The Velveteen Rabbit 2023 Parents Guide

The Velveteen Rabbit 2023 is a 44-minute film available on Apple TV+, directed by Jennifer Perrott. This Kids and family drama, based on Margery Williams’ classic, explores themes of love and imagination. Join 7-year-old William and his velveteen rabbit, Buttons, on a magical journey through the Garden of Imagination.

Streaming starts November 22, 2023. Not yet rated. A heartwarming tale of friendship and enchantment, perfect for family viewing.

The Velveteen Rabbit Movie Review

Movie NameThe Velveteen Rabbit
GenreKids & Family, Drama, Animation, Fantasy
RatingNot Yet
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorJennifer Perrott
ProducerMartin Pope
WriterTom Bidwell, Margery Williams
Release Date (Streaming)Nov 22, 2023
Runtime44 minutes
DistributorApple TV+

The Velveteen Rabbit summary

Once upon a snowy Christmas morning in the charming town of Everwood, a curious and imaginative 7-year-old boy named William eagerly unwrapped his gifts. Amidst the glittering paper and colorful ribbons, he discovered a velveteen rabbit, soft and cuddly, with shiny black eyes that seemed to hold a hint of magic. Little did he know that this simple toy would become the key to a world of enchantment.

William, a boy with a heart full of innocence and wonder, named his newfound friend “Buttons.” From the moment their eyes met, a deep connection sparked, and a bond of friendship blossomed. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, William and Buttons shared countless adventures, both real and imagined.

However, as with all tales of magic, there was a challenge to overcome. A wise and whimsical fairy, who observed the love between William and Buttons, decided to grant the velveteen rabbit a special gift — the gift of becoming real. But this enchantment came with a condition. Buttons had to prove his worthiness by braving the trials of the magical Garden of Imagination.

Thus, William and Buttons embarked on a quest through a secret door in the back of the wardrobe, which transported them to the Garden of Imagination. This fantastical realm was filled with talking flowers, wise old trees, and playful creatures made of dreams. Together, they encountered challenges that tested the strength of their friendship and the authenticity of their love.

As they journeyed deeper into the garden, they faced the Mirror of Reflection, a mystical pool that revealed one’s truest self. William learned valuable lessons about courage and kindness, while Buttons discovered the profound power of being loved. Along the way, they encountered the Wandering Shadows, mischievous beings that sought to cast doubt and fear into their hearts.

In their quest, William and Buttons also encountered the Sage of Whispers, an ancient owl who shared wisdom about the magic woven into the fabric of love. The sage guided them through the Labyrinth of Doubt, where they had to navigate twists and turns, relying on their unwavering trust in each other.

Through these trials, the bond between William and Buttons grew stronger, and the velveteen rabbit began to change. His fur became even softer, and a warm light radiated from his heart. The enchantment was taking hold.

Finally, after overcoming the challenges of the Garden of Imagination, they reached the Heartstone, a radiant crystal that held the power to make dreams come true. With a heartfelt embrace and a declaration of love, William and Buttons activated the magic of the Heartstone.

In a burst of sparkling light, Buttons transformed into a real, living rabbit. The Garden of Imagination celebrated with a symphony of colors and melodies, and the fairy appeared, showering them with fairy dust as a final blessing. William and Buttons returned home, forever changed by their magical journey.

As the years passed, William and Buttons continued to share their lives, their adventures, and their love. Buttons, now a real rabbit, remained by William’s side, a testament to the enduring magic of unconditional love.

And so, in the heart of Everwood, the story of William and Buttons became a legend, passed down from generation to generation, reminding everyone of the extraordinary power of love to make the ordinary truly extraordinary.

The Velveteen Rabbit 2023 Parents Guide

Parental Guide:

  • Violence & Gore: The film maintains a family-friendly atmosphere, devoid of explicit violence or gore, making it suitable for young audiences.
  • Profanity: The dialogue remains wholesome and appropriate for all ages, ensuring a positive viewing experience for families.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: There are no instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking, contributing to the film’s family-friendly nature.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes: While the Garden of Imagination presents challenges, the film navigates these moments with a gentle touch, making it suitable for children.

Key Points:

  1. Introduction: William receives a velveteen rabbit named Buttons on Christmas morning in the town of Everwood.
  2. Friendship and Adventures: William and Buttons share real and imagined adventures, forming a deep bond.
  3. Enchantment: A fairy grants Buttons the gift of becoming real but with a condition – facing trials in the Garden of Imagination.
  4. Garden of Imagination: William and Buttons navigate challenges, including the Mirror of Reflection and the Labyrinth of Doubt.
  5. Transformation: Overcoming obstacles, Buttons transforms into a real rabbit using the magic of the Heartstone.
  6. Return Home: William and Buttons return home, their lives forever changed by their magical journey.
  7. Enduring Love: As years pass, William and Buttons continue to share their lives, showcasing the enduring magic of unconditional love.

Content Considerations:

  • Family-Friendly: Devoid of explicit violence, profanity, or inappropriate themes.
  • Positive Themes: Focuses on courage, kindness, and the power of love.
  • No Substance Use: No instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking.
  • Gentle Approach: Navigates challenging moments with a gentle touch, suitable for children.