Some Other Woman 2024 Parents Guide

Some Other Woman 2024 is a riveting Mystery and thriller film directed by Joel David Moore, With an R rating for its intense storyline, the film boasts a stellar cast and a production team led by Joel David Moore, Doug Murray, Max Osswald, William G. Santor, and Daniel Taborga. Writers Yuri Baranovsky, Angela Gulner, and Josh Long contribute to the intricate plot, promising a compelling experience for viewers. Released on January 5, 2024.

Movie NameSome Other Woman
GenreMystery & Thriller
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorJoel David Moore
ProducersJoel David Moore, Doug Murray, Max Osswald, William G. Santor, Daniel Taborga
WritersYuri Baranovsky, Angela Gulner, Josh Long
Release Date (Theaters)Jan 5, 2024 (Limited)
Runtime1h 25m
DistributorFalling Forward Films
Production CompanyBalcony 9 Productions, Productivity Media

Some Other Woman Plot Summary

In the bustling cityscape of New York, we meet Sarah, a talented and ambitious architect, whose life takes an unexpected turn when her husband, David, a renowned environmental scientist, receives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a groundbreaking project on a remote tropical island. Eager for a new adventure, Sarah embraces the idea of a change in scenery and a break from the fast-paced city life.

Upon arriving at the seemingly idyllic island, Sarah is enchanted by the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant flora. The island, however, holds more than just natural beauty. As she explores her surroundings, Sarah encounters a mysterious and ethereal woman named Isabella. Dressed in flowing garments that seem to blend with the tropical breeze, Isabella exudes an otherworldly aura.

Isabella, with an enigmatic smile, reveals that she is a guardian of the island’s secrets, and Sarah has been chosen to uncover the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. Intrigued yet cautious, Sarah hesitantly agrees to follow Isabella on a surreal journey through the island’s hidden realms.

As Sarah delves deeper into this mystical world, the line between reality and illusion begins to blur. She discovers ancient ruins that hint at a forgotten civilization, encounters mythical creatures, and experiences time loops that challenge her perception of the passage of time. Isabella becomes both a guide and an enigma, leaving Sarah to question her own existence and the nature of the reality she once knew.

Meanwhile, David becomes engrossed in his scientific endeavors, unaware of the profound experiences unfolding in Sarah’s life. The island seems to react to the couple’s presence, revealing a connection between their fates and the island’s mystical energies.

The island’s secrets gradually unravel as Sarah uncovers a forgotten prophecy that intertwines her destiny with the ancient history of the land. She must navigate a series of surreal challenges, facing her deepest fears and unraveling the mysteries that bind her to the island.

As the climax approaches, Sarah must make a choice that will not only determine the fate of the island but also redefine her understanding of reality. The boundaries between the tangible and the fantastical dissolve, leading to a breathtaking and mind-bending resolution that challenges conventional notions of time, existence, and the power of the human spirit.

“Island of Illusions” is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey that explores the intersection of reality and fantasy, challenging the protagonist to confront her deepest fears and embrace the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Some Other Woman 2024 Parents Guide

Why is Some other woman rated R?

some other woman rated R by the MPAA due to strong fantasy violence, infrequent strong language, brief and moderate romantic scenes, and intense surreal sequences that may be unsettling for younger audiences.

Violence: Moderate fantasy violence, including intense and surreal confrontations between characters. Some scenes depict mythical creatures and challenges that may be frightening for younger audiences.

Language: Infrequent strong language.

Sexual Content: Brief and moderate romantic scenes. Some sensuality in the context of the protagonist’s journey.

Drug Use: None.

Frightening/Intense Scenes: The movie contains surreal and mind-bending sequences that may be intense for some viewers. Themes of existential exploration and facing fears may be unsettling for younger audiences.

Overall: “Island of Illusions” is rated R for its fantastical and surreal elements, moderate violence, and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised, and parents are encouraged to consider the individual sensitivities of their children before allowing them to watch the movie.

Cast of Some Other Woman film

  1. Ashley Greene as Renata
  2. Tom Felton as Amanda Crew
  3. Amanda Crew as Eve Carver
  4. Rick Fox as Salvador Ranza
  5. Brooke Lyons as Chelsea Ranza
  6. Samantha Kaine as Psychologist
  7. Caroline Raynaud as Caro
  8. Jim Wrigley as Bartender
  9. Jennie Cairns as Shopper
  10. Jeton Bennett as Teenager
  11. Matt Fox Seales as Mendo


Some Other Woman” (2024), directed by Joel David Moore, is a riveting Mystery and thriller. Architect Sarah’s life takes a turn when her husband, David, gets a project on a remote tropical island. The island reveals secrets through a mysterious woman, Isabella, leading Sarah on a surreal journey of ancient ruins, mythical creatures, and time loops, challenging her perception of reality.

Key Points:

  • Genre: Mystery & Thriller
  • Director: Joel David Moore
  • Release Date: January 5, 2024 (Limited)
  • Runtime: 1h 25m
  • Rating: R (Fantasy violence, strong language, romantic scenes, intense surreal sequences)
  • Cast: Ashley Greene, Tom Felton, Amanda Crew, Rick Fox, Brooke Lyons, Samantha Kaine, Caroline Raynaud, Jim Wrigley, Jennie Cairns, Jeton Bennett, Matt Fox Seales.
  • Parents Guide: Moderate fantasy violence, infrequent strong language, brief romantic scenes, intense surreal sequences. Viewer discretion is advised.