Delicious in Dungeon 2024 Parents Guide

Delicious in Dungeon 2024 is a Japanese fantasy comedy manga created by Ryōko Kui. Serialized in Enterbrain’s Harta magazine from February 2014 to September 2023, the series has been licensed by Yen Press for North America. An anime adaptation by Trigger is scheduled to debut on January 4, 2024.Top of Form

Anime NameDelicious in Dungeon
Directed byRyōko Kui
AiredJan 4, 2024, to Jun 2024
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
GenreAdventure, Animation, Comedy
Aspect Ratio1.78 : 1
Country of OriginJapan

Delicious in Dungeon Movie Plot Summary

In a fantastical realm dedicated to the perilous pursuit of dungeon exploration, guilds embark on daring expeditions to plunder hidden depths. The coveted prize that fuels their adventurous spirit is none other than the enigmatic Golden Kingdom, rumored to be the treasure concealed within a fabled island dungeon. The narrative unfolds with a valiant group of six adventurers, determined to slay a formidable dragon. Despite their best efforts, the mission takes a tragic turn, resulting in the loss of their leader Laios’s sister, Falin—an adept spellcaster who valiantly sacrificed herself to save the team.

Devastated by the failure and mourning the sacrifice of Falin, the group finds itself dwindling in numbers as two members depart to join another band of adventurers. Left with only the resilient trio of Laios, a towering swordsman; Chilchuck, a halfling locksmith; and Marcille, an elven spellcaster, the team contemplates their next move. Driven by a sense of obligation to their fallen comrade, who used magical arts to teleport them to safety, they hatch a desperate plan to return to the dragon-infested dungeon level in a race against time to rescue Falin from the clutches of digestion.

Adrift in the realm of decision-making reminiscent of classic Dungeons & Dragons, the adventurers grapple with considerations of weaponry, defense, recruitment fees for potential allies, and sustenance. Stranded without the majority of their supplies, the seemingly insurmountable task takes an unexpected turn when Laios proposes a novel solution—feeding themselves by foraging for food within the dungeon. Unveiling his secret desire to feast on dungeon monsters, Laios presents Chilchuck and Marcille with a peculiar cookbook, advocating for the consumption of monsters as a means of survival.

Reluctantly agreeing to the unconventional plan, the trio ventures back into the dungeon’s depths. The initial floor unfolds as a bustling marketplace filled with fellow adventurers, setting the stage for a fateful encounter with Senshi, a dwarf boasting a decade of experience in subsisting within the dungeon by crafting meals from monsters and scavenging for food.

The narrative follows the team’s odyssey through the dungeon, chronicling the diverse environments, perilous traps, and monstrous adversaries they confront. Amidst the challenges, a quirky and recurring theme emerges—the culinary exploits of the team. Creating meals from dungeon denizens becomes a running gag, with each dish introducing its own set of pros and cons. The characters’ reactions to these peculiar meals add a touch of humor, creating a unique blend of adventure, fantasy, and culinary capers in their quest to rescue Falin and uncover the mysteries of the Golden Kingdom.

Delicious in Dungeon 2024 Parents Guide

  • Violence: Moderate fantasy violence, including battles with dungeon monsters and a dragon. No graphic or explicit scenes, but there are some intense moments.
  • Language: Mild language; occasional fantasy-themed swearing.
  • Humor: Light-hearted humor, particularly related to the characters’ unconventional culinary adventures. No offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Fantasy Elements: Magic use, fantasy creatures, and a dragon are central to the plot. No horror elements, but some scenes may be intense for younger audiences.
  • Positive Messages: Themes of loyalty, friendship, and overcoming challenges. No explicit moral or ethical concerns.
  • Sexual Content: None. The focus is on adventure and fantasy elements rather than romantic or sexual content.
  • Drug/Alcohol Use: No depictions of drug or alcohol use.

Overall: Suitable for a family audience with children above 10. Parental discretion is advised for younger viewers due to some intense moments and themes of loss.

Delicious in Dungeon Cast:

  1. Kentarô Kumagai as Laios
  2. Sayaka Senbongi as Marcille
  3. Asuna Tomari as Chilchuck
  4. Hiroshi Naka as Senshi
  5. Saori Hayami as Falin
  6. Akira Miki as Namari
  7. Shinji Kawada as Shuro
  8. Rie Takahashi as Rinsha
  9. Miyu Tomita as Mickbell
  10. Wataru Kato as Kabru
  11. Yuya Hirose as Holm
  12. Tôru Nara as Kuro


Delicious in Dungeon 2024 is a Japanese fantasy comedy manga turned anime. Serialized from 2014 to 2023 and licensed by Yen Press, an anime adaptation by Trigger premiered on January 4, 2024. The story follows a group of adventurers aiming to rescue a fallen comrade from a dragon-infested dungeon. After a tragic loss, they devise a unique plan to survive by consuming dungeon monsters, blending adventure, fantasy, and culinary capers.

Key Points:

  1. Premise: The series revolves around adventurers seeking the Golden Kingdom in a dangerous dungeon, with the anime adaptation set to debut in 2024.
  2. Plot: The adventurers face challenges, traps, and monsters, with a unique twist – they survive by cooking and eating dungeon creatures.
  3. Characters: The main trio consists of Laios, Chilchuck, and Marcille, who embark on a culinary odyssey within the dungeon.
  4. Parents Guide: The anime contains moderate fantasy violence, mild language, light-hearted humor, and fantasy elements. It is suitable for ages 10 and above, with parental discretion advised for younger viewers.
  5. Cast: Notable cast members include Kentarô Kumagai, Sayaka Senbongi, and Saori Hayami, voicing key characters in the series