Zorro 2024 Parents Guide

Zorro 2024, a Spanish action-adventure series featuring Miguel Bernardeau and produced by Secuoya Studio, premiered on Prime Video on January 19, 2024, in Latin America and the United States. The Spanish debut is set for January 25 in Spain, Andorra, and Portugal. Filmed in the Canary Islands from summer 2022 to early 2023, the series offers a “bold reinterpretation” of the iconic hero El Zorro, created by Johnston McCulley.

Series NameZorro
Created byCarlos Portela
StarMiguel Bernardeau, Luis Tosar, Renata Notni
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
Release dateJanuary 19, 2024 (United States)
Country of originSpain

Zorro Plot Summary

In the heart of a gripping tale, our protagonist, Diego de la Vega, embarks on a relentless quest to unveil the enigma surrounding his father’s untimely demise. Fueled by an unwavering determination to bring justice to his family, Diego’s journey takes an unexpected turn as he delves into the concealed recesses of his family’s history, unearthing secrets that shatter the very foundation of his reality.

As Diego unravels the mysteries of his lineage, he discovers that his father’s murder is entangled in a complex web of family secrets, treacherous alliances, and hidden agendas. Each revelation propels him deeper into a world of intrigue, forcing him to confront the shadows that have lurked in the corners of his life.

In his quest to become Zorro, the iconic masked avenger, Diego grapples not only with the external forces that threaten justice but also with his internal struggles. The personal battles he faces resonate with universal themes of identity, legacy, and the sacrifices one must make in the pursuit of righteousness.

Diego’s unwavering commitment to his mission transforms him into a formidable force, willing to defy societal norms and challenge the status quo. Along the way, he forges unlikely alliances, confronts formidable adversaries, and navigates the complex dynamics of a world on the brink of change.

As Diego inches closer to uncovering his father’s murderer, he realizes that the true power of Zorro lies not just in the mask and sword but in the resilience of the human spirit. The revelations that unfold reshape Diego’s destiny, leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of Zorro and the enduring fight for justice.

In this epic tale of heroism, betrayal, and self-discovery, Diego de la Vega’s journey to unmask his father’s killer becomes a transformative odyssey that transcends generations, leaving an enduring legacy for those who dare to stand against the shadows that threaten the fabric of their existence.

Zorro 2024 Parents Guide

Violence: The movie contains intense action sequences and sword fights. Some scenes depict combat and perilous situations.

Language: Mild language may be present.

Themes: The film explores themes of justice, revenge, and uncovering family secrets.

Sensory Elements: Expect dramatic music, fast-paced scenes, and suspenseful moments.

Positive Messages: Emphasizes the importance of standing up for justice and self-discovery.

Role Models: The main character, Diego de la Vega, serves as a positive role model in his pursuit of justice.

Sexual Content: Limited, with only mild romantic elements.

Substance Use: Occasional depictions of characters consuming alcohol.

Intensity: The movie has moments of high tension and suspense, suitable for older children and teenagers.

Overall Recommendation: Suitable for viewers above a certain age, as it contains action and themes that may not be suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.

Cast of Zorro TV- Series

  1. Miguel Bernardeau as Diego de la Vega
  2. Renata Notni as Lolita Marquez
  3. Rodolfo Sancho
  4. Dalia Xiuhcoatl
  5. Paco Tous
  6. Peter Vives
  7. Elia Galera
  8. Andrés Almeida
  9. Emiliano Zurita
  10. Chacha Huang
  11. Joel Bosqued
  12. Francisco Reyes
  13. Mireia Mambo
  14. Eva Camacho
  15. Julien Lacabe
  16. José Gigar
  17. Angelo Olivier
  18. Alejandro Maró
  19. David Fleta
  20. Fele Martínez

Key Points:

  • Premiere: January 19, 2024, on Prime Video (United States).
  • Genre: Action; Season: 1; Episodes: 10; Language: Spanish.
  • Plot: Diego de la Vega seeks justice for his father’s murder, uncovering family secrets and facing treacherous alliances as he transforms into Zorro.
  • Parents Guide: Intense action, mild language, themes of justice and revenge, dramatic sensory elements, positive messages, limited sexual content and substance use. Suitable for older children and teenagers.
  • Cast: Miguel Bernardeau as Diego de la Vega, Renata Notni, Rodolfo Sancho, and more.
  • Filming: Canary Islands.
  • Themes: Identity, legacy, and the enduring fight for justice in a world on the brink of change.