The Boys in the Boat Parents Guide

The Boys in the Boat, an upcoming American sports drama film, is set to hit theaters on December 25, 2023. Directed by George Clooney and co-produced by Amazon MGM Studios, the movie is based on Daniel James Brown’s 2013 book of the same name. Callum Turner and Joel Edgerton take the lead roles in this biographical tale. Don’t miss the release date and get ready for an inspiring cinematic experience.

The Boys in the Boat 2023 Review

Movie NameThe Boys in the Boat
RatingPG-13 (Language and Smoking)
GenreHistory, Drama, Biography, Sports
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorGeorge Clooney
ProducersGeorge Clooney, Grant Heslov, Donna Gigliotti
WritersMark L. Smith, Jon Hartmere, Chris Weitz
Release DateDec 25, 2023 (Wide)

The Boys in the Boat Plot Summary

“The Boys in the Boat” unfolds as a gripping sports drama, drawing inspiration from the #1 New York Times bestselling non-fiction novel penned by Daniel James Brown. Under the skilled direction of George Clooney, the film delves into the extraordinary journey of the 1936 University of Washington rowing team, a tale of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of Olympic gold.

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of the Great Depression, the narrative introduces us to a group of underdogs whose lives intertwine with the sport of rowing. In this era of economic hardship, the sport becomes more than a pastime; it becomes a lifeline for these young men seeking purpose and identity.

George Clooney masterfully brings to life the challenges faced by the rowing team as they strive for greatness. The film’s core narrative revolves around their quest to compete at the highest level—the Summer Olympics in Berlin, in 1936. This grand stage sets the scene for an epic showdown as the University of Washington rowers find themselves pitted against elite competitors from across the globe.

The underdog status of the Washington team adds a poignant layer to the story. As they navigate grueling training regimens, personal struggles, and the weight of economic hardship, the audience becomes deeply invested in their collective journey. The camaraderie that develops among these young men becomes a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to endure and triumph in the face of adversity.

Clooney’s direction skillfully captures the nuances of each character, from the determined protagonist to the supporting cast, played by a talented ensemble. The film not only portrays the physical demands of rowing but also explores the emotional and psychological aspects of competing on such a prestigious stage.

The historical context of the 1936 Berlin Olympics adds depth to the narrative, incorporating elements of political tension and the looming shadow of World War II. The rowing team’s journey becomes a symbol of hope, a beacon of inspiration for a nation grappling with uncertainty.

As the film unfolds, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions—triumphs, setbacks, and the sheer resilience of the human spirit. “The Boys in the Boat” is more than a sports drama; it is a celebration of the indomitable will to succeed against all odds, a tale that resonates with universal themes of perseverance and the pursuit of excellence.

In the end, the film leaves a lasting impression, not just for its spectacular rowing sequences or the historical backdrop, but for its portrayal of the human connection forged through shared dreams and the pursuit of a common goal. “The Boys in the Boat” stands as a testament to the enduring power of teamwork, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, even in the face of the greatest challenges.

Why is The Boys in the Boat rated PG-13?

The Boys in the Boat is rated PG-13 due to language and smoking, according to the MPA.


The movie is rated PG-13 for language. This suggests that there may be some strong language used throughout the film. Parents should be aware that there might be instances of profanity.


The PG-13 rating also includes smoking. This indicates that there may be scenes depicting characters smoking or the presence of tobacco use in the movie.

Theme and Content:

The movie is a sports drama set against the backdrop of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It explores themes of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of Olympic gold. The film is based on a true story and incorporates historical elements, including the challenges faced during the Great Depression and the political tension of the time.

Intensity and Emotion:

The film is described as a rollercoaster of emotions, with triumphs, setbacks, and a focus on the indomitable will to succeed against all odds. While it is a sports drama, it also delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of competition on a prestigious stage.

Historical Context:

The movie incorporates historical events, particularly the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and touches on elements of political tension and the looming shadow of World War II. This historical context may add depth to the narrative.

Cast of the Boys in the Boat Film

Here is the cast list for “The Boys in the Boat“:

  • Callum Turner as Joe Rantz
  • Joel Edgerton as Al Ulbrickson
  • Jack Mulhern
  • Sam Strike
  • Alec Newman
  • Peter Guinness
  • Luke Slattery
  • Thomas Elms
  • Tom Varey
  • Bruce Herbelin-Earle
  • Wil Coban
  • Hadley Robinson
  • Courtney Henggeler as Hazel Ulbrickson
  • James Wolk as Thomas Bolles
  • Chris Diamantopoulos

Key Points:

  1. Rating: PG-13 (Language and Smoking)
  2. Genre: History, Drama, Biography, Sports
  3. Director: George Clooney
  4. Release Date: December 25, 2023
  5. Plot: Chronicles the determined rowing team’s quest for Olympic gold in the face of adversity.
  6. Historical Context: Set against the Great Depression and the 1936 Berlin Olympics, addressing political tension.
  7. Cast: Features Callum Turner, Joel Edgerton, and a talented ensemble.
  8. Themes: Resilience, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.
  9. Emotional Impact: Rollercoaster of triumphs and setbacks.
  10. Parental Advisory: PG-13 for language and smoking.