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Dream of Darkness 2023 Parents Guide

Dream of Darkness 2023 Parents Guide,” a gripping tale that seamlessly blends elements of horror, mystery, and thriller. Directed by Nikolai Malden and brought to life by the creative minds of Miles Jonn-Dalton and Nikolai Malden, this cinematic experience unfolds in English with a runtime of 1 hour and 21 minutes. As the enigmatic story unravels, the haunting atmosphere is intensified by the skilled production of Ultracine Fotofilm s.r.c.” Mark your calendars for December 9, 2023, when the shadows come alive, and the mysteries of “Dream of Darkness” are unveiled.

Dream of Darkness Movie Details

Movie NameDream of Darkness
GenreHorror, Mystery & Thriller
RatingNot Yet
Release DtaeDec 09, 2023
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorNikolai Malden
WritersMiles Jonn-Dalton, Nikolai Malden
Runtime1h 21m
Production CoUltracine Fotofilm s.r.c.

Plot summary:

In the wake of his wife’s mysterious disappearance, Derek Fabry finds himself plunged into a harrowing abyss of despair and confusion. The haunting void left by her absence drives him to explore the darkest corners of a realm that defies the boundaries of the ordinary. As he embarks on a quest to unravel the enigma shrouding her vanishing, Derek unwittingly steps into a nightmarish landscape where the lines between the natural and the supernatural blur with malevolent intent.

The journey takes an unexpected turn as Derek confronts not only the tangible world but also the insidious forces of the occult. Struggling against a tide of unexplained occurrences, he becomes entangled in a web of arcane secrets and forbidden knowledge. Each revelation serves to deepen the shadows surrounding his wife’s disappearance, pushing Derek further into a realm where reality and nightmare coalesce.

Amidst the eerie and unsettling atmosphere, Derek encounters a cast of characters whose motives are as elusive as the mysterious forces at play. From the seductive allure of the supernatural to the palpable sense of erotic evil, every twist in the tale draws him deeper into a spiral of intrigue and dread. The boundaries between the known and the inexplicable blur, create a surreal tapestry of suspense and supernatural seduction.

As Derek struggles to maintain his sanity, he discovers that the answers to his wife’s vanishing may lie in the forbidden realms he never dared to explore. The occult whispers its secrets, and erotic malevolence dances in the shadows, challenging Derek’s perception of reality. In his relentless pursuit, he must navigate through a treacherous labyrinth of dark desires and spectral forces, all while inching closer to the truth that may either liberate him or consume him entirely.

Devastation becomes a catalyst for a journey beyond the veil, where the occult, erotic evil and supernatural seduction converge in a narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional mystery and thriller, leaving Derek Fabry to grapple with forces that defy explanation and plunge him into a descent that tests the limits of human understanding.

Dream of Darkness 2023 Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity:

The level of sexual content and nudity is not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. Parents should be cautious, as the inclusion of such elements can vary widely in horror, mystery, and thriller genres.

Violence & Gore:

Given the movie’s genre (Horror, Mystery, and thriller), it’s likely to contain scenes of violence and gore. Expect intense and potentially frightening sequences, as described in the plot summary. This may include graphic depictions, so viewer discretion is advised.

Profanity: The information does not specify the extent of profanity in the movie. However, as it is a thriller, there might be instances of strong language. Parents should be aware of this aspect when considering the appropriateness for younger audiences.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

No information is provided regarding the presence of alcohol, drugs, or smoking in the movie. However, given the mysterious and potentially dark nature of the storyline, these elements could be present.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

Expect the movie to have frightening and intense scenes, as indicated by the horror and thriller genres. The plot summary suggests a descent into a nightmarish landscape with supernatural elements, which may be disturbing for some viewers. Parents should assess the appropriateness for their children based on their sensitivity to such content.

The cast of Dream of Darkness 2023:

  1. Miles Jonn-Dalton as Derek Fabry
  2. Pia Bertucci as Elyse
  3. Renee Domenz as Carmilla Karnstein
  4. Libby Amato as Elisabeth
  5. Marissa De Los Rios as Nuala
  6. Thomas Fournelle as Professor Rolfe
  7. Justin Faire as Julian
  8. Colleen DuVall as Elsa Karnstein


“Dream of Darkness” follows Derek Fabry in a quest to uncover the mystery of his wife’s disappearance. As he delves into a nightmarish realm blending the natural and supernatural, he faces occult forces and forbidden knowledge.

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller
  2. Release Date: Dec 09, 2023
  3. Director: Nikolai Malden
  4. Runtime: 1h 21m
  5. Production Co: Ultracine Fotofilm s.r.c.
  6. Plot: Derek searches for his vanished wife, entering a nightmarish realm with occult secrets.
  7. Cast: Miles Jonn-Dalton as Derek, encountering supernatural forces and mysterious characters.
  8. Themes: Occult, erotic malevolence, and a descent into a surreal world challenge Derek’s perception.
  9. Intensity: Expect violence, gore, potentially strong language, and frightening scenes.
  10. Conclusion: A suspenseful narrative blending horror and thriller elements, testing the limits of understanding in the face of the unknown.