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Welcome to Samdal-ri 2023 Parents Guide

Welcome to Samdal-ri (Korean: 웰컴투 삼달리) is a currently airing South Korean TV series written by Kwon Hye-joo, directed by Cha Young-hoon, and featuring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The show debuted on JTBC on December 2, 2023, with episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST). Viewers in South Korea can stream it on TVING, while audiences in selected regions can catch it on Netflix.

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Movie NameWelcome to Samdalri
GenreComedy, Drama, and Romance
Rating 13+
DirectorCha Young Hoon
Released dateDecember 2, 2023,
CountrySouth Korea

Welcome to Samdal-ri Plot Summary

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Jeju Island, the narrative unfolds, weaving the intertwined lives of two childhood friends, Jo Yong-pil (Ji Chang-wook) and Jo Sam-dal (Shin Hye-sun). Their idyllic upbringing takes a tragic turn when Yong-pil loses his mother due to a mistaken weather report, a pivotal moment that shapes his destiny.

Haunted by this loss, Yong-pil is compelled to safeguard the elders of his hometown from the perils of unpredictable weather. Driven by a newfound purpose, he embarks on a journey to become a weather forecaster. However, his unwavering commitment to accuracy and refusal to tolerate misinformation earns him a reputation as a stubborn troublemaker.

Meanwhile, Sam-dal takes a different path, chasing her dreams in the bustling city of Seoul. Adopting the persona of Jo Eun-hye, she aspires to become a successful fashion photographer. Yet, life in the fast-paced world of fashion takes an unexpected turn, leading her dreams to crumble. In the face of adversity, she decides to return to her roots, seeking solace in the familiarity of her hometown.

As fate would have it, the two childhood friends, once inseparable, cross paths once again in Jeju. Despite the incident that drove them apart, their connection proves unbroken. The reunion sparks a journey of rediscovery as Yong-pil and Sam-dal navigate the complexities of their past and present.

The evolving narrative explores themes of resilience, friendship, and the enduring bonds that withstand the test of time. Yong-pil and Sam-dal’s affection for each other reignites, revealing a deep-seated connection that neither time nor distance could extinguish.

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Jeju, the characters confront personal challenges, finding solace and strength in each other. The story unfolds as they reconcile with the past, rekindle old flames, and discover the transformative power of enduring friendship and love.

In this heartwarming tale set against the natural beauty of Jeju Island, “Welcome to Samdal-ri” promises a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the rekindling of a friendship that defies the passage of time

Welcome to Samdal-ri 2023 Parents Guide

Violence: Minimal or None :

The depiction of violence in the series is minimal or absent. The storyline focuses on character relationships, personal growth, and the challenges of life, ensuring a safe viewing experience with little to no graphic or intense violent scenes.

Sex/Nudity: Mild or None:

The series maintains a mild or nonexistent approach to sexual content and nudity. Romantic elements are presented tastefully, making it suitable for a broad audience, including teenagers. The focus is more on emotional connections and character development rather than explicit or mature scenes.

Language: Mild or Moderate:

The language used in Welcome to Samdal-ri is generally mild, with occasional moderate instances. While characters may express themselves realistically, the use of strong or offensive language is limited. The series aims for a balanced portrayal of communication without resorting to excessive or inappropriate language.

Drug/Alcohol: Mild or None:

The portrayal of drug and alcohol use is mild or non-existent in the series. The storyline emphasizes other aspects of character development and plot progression, ensuring a family-friendly environment with little or no explicit scenes related to substance use.

Frightening Scenes: Minimal or None:

Viewers can anticipate minimal or no frightening scenes in Welcome to Samdal-ri. The series prioritizes a heartwarming narrative, steering clear of intense or frightening elements. It aims to provide a positive and enjoyable viewing experience without inducing fear or discomfort.

Cast of Welcome to Samdal-ri series movie

  1. Ji Chang-Wook as Cho Yong Pil
  2. Kim Mi-Kyung as Three Sisters’ Mom
  3. Shin Dong-mi as Jo Jin-dal
  4. Seung-Hoon Choi as Young Jo Yong-pil
  5. Bae Myung-Jin as Cha Eun-woo
  6. Shin Hye-sun as Cho Eun Hye
  7. Kang Mi-na as Jo Hae-dal
  8. Song Min-Jae as Young Jo Yong-pil
  9. Min-Joon Kim as Young Cha Eun-woo


Welcome to Samdal-ri is a South Korean TV series that follows the lives of childhood friends Jo Yong-pil and Jo Sam-dal. Set on Jeju Island, Yong-pil becomes a weather forecaster after a tragic incident involving his mother. Sam-dal pursues a career in fashion but faces setbacks, leading her back to her hometown. The two friends reunite in Jeju, rekindling their deep connection. The series explores themes of resilience, friendship, and enduring love against the picturesque backdrop of Jeju Island.

Key Points:

  1. Setting: Jeju Island
  2. Protagonists: Jo Yong-pil (Ji Chang-wook) and Jo Sam-dal (Shin Hye-sun)
  3. Plot: Childhood friends’ lives diverge, leading to individual journeys and a reunion in Jeju.
  4. Themes: Resilience, friendship, enduring love, self-discovery.
  5. Content: Minimal violence, mild or no sex/nudity, mild language, mild or no drug/alcohol use, minimal or no frightening scenes.
  6. Cast: Ji Chang-Wook, Shin Hye-sun, Kim Mi-Kyung, Shin Dong-mi, and others.