The Woman in the Wall 2024 Parents Guide

The Woman in the Wall 2024,” a gripping thriller series created by Joe Murtagh. Starring Ruth Wilson, Daryl McCormack, and Simon Delaney, the series unfolds in six intense episodes, captivating audiences with its suspenseful narrative. With an undisclosed age rating, the show’s release on January 19, 2024, in the United States promises an enthralling experience

Series NameThe Woman in the Wall
Created byJoe Murtagh
StarRuth Wilson, Daryl McCormack, Simon Delaney
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
Release dateJanuary 19, 2024 (United States)
Country of originUnited Kingdom

The Woman in the Wall Plot Summary

Lorna Brady, a woman grappling with the challenges of extreme sleepwalking, experiences a surreal and unsettling morning when she awakens to the shocking discovery of an unidentified corpse within the confines of her own home. Struggling with the disorienting fog of sleep-related confusion, Lorna finds herself thrust into a mysterious and ominous situation.

As the first rays of daylight pierce through her windows, Lorna is confronted with the lifeless body of a woman, a stranger to her, lying in an enigmatic repose. The room, once familiar and comforting, now becomes a haunting tableau, shrouded in uncertainty and fear. Lorna grapples with the realization that she has no recollection of the events leading to this chilling discovery, intensifying her doubt and confusion.

Haunted by the shadows of her own sleepwalking episodes, Lorna embarks on a quest to unravel the enigma surrounding the deceased woman. In her pursuit of truth, she traverses a labyrinth of memories, piecing together fragments of her subconscious that may hold the key to the mysterious presence in her home.

As she delves deeper into the recesses of her own mind, Lorna must confront not only the external mystery but also the internal demons that have long tormented her sleepwalking episodes. The line between reality and the subconscious blurs, and Lorna finds herself navigating a psychological landscape fraught with twists and turns.

Throughout her journey, Lorna encounters a cast of characters whose motives are as elusive as the truth she seeks. Friends become suspects, and allies morph into adversaries, as the layers of the mystery unfold. Each revelation adds complexity to the narrative, weaving a tapestry of intrigue and suspense.

In her quest for clarity, Lorna discovers hidden secrets, buried traumas, and unexpected connections that bind her fate to the deceased woman. The story becomes a psychological puzzle, challenging both Lorna and the audience to distinguish between the tangible and the imagined.

As the climactic truth emerges, Lorna must confront the consequences of her own subconscious wanderings and decipher the intricacies of her troubled mind. The resolution not only unveils the identity of the deceased but also transforms Lorna’s perception of reality, leaving her forever changed by the journey through the labyrinth of her own psyche.

The Woman in the Wall 2024 Parents Guide


  • The movie contains scenes of a corpse discovery and may be unsettling for some viewers.
  • Tension and suspenseful moments are prevalent, but there is no explicit or graphic violence.


  • Mild language may be present, but there are no instances of strong or offensive language.

Sexual Content:

  • There is no explicit sexual content or nudity in the movie.


  • There are no significant scenes depicting drug use or excessive alcohol consumption.

Frightening/Intense Scenes:

  • The film explores psychological themes and features suspenseful sequences that might be intense for sensitive viewers.
  • Themes of sleepwalking and confronting one’s subconscious fears may be unsettling.

Overall Tone:

  • The movie is a psychological thriller with a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere.
  • It encourages thought and reflection on the blurred lines between reality and the subconscious.

Cast of The Woman in the Wall TV-series

  1. Hilda Fay as Amy Kane
  2. Frances Tomelty as Sister Eileen
  3. Dermot Crowley as James Coyle
  4. Caoimhe Farren as Clemence Tooley
  5. Helen Roche as Peggy
  6. Anne Kent as Deirdre
  7. Fiona Bell as Aoife
  8. Ardal O’Hanlon as Dara
  9. Aisling O’Neill as Mrs. Moran
  10. Ruth Wilson as Lorna Brady
  11. Daryl McCormack as Detective Colman Akande
  12. Simon Delaney as Sergeant Aidan Massey
  13. Philippa Dunne as Niamh
  14. Mark Huberman as Michael Kearney
  15. Cillian Lenaghan as Conor Skelly
  16. Stephen Brennan as Father Percy Sheehan
  17. Liam Heslin as Luke Drennan
  18. Lynn Rafferty as Anna
  19. Chizzy Akudolu as Lola Akande
  20. Eimear Morrissey as Superintendent Louise Byrne
  21. Charles Abomeli as Tayo Akande

Key Points:

  • Plot: Lorna Brady discovers a corpse in her home, triggering a mysterious journey into her own subconscious.
  • Characters: Ruth Wilson plays Lorna Brady, joined by a cast including Daryl McCormack and Simon Delaney.
  • Genre: Psychological thriller with suspenseful and mysterious elements.
  • Parents Guide: Mild violence, no explicit language or sexual content, minimal drug/alcohol depiction. Intense psychological themes may be unsettling.
  • Cast: Notable actors include Hilda Fay, Frances Tomelty, Dermot Crowley, and Ardal O’Hanlon.