Burning Body 2023 Netflix Parents Guide

Burning Body is a 2023 Spanish crime miniseries featuring a stellar cast, including Úrsula Corberó, Quim Gutiérrez, and José Manuel Poga. Directed by Jorge Torregrossa and Laura Mañá, with writing by Laura Sarmiento, the show unfolds in a pulsating Spanish city, blending a visually arresting style with an evocative musical score.

The plot centers on a crime that sets off a chain of interconnected stories, revealing hidden connections and buried secrets. The characters, portrayed by the talented cast, navigate a world of betrayal and redemption against the backdrop of a crime-ridden metropolis.

With its gripping narrative, visually captivating style, and themes of morality, Burning Body promises to be a standout entry into the realm of Spanish crime dramas.

Movie NameBurning Body
Also known asEl cuerpo en llamas
DirectorJorge Torregrossa and Laura Mañá,
GenreBiography Crime Drama
RatingNot Yet
Release Date8 September 2023


: In the smoldering aftermath of a mysterious car fire, the charred remains of Officer Pedro unveil a web of toxic relationships, deceit, and scandal within a tight-knit police force. As investigators dive deeper into the ashes, they unravel a tale of corruption, forbidden desires, and the brutal consequences of betrayal.

Plot Summary:

Act 1 – Ignition:

The story begins with the shocking discovery of Officer Pedro’s charred remains in a burnt-out car. Detective Maria Sanchez, known for her sharp instincts, is assigned to lead the investigation. As she delves into Pedro’s life, she uncovers seemingly perfect relationships with fellow officers, Alex and Sofia.

Act 2 – Unraveling Ties:

Maria discovers a hidden world of secrets within the police force. Pedro, Alex, and Sofia are not the virtuous officers they appear to be. The trio is entangled in a complex web of deceit, betrayal, and power struggles. As the investigation progresses, Maria finds herself entangled in their toxic relationships, putting her own life at risk.

Act 3 – Forbidden Desires:

The plot thickens as Maria uncovers a forbidden affair between Pedro and Sofia, despite Sofia being married to Alex. The love triangle becomes a focal point, revealing the emotional turmoil that led to the car fire. Maria grapples with her own emotions as she navigates the treacherous waters of loyalty, love, and duty.

Act 4 – The Depths of Corruption:

 Maria’s investigation exposes a larger network of corruption within the police force. The trio’s illicit activities extend beyond their personal lives, involving high-stakes criminal connections and a web of cover-ups. The lines between right and wrong blur as Maria faces increasing pressure to abandon the case.

Act 5 – Reckoning:

As Maria closes in on the truth, she becomes the target of those desperate to protect their secrets. Betrayals intensify, leading to a climactic confrontation that unveils the darkest corners of the police force. Maria must confront her demons and choose between justice and self-preservation.

Act 6 – Redemption:

In the aftermath of the explosive revelations, the police force transforms. Maria, scarred but resilient, emerges as a symbol of change. The toxic relationships are severed, and the corrupt elements are purged. The city begins to heal as Maria strives to rebuild trust in the institution she once believed in.

Burning Body 2023 Netflix Parents Guide

Parental Guides

Violence: The series involves intense scenes related to crime investigations, including the aftermath of a car fire. Expect depictions of violence, confrontations, and high-stakes situations. Viewer discretion is advised for intense and graphic content.

Sex/Nudity: The plot includes themes of forbidden desires and a love triangle. While sexual content is not explicit, there are mature themes and scenes involving romantic relationships. Recommended for mature audiences.

Profanity: The series may contain strong language, reflecting the intensity of the crime and corruption themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Drug/Alcohol Use: The storyline involves a network of corruption within the police force, and characters may be depicted using or dealing with substances. Viewer discretion is advised for mature themes.

Themes: “Burning Body” explores themes of betrayal, corruption, and redemption within a crime-ridden metropolis. The storyline is complex, delving into the consequences of forbidden desires and the fragility of loyalty.

Overall Recommendation: Due to its intense and mature themes, “Burning Body” is recommended for adult audiences. Viewer discretion is advised for those sensitive to violence, mature content, and complex emotional themes.

Here is the list of the cast for the miniseries:

  1. Sergi Cervera as Néstor
  2. Bruno Sevilla as Álvaro
  3. Aina Clotet as Silvia
  4. Aleida Torrent as Vanesa
  5. Pep Ambròs as Eduard
  6. Anaïs Valley as Patricia
  7. Alfons Nieto as Juanjo
  8. Úrsula Corberó as Rosa
  9. Eva Llorach as Ester
  10. Quim Gutiérrez as Albert
  11. Raúl Prieto as Manu
  12. Isak Férriz as Javi
  13. José Manuel Poga as Pedro
  14. Guiomar Caiado as Sofía


In the aftermath of Officer Pedro’s mysterious car fire, Detective Maria Sanchez leads an investigation that unravels a web of corruption, forbidden desires, and betrayal within a close-knit police force. The plot unfolds through interconnected stories, exposing a complex love triangle and a broader network of criminal connections.

Key Points:

  1. Officer Pedro’s charred remains spark an investigation.
  2. Maria discovers a hidden world of deceit within the police force.
  3. A forbidden love triangle emerges Pedro, Alex, and Sofia.
  4. Corruption extends beyond personal lives to criminal connections.
  5. Maria becomes a target as betrayals intensify.
  6. Explosive revelations led to a transformation of the police force.
  7. The series explores themes of betrayal, corruption, and redemption.
  8. Viewer discretion is advised for intense violence, mature content, and complex emotional themes.
  9. The stellar cast includes Úrsula Corberó, Quim Gutiérrez, and José Manuel Poga.