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Fitting In 2024 Parents Guide

Fitting In,” a 2023 Canadian coming-of-age comedy-drama film, is the brainchild of Molly McGlynn, serving as both writer and director. The film boasts a stellar cast, featuring Maddie Ziegler, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Djouliet Amara, and Emily Hampshire. Originally showcased under the title “Bloody Hell” during its premiere at SXSW, the film has generated buzz, with additional screenings lined up at various film festivals throughout 2023. Notably, “Fitting In” clinched the prestigious title of Best Canadian Film at the 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival. This movie is set to be released on February 3, 2024.

Fitting In Movie Details

Movie NameFitting In
GenreComedy, Drama, LGBTQ+
Release DateFebruary 3, 2024
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorMolly McGlynn
ProducerJennifer Weiss, Liane Cunje
WriterMolly McGlynn
Runtime1h 45m
Production CoNice Picture

The Plot Summary:

In the heart of a suburban town, Breaking Rhythms introduces us to Lindy, a vibrant 16-year-old portrayed by Maddie Ziegler, who is on the cusp of exploring the complexities of adolescence. Lindy’s world takes a drastic turn when an unexpected diagnosis reveals that she has MRKH syndrome, a reproductive condition that challenges her perception of womanhood, sexuality, and her own sense of self.

Lindy’s journey becomes a captivating tragedy as she grapples with the ramifications of her diagnosis. The film intricately weaves together moments of heartbreak and humor, portraying Lindy’s resilience in the face of adversity. Maddie Ziegler’s nuanced performance brings depth to Lindy’s character, capturing the essence of a teenager navigating uncharted emotional terrain.

The mother-daughter dynamic between Lindy and her mother, played by Emily Hampshire, forms the emotional core of the film. Lindy’s diagnosis becomes a catalyst for a reevaluation of their relationship, as they navigate the challenges of communication and understanding. The film explores the complexities of maternal support and the delicate balance between protection and empowerment.

Lindy’s journey of self-discovery unfolds against the backdrop of high school life, where the pursuit of acceptance and understanding takes center stage. As Lindy grapples with her condition, she encounters a diverse group of friends who provide a spectrum of perspectives on womanhood and sexuality. Together, they embark on a quest for knowledge, challenging societal norms and expanding their understanding of what it means to be a teenager.

The narrative takes unexpected turns as Lindy, fueled by curiosity and a desire for connection, explores unconventional methods to navigate the intricacies of intimacy. The film delicately addresses the emotional and physical aspects of Lindy’s experiences, highlighting the importance of friendship, empathy, and self-acceptance.

Breaking Rhythms doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations surrounding reproductive health and the impact it has on a teenager’s sense of identity. The film’s traumedy elements are carefully balanced, offering moments of levity amidst the poignant exploration of Lindy’s journey.

As Lindy’s story unfolds, she becomes a symbol of resilience and empowerment. The film challenges societal stigmas surrounding reproductive conditions, offering a heartfelt and relatable portrayal of a teenager coming to terms with her own unique path to womanhood.

Breaking Rhythms concludes with Lindy embracing her identity and newfound wisdom, redefining her understanding of love, relationships, and herself. The film leaves audiences with a sense of hope, urging them to break free from societal expectations and embrace the rhythm of their own individual journeys.

Fitting In 2024 Parents Guide

Why Fitting In Rated R

The movie “Fitting In” has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) due to the inclusion of the following mature content:

  1. Sexual Content: The movie likely contains scenes or references that involve explicit sexual content, nudity, or situations deemed unsuitable for a younger audience.
  2. Strong Language Throughout The script of the movie includes pervasive strong language, which may consist of profanity, vulgar expressions, or offensive language that is not suitable for a younger audience.
  3. Drug and Alcohol Use: The film includes depictions of drug and alcohol use, which can contribute to a mature rating. This content may involve scenes of substance abuse or the portrayal of characters engaging in drug and alcohol-related activities.

R-rated movies are designed for adult audiences, typically those aged 17 and above, as they may find the mature themes and content more appropriate and relatable. It’s important for parents and guardians to adhere to age restrictions to ensure that viewers are emotionally and mentally prepared for the content presented in the movie. These ratings are in place to guide audiences and help them make informed decisions about the suitability of a film for themselves or their children.

The cast of Fitting In the film

The list with the characters bolded:

  • Maddie Ziegler as Lindy
  • Emily Hampshire as Rita
  • Djouliet Amara as Vivian
  • Ki Griffin as Jax
  • D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai as Adam
  • Dale Whibley as Chad
  • Michael Therriault as Dr. Doheny
  • Christian Rose as Greg
  • Dennis Andres as Coach Mike


Fitting In” is a 2023 Canadian coming-of-age film directed and written by Molly McGlynn. It follows Lindy (Maddie Ziegler), a 16-year-old diagnosed with MRKH syndrome, navigating the challenges of adolescence. The film explores Lindy’s identity, relationships, and the mother-daughter dynamic with Rita (Emily Hampshire). With a diverse high school backdrop, tragedy elements, and an R-rating for mature content, including explicit sexual scenes and strong language, the film received acclaim, winning Best Canadian Film at the 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival. Lindy’s journey concludes with self-acceptance, redefining love and relationships.