renowned for his award-winning directorial work in “Sound of Freedom,” presents an enthralling narrative centered around Francesca Cabrini. The story unfolds in 1889 when this resilient Italian immigrant embarks on a life-altering journey to New York City. As she steps onto American soil, Cabrini is met with the harsh realities of disease, rampant crime, and a sea of impoverished children struggling to survive.

Undeterred by the daunting backdrop of societal challenges, Cabrini takes it upon herself to navigate the complexities of the city and address the urgent needs of its most vulnerable inhabitants. Her mission becomes clear: to convince a skeptical and often hostile mayor to allocate resources for housing and healthcare, essential for the well-being of the marginalized population.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, including the barrier of broken English and her own precarious health, Cabrini emerges as a beacon of hope. Her meticulously tailored approach to problem-solving reflects an entrepreneurial spirit that transcends the norms of the time. In the heart of a bustling and ever-evolving New York City, she endeavors to build an empire of hope – a bespoke solution to the pressing issues that plague society.

The narrative delves into Cabrini’s journey, capturing not only the struggles she faces but also the triumphs that come with her unwavering determination. It’s not merely a tale of overcoming adversity; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to seek more than just survival, to design solutions that enhance the well-being of an entire community.

As Cabrini’s suite of initiatives takes shape, it unveils a world of possibilities previously unseen. In the realm of late 19th-century New York, where challenges loom large, she not only aims to secure housing and healthcare but also seeks to unlock the secrets of fostering genuine societal change. Cabrini’s mission goes beyond the conventional, as she strives to create a legacy that transcends the limitations imposed by a daunting society.

Monteverde’s masterful storytelling brings to life the saga of Francesca Cabrini, inviting the audience to journey alongside this remarkable woman in her quest to transform adversity into triumph. In a city pulsating with energy and challenges, Cabrini’s efforts echo the sentiments of a resilient era, where individuals dared to dream and create robust solutions in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This is more than a historical account; it’s a cinematic exploration of one woman’s indomitable spirit, designed to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.

Cabrini Parents Guide

  • Violence: The film includes limited instances of violence, primarily portraying societal challenges and struggles. While not graphic, some scenes depict the harsh realities faced by characters in late 19th-century New York. Viewers may witness characters navigating through difficult situations, but the overall tone is not excessively intense or graphic.
  • Language: Mild language is present, with occasional instances of broken English. The dialogue reflects the characters’ diverse backgrounds and the linguistic challenges they face in the culturally rich tapestry of New York City during that era.
  • Themes: The movie explores themes of resilience, the entrepreneurial spirit, and overcoming adversity. The narrative encourages viewers to witness how individuals, particularly the protagonist Francesca Cabrini, rise above daunting circumstances to create positive change in their community.
  • Health Concerns: The film includes depictions of characters facing health issues. While not overly graphic, some scenes address the precarious health conditions of individuals in the historical context of the narrative.
  • Hopeful Messaging: A predominant aspect of the movie revolves around building an empire of hope. The narrative underscores the importance of maintaining hope even in challenging situations and emphasizes the positive impact one determined individual can have on a community.
  • Complexities of Society: The film delves into the complexities of late 19th-century society in New York, showcasing the challenges faced by immigrants and the impoverished. It provides a glimpse into the social issues of the time without dwelling on excessively explicit content.

Parental Discretion Advised:

  • Suitable for Ages 13 and Older: The content is generally appropriate for viewers aged 13 and older, with limited violence and mild language. It offers an opportunity for younger audiences to engage in meaningful discussions about historical and societal themes.
  • Limited Violence and Mild Language: While the film contains elements of tension and mild language, they are within the boundaries of a PG-13 rating, making it suitable for a teenage audience.
  • Encourages Discussion: Parents are encouraged to watch the film with their children and engage in discussions about the historical context, societal challenges, and the importance of resilience. This film provides an educational and thought-provoking experience for teenage viewers.

Cast of Cabrini Film

  1. John Lithgow – Mayor Gould
  2. David Morse – Archbishop Corrigan
  3. Cristiana Dell’Anna – Cabrini
  4. Giancarlo Giannini – Pope Leo XIII
  5. Federico Castelluccio – Senator Bodio
  6. Jeremy Bobb – Calloway
  7. Katherine Boecher – American Nurse #2
  8. Patch Darragh – Dr. Murphy
  9. Madison Hammer – Rich Woman
  10. Sean Cullen – Peterson
  11. Romana Maggiora Vergano – Vittoria
  12. Lukas Behnken – Friend of Drunk Businessman
  13. Victoria Martzloff – Wealthy American
  14. Federico Ielapi – Paolo
  15. Dean Neistat – Festival Mounted Cop
  16. Tom Bauerle – Wealthy American
  17. Andrew Polk – Deputy Mayor Jenkins
  18. Bill Smith – City Permit Clerk
  19. Christian Prentice – Disalvo’s Assistant
  20. Kevin Tanski – Officer Rentschler
  21. Peter Arpesella – Sen. Bodio / Consul Riva / Puppet 1 / Puppet 2 / Geno (voice)
  22. Montserrat Espadalé – Sister Concetta
  23. Virginia Bocelli – Aria
  24. Tessa DelZoppo – Brothel Woman
  25. Taylor Clark – Wealthy American
  26. Allen Lewis Rickman – Jacob Abrams
  27. Brian Ceponis – Cabbie
  28. Giampiero Judica – Father Morelli
  29. Liam Campora – Enzo
  30. Fausto Russo Alesi – Cardinale
  31. Sarah Santizo – Sister Lucille
  32. Marco Greco – Consul Riva
  33. Bob Rusch – Ambulance Cop
  34. Sean Greenhouse – 5 Points Italian Resident
  35. Rolando Villazón – Disalvo
  36. Sam Bond – Mr. Merton
  37. Soraïa Scicchitano – Sister Serafina
  38. Josh Nuncio – Festival Money Cop
  39. Eugenia Forteza – Sister Umilia
  40. Laura Vivio – Signora Cabrini
  41. Jeffrey Bean – Loan Executive
  42. Vincent Grizanti – Five Points Italian Resident
  43. Mac Brydon – Inspector Hennessy
  44. Joe Lanza – American Cop
  45. Christopher Macchio – Giovanni the Singer
  46. Anthony J. Gallo – Giancarlo
  47. Peter Lojacono – Vincenzo
  48. Alejandro Muela – Italian Worker
  49. Giacomo Rocchini – Geno
  50. Karen Baum – American #1
  51. Duccio Camerini – Senator with Bodio
  52. Liz McKendry – American Nurse
  53. Michael Alan Collette – Doctor – Wealthy American
  54. Eduardo Gomez Monteverde – Drunk man One
  55. Eric Witkowski – Firefighter
  56. Andrea Galatà – Dr. Morini
  57. David Lundy – Morgue Worker
  58. Chelsea Feltman – Sister Aurora
  59. Brandon Bundschuh – Italian Senator / Wealthy American
  60. Colleen Rea – Sofia (Grieving Woman)
  61. Frank Dispenza – Wealthy American
  62. Curtis Arney – Wealthy Hat Man
  63. Mina Severino – Young Cabrini
  64. Bug Hall – Christopher Weddington
  65. Richard Lambert – Hospital Security Guard
  66. Joe Bush – Drunk Man
  67. Jay Stockslader – Senator
  68. Patrick Cameron – Friend of Drunk Businessman #2
  69. Alessandro Trinca – Drunk Man One
  70. Adriano Gatto – Immigrant Man
  71. Maggie Fanelli – Wealthy American woman
  72. Taylor Clark – Wealthy American
  73. Valentina Ballarin – Angelina (as Valentina Ballerini)
  74. Michael Calla – Festival Drunk Italian
  75. Alessia Gervasi – Brothel #3
  76. Rebecca Campora – Immigrant Woman
  77. Rachel Teresi – 5 points immigrant
  78. William David Hobbs – Wealthy Husband
  79. Gerald N. Caci – Italian Man at Fire #1
  80. Peter Arpecella – Puppet (voice)
  81. Adam Bojak – Friend of Hat Man / Newsroom Chief
  82. Gianmarco Ballarin – Italian Newsboy
  83. Chris Avery – Festival Arrest Cop
  84. Robert Rogers – Pupeteer
  85. Giuseppe Marino – Italian Man at Fire #2
  86. Cory Lisinski – Johnny American Cop
  87. Gigi Grizanti – Italian Nurse
  88. Tommaso Sciortino – Tomasso
  89. Douglas A. Bennett – Wealthy American / Italian Senator / American Worker (uncredited)
  90. Bob Bozek – Cop (uncredited)
  91. Capri Clark – Orphan (uncredited)
  92. Paul Fanara – Wealthy American (uncredited)
  93. Grace Gabel – Orphan (uncredited)
  94. Austin Gallego – American Construction Worker (uncredited)
  95. Roselyn Kasmire – Wealthy American (uncredited)
  96. Ashley Szczerbacki – Italian Five Points Resident (uncredited)
  97. Lillian Tanski – Wealthy American (uncredited)