Bitconned 2024 Parents Guide

Bitconned 2024 is a documentary directed by Bryan Storkel, released in the United States on January 1, 2024. The film is currently not rated but is recommended for a PG-13 audience. It falls under the genre of a documentary, presented in color with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The primary language is English, and it originates from the United States. “Bitconned” is distributed by Netflix.

Movie NameBitconned
Directed byBryan Storkel
Age RatingNot Rated Yet (Recommended PG-13)
Release DateJanuary 1, 2024 (United States)
Aspect Ratio2.35 : 1
Country of OriginUnited States

Bitconned  Movie Plot Summary:

Act 1 – The Genesis of Greed:

Our story begins with the introduction of Alex, Ryan, and Emma, three charismatic individuals drawn together by their insatiable desire for wealth. United by their cunning minds and a shared vision, they embark on a journey into the uncharted waters of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. As they exploit the lack of regulations and oversight, their scam gains momentum, and the trio revels in their newfound affluence.

Act 2 – The Web of Deceit:

As the trio’s fraudulent scheme continues to thrive, unsuspecting investors from around the world pour their savings into what seems like a revolutionary investment opportunity. The documentary delves into the intricate web of deception spun by Alex, Ryan, and Emma, showcasing the manipulative tactics they employ to maintain the illusion of legitimacy. Alongside interviews with victims, industry experts, and law enforcement officials, the audience witnesses the rising tension as the net begins to tighten around the perpetrators.

Act 3 – Lavish Lifestyles and the Unraveling Scheme:

Against a backdrop of extravagant parties, luxury yachts, and opulent mansions, the documentary explores the extravagant lifestyles that the trio adopts with their ill-gotten gains. However, cracks begin to appear in their facade as the law enforcement agencies and a relentless investigative journalist start piecing together the puzzle. Interviews with the scammers’ inner circle shed light on the moral dilemmas faced by those who became unwitting accomplices in their quest for wealth.

Act 4 – The Hunt for Justice:

As the scam unravels, law enforcement agencies from multiple countries collaborate to bring the perpetrators to justice. The documentary follows the tireless efforts of investigators, their pursuit of evidence, and the challenges faced in an international legal landscape. Simultaneously, victims share their harrowing stories, highlighting the human toll of the trio’s deceitful actions.

Act 5 – The Confrontation and Fallout:

The climax builds as the authorities close in on Alex, Ryan, and Emma, leading to their arrest and the seizure of their assets. The documentary captures the courtroom drama, providing a platform for victims to confront the masterminds of the scam. As the legal proceedings unfold, the fallout extends beyond the courtroom, exploring the long-lasting impact on the lives of both the scammers and their victims.

Epilogue – Lessons Learned:

In the aftermath of the CryptoHeist, the documentary reflects on the lessons learned from this high-stakes saga. Interviews with cryptocurrency experts, regulatory authorities, and ethical hackers contribute to a broader discussion on the vulnerabilities of emerging financial markets and the importance of vigilance in the face of technological advancements.

Bitconned 2024 Parents Guide

Violence: Minimal. Some scenes depict the consequences of the scam, including legal confrontations and emotional testimonies, but there is no graphic violence.

Language: Moderate. Occasional strong language was used during interviews and courtroom scenes.

Sexual Content: Minimal. Brief glimpses into the lavish lifestyles of the scammers, with some scenes featuring upscale parties.

Drug and Alcohol Use: Moderate. Depictions of characters celebrating with alcohol in social settings.

Scary or Intense Scenes: Yes. Some intense moments during the investigation and legal proceedings may be unsettling for sensitive viewers.

Themes: Betrayal, Greed, Justice, Consequences of Deception.

Overall Message: A cautionary tale illustrating the real-world consequences of financial deception, emphasizing the importance of trust and ethical behavior.

Parental Recommendation: Suitable for mature teenagers and above due to thematic elements and moderate language. Parents are encouraged to discuss the movie’s themes of financial ethics and consequences with their teens.


Bitconned 2024 is a documentary directed by Bryan Storkel, and released on January 1, 2024. It explores the rise and fall of a cryptocurrency scam orchestrated by three individuals—Alex, Ryan, and Emma. The film unfolds in five acts:

  1. The Genesis of Greed: The trio exploits the unregulated cryptocurrency market, amassing wealth and reveling in their success.
  2. The Web of Deceit: Deceptive tactics draw in global investors, and the documentary exposes the manipulative strategies employed by the scammers.
  3. Lavish Lifestyles and the Unraveling Scheme: The trio indulges in opulence, but cracks emerge as law enforcement and investigative journalists close in.
  4. The Hunt for Justice: International law enforcement collaborates to bring the scammers to justice, highlighting the human toll of the deception.
  5. The Confrontation and Fallout: Authorities arrest the trio, leading to a courtroom drama, asset seizure, and a reflection on the lasting impact on both scammers and victims.

Key Points:

  • Explores a cryptocurrency scam’s genesis, growth, and eventual downfall.
  • Reveals manipulative tactics and the impact on unsuspecting global investors.
  • Explores the scammers’ extravagant lifestyles and the unraveling of their scheme.
  • Follows the international pursuit of justice and its impact on victims.
  • Culminates in a dramatic courtroom confrontation, asset seizure, and fallout.
  • Provides an epilogue reflecting on lessons learned and the vulnerabilities of emerging financial markets.