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Leo 2023 Parents Guide

Leo 2023 Parents Guide review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, Gameplay, and family suitability.

Leo” is a new animated musical comedy film coming soon on Netflix. It’s directed by Robert Marianetti, Robert Smigel, and David Wachtenheim, and written by Smigel, Adam Sandler, and Paul Sado. The movie is a Netflix Animation and Happy Madison Productions collaboration. This movie is set to be released on November 21, 2023.

Leo Movie Details

Movie NameLeo
Directed byRobert Marianetti
Age RatingPG
Release DateNovember 21, 2023 (United States)
GenreAnimation, Comedy, Family
Country of originUnited States, Australia
Official WebsiteNetflix


In the heart of sunny Florida, Leo, a world-weary 74-year-old lizard, has been basking in the same classroom terrarium for decades alongside his laid-back terrarium mate, a turtle named Terry (voiced by Bill Burr). Their days are monotonous, filled with the routine of elementary school life and the occasional disruption from mischievous students. But Leo, voiced with signature comedic flair by Adam Sandler, is about to embark on a journey that will redefine the meaning of his golden years.

Leo discovers from a chatty parrot janitor (Maya Rudolph) that he only has one year left to live. Feeling the weight of missed opportunities and the desire for a taste of the wild beyond the glass, Leo concocts a daring plan to escape the confines of the classroom and experience the adventures he’s only dreamt of.

However, Leo’s plan takes an unexpected turn when he becomes an accidental confidant for the students, who are dealing with their challenges. There’s Emma (Zendaya), the aspiring artist struggling with self-expression; Alex (Noah Schnapp), the science whiz facing an intimidating science fair; and Mia (Awkwafina), the class clown with a hidden music talent. Leo, inadvertently drawn into their lives, finds himself offering sage advice in his own quirky, lizard-like way.

As Leo attempts his great escape, he inadvertently lands in the middle of the students’ tumultuous world, just as the strict and impossibly mean substitute teacher, Ms. Thornridge (voiced by Frances McDormand), takes over the class. Leo, with his dry wit and penchant for mischief, becomes the students’ unlikely ally against Ms. Thornridge’s oppressive regime.

With each passing day, Leo’s bucket list takes unexpected turns. He joins Emma in creating vibrant murals on the classroom walls, helps Alex build a contraption for the science fair that defies all expectations, and even forms an unlikely band with Mia, discovering her hidden musical talent. The once jaded lizard begins to see the beauty in the small moments of life, all while imparting valuable life lessons to his young companions.

However, Leo’s escapades don’t go unnoticed, and the school’s reptile handler (Keegan-Michael Key) is hot on his tail. The clock is ticking, not just for Leo’s escape plan, but for the students’ opportunity to stand up to Ms. Thornridge and prove that there’s more to education than strict rules.

As Leo faces his mortality, the students learn to embrace their individuality and stand up for what they believe in. “Leo’s Last Leap” becomes an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and the realization that sometimes, the best adventures are the ones you never planned.

Leo 2023 Parents Guide

Why is Leo rated PG?

The MPA assigned a PG rating due to rude/suggestive material and some language.

PG Age Rating for Leo:

 Parental Guidance Suggested, Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children. The film should be investigated further by parents.

Content Overview:

  1. Rude/Suggestive Material: The movie contains elements of rude or suggestive material, which may not be suitable for all children. Parents are advised to be cautious regarding the appropriateness of this content for their child’s age and sensitivity.
  2. Language: The film includes some language that may be deemed inappropriate for younger audiences. Parents should consider their child’s exposure and tolerance to certain types of language.

Themes in the Movie:

  1. Mortality and Life Lessons: The central character, Leo, faces his mortality, and the film explores themes of life, missed opportunities, and the importance of embracing small moments.
  2. Individuality and Standing Up for Beliefs: The students in the story learn to embrace their individuality and stand up against an oppressive authority figure, promoting themes of self-expression and courage.

Positive Aspects:

  1. Heartwarming Moments: The movie is described as having heartwarming moments, suggesting positive messages and emotional content.
  2. Life Lessons: Leo imparts valuable life lessons to the young characters, potentially promoting positive values.

Potential Concerns:

  1. Rude/Suggestive Material: Parents should be aware of the presence of rude or suggestive material and assess its appropriateness for their child.
  2. Language: Some language is present in the film, and parents may want to consider whether it aligns with their comfort level for their child.

When will Leo be released?

The movie “Leo” is set to be released on November 21, 2023, in the United States.

Who is in the cast of Leo?

  • Adam Sandler as Leo
  • Bill Burr as Squirtle
  • Cecily Strong as Mrs. Malkin
  • Jason Alexander as Jayda’s dad
  • Sunny Sandler as Summer
  • Sadie Sandler as Jayda
  • Rob Schneider as the principal
  • Jackie Sandler as Ellie
  • Stephanie Hsu as Skyler’s mo
  • Jo Koy as Coach Komura
  • Heidi Gardner as Eli’s mom
  • Nick Swardson as Bunny
  • Kevin James as Ace
  • Nicholas Turturro as Anthony’s dad
  • Robert Smigel as the miniature horse


Plot: Leo, a 74-year-old lizard, discovers he has one year left to live. Wanting to experience the wild, he plans an escape, inadvertently becoming a confidant for students dealing with their challenges. Leo’s escapades lead to unexpected adventures, life lessons, and standing up to an oppressive substitute teacher.

Key Points:

  1. Rating: PG – Parental Guidance Suggested.
  2. Content: Rude/suggestive material and some language.
  3. Themes: Mortality, life lessons, individuality, courage.
  4. Positives: Heartwarming moments, positive messages, and life lessons.
  5. Concerns: Rude/suggestive material, language.
  6. Release Date: November 21, 2023 (United States).
  7. Conclusion: Parental guidance is recommended; consider family values and the child’s maturity. Watch trailers or read additional reviews for insights.