Napoleon Dynamite Parents Guide 2023

“Napoleon Dynamite,” a 2004 American independent teen comedy film, marks Jared Hess’s directorial debut. Produced by Jeremy Coon, Chris Wyatt, and Sean Covel, the movie stars Jon Heder as the titular character, a nerdy high-school student navigating through dilemmas such as befriending an immigrant aspiring to be class president, pursuing an awkward romance, and embracing life with his quirky family.

Hess’s first full-length feature, inspired in part by his earlier short film, “Peluca” (2002), was acquired by Fox Searchlight Pictures at the Sundance Film Festival. Collaborating with Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, the film was shot at Preston High School and various locations in Franklin County, Idaho, during the summer of 2003. Premiering at Sundance in January 2004, it gained attention for its unique humor.

Loosely based on Jared Hess’s life, the film resonated with audiences worldwide, grossing $46.1 million. Its success led to a cult following, and it secured the 14th spot on Bravo’s list of the 100 funniest movies. A snapshot into the quirky life of Napoleon Dynamite, this comedy remains a timeless favorite.

Napoleon Dynamite Movie Review

RatingPG (Thematic Elements, Language)
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorJared Hess
ProducersJeremy Coon, Chris Wyatt, Sean Covel
WritersJared Hess, Jerusha Hess
Release Date (Theaters)Jan 17, 2004 (Original)
Release Date (Streaming)Oct 14, 2014
Box Office (Gross USA)$44.5M
Runtime1h 26m
Production CompanyAccess Films, Napoleon Pictures Limited
Sound MixSurround
Aspect RatioFlat (1.85:1)

Napoleon Dynamite Plot Summary

Meet Napoleon Dynamite, a quirky and socially awkward 16-year-old navigating the challenges of high school in Preston, Idaho. Living with his grandmother, Carlinda, and eccentric older brother, Kip, Napoleon daydreams his way through school while contending with relentless bullies.

When a quad-bike accident leaves Carlinda injured, she entrusts the care of her boys to their peculiar Uncle Rico. Rico, a middle-aged former high-school athlete with dreams of NFL stardom, seizes the opportunity to team up with Kip for a get-rich-quick scheme involving door-to-door sales. Kip, motivated by his online romance with LaFawnduh, and Rico, grappling with failed dreams and a recent breakup, embarks on a quest for fortune.

Amidst this chaos, Napoleon forges unexpected friendships with Deb, a shy entrepreneur raising money for college, and Pedro, a calm and bold transfer student from Mexico. As the high school dance approaches, Pedro faces rejection from the popular and snobby Summer Wheatley. Undeterred, he teams up with Deb, while Napoleon, in a surprising turn, lands a date with the help of a hilariously bad drawing.

As Pedro decides to run for class president against Summer, the school becomes a battleground for flyers and trinkets. In an attempt to boost their popularity, Napoleon and Pedro enter a Future Farmers of America competition, showcasing their unique skills in grading milk and cow udders. Meanwhile, Napoleon stumbles upon a quirky dance videotape, setting the stage for unexpected dance floor prowess.

Kip’s girlfriend, LaFawnduh, arrives from Detroit and gives him a hip-hop makeover, introducing Napoleon to the world of dance through a mixtape. Amidst Uncle Rico‘s questionable sales tactics, including an embarrassing encounter with the town’s martial arts instructor, Rex, Napoleon‘s patience wears thin.

Election day arrives, with Summer delivering a polished speech and a dance skit. However, Pedro faces a challenge when he learns he must also perform. In a surprising twist, Napoleon steps up to the plate, showcasing his hidden talent with a spontaneous dance routine to “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai. The crowd erupts in applause, securing Pedro‘s victory and leaving Summer in shock.

With the election over, Kip and LaFawnduh set off for Michigan, Rico reunites with his estranged girlfriend, and Grandma returns from the hospital. In a heartwarming resolution, Napoleon and Deb reconcile, playing tetherball as a symbol of newfound friendship.

In a delightful post-credits scene, Kip and LaFawnduh tie the knot, with Napoleon making a memorable entrance on a horse.

The narrative weaves around Napoleon’s escapades as he befriends an ambitious immigrant vying for the position of class president. Simultaneously, he awkwardly ventures into the realm of teenage romance, pursuing a relationship with a fellow student. All of this unfolds within the backdrop of his eccentric family life, adding an extra layer of humor and charm to the storyline.

Napoleon Dynamite Parents Guide

Why is Napoleon Dynamite Rated PG?

The MPAA assigned a PG rating to Napoleon Dynamite, pointing to thematic elements and language as the contributing factors.

Sex & Nudity:

The movie contains mild sexual innuendo, kissing, and embracing. Napoleon’s uncle is involved in selling breast enhancement supplements door-to-door, leading to discussions about breasts and breast size. The level of explicit content appears to be relatively mild.

Violence & Gore:

The violence in the film seems to be more on the comedic and exaggerated side. There are scenes of slapstick pratfalls, including bike injuries to the groin. The bullying by school tough guys is also mentioned as exaggerated. There is a scene where a farmer is on the verge of shooting a cow in the head with a rifle at point-blank range, but the violence is not shown, only implied by the reactions of the kids on a school bus.


The language in the movie is described as never being obscene. Instead, characters use insults such as “idiot,” “sicko,” and “retarded.” Additionally, there is disguised swearing with words like “frickin’,” “flippin’,” and “crap.”

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: The information provided doesn’t specifically mention instances of alcohol, drugs, or smoking in the movie. Therefore, it’s unclear if these elements are present or to what extent.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The information doesn’t highlight explicitly frightening or intense scenes. However, the mention of exaggerated bullying and the scene with a farmer preparing to shoot a cow might be perceived as intense by some viewers. It’s essential for parents to gauge the sensitivity of their children to such content.

Napoleon dynamite cast:

Here is a list of the main cast of “Napoleon Dynamite”:

  1. Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite
  2. Efren Ramirez as Pedro Sánchez
  3. Tina Majorino as Deborah “Deb” Bradshaw
  4. Aaron Ruell as Kipland Ronald “Kip” Dynamite
  5. Jon Gries as Rico Dynamite
  6. Haylie Duff as Summer Wheatley
  7. Emily Kennard as Trisha Stevens
  8. Shondrella Avery as LaFawnduh Lucas
  9. Sandy Martin as Grandma Carlinda Dynamite
  10. Diedrich Bader as Rex
  11. Carmen Brady as Starla
  12. Trevor Snarr as Don
  13. Ellen Dubin as Aunt Ilene

Napoleon Dynamite Dance:

One of the memorable scenes in “Napoleon Dynamite” is when Napoleon performs a unique dance routine during the high school talent show. Set to the song “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, Napoleon’s dance became an iconic and humorous moment in the film.

Napoleon Dynamite Taylor Swift:

There is no direct connection between “Napoleon Dynamite” and Taylor Swift. It’s possible that you might be referring to fan-made content or memes that blend scenes from the movie with Taylor Swift’s music.

Napoleon Dynamite Lines:

The film is known for its quirky and memorable lines. Some iconic quotes include:

  1. “Gosh!”
  2. “Vote for Pedro.”
  3. “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!”
  4. “Ligers are pretty much my favorite animal.”
  5. “Idiot!”

Napoleon Dynamite Outfit:

Napoleon’s outfit is distinctive and adds to his unique character. It typically includes high-waisted, tight-fitting, light-colored jeans, a graphic “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, glasses with black frames, and a curly red wig. The outfit has become an iconic representation of the character.

Napoleon Dynamite Gif:

 GIFs from “Napoleon Dynamite” are widely used on the internet to express various emotions. Common GIFs feature Napoleon’s dance, facial expressions, or moments like him saying “Gosh!” These GIFs have become popular in online conversations and social media.


“Napoleon Dynamite” is a 2004 teen comedy directed by Jared Hess. The film follows the quirky life of Napoleon Dynamite, a socially awkward high schooler in Idaho. As he navigates challenges like bullies and family dynamics, Napoleon befriends Pedro, an immigrant aspiring to be class president, and Deb, a shy entrepreneur. The plot unfolds with humorous misadventures, culminating in unexpected triumphs, including Napoleon’s memorable dance routine that helps Pedro win the class presidency.

Key Points:

  1. Protagonist: Napoleon Dynamite, a socially awkward high schooler in Idaho.
  2. Plot Elements: Napoleon befriends Pedro, an immigrant classmate, and Deb, a shy entrepreneur.
  3. Challenges: Deals with bullies, and family dynamics, and embraces the eccentricities of his life.
  4. Triumphs: Napoleon’s unexpected dance routine helps Pedro win the class presidency.
  5. Humor: Unique and offbeat humor throughout the film.
  6. Cultural Impact: Became a cult favorite with a global following.
  7. PG Rating: Assigned for thematic elements and language.
  8. Box Office Success: Grossed $46.1 million worldwide.
  9. Legacy: Secured the 14th spot on Bravo’s list of the 100 funniest movies.
  10. Cast: Includes Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, and others.