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Do Not Disturb 2023 Parents Guide

Do Not Disturb 2023, is a horror film directed by John Ainslie and produced by Rechna Varma. Set to be release on November 17, 2023, this spine-tingling cinematic experience unfolds in English, promising a one-hour-and-thirty-two-minute journey into the depths of fear. As of now, the movie has not yet been rated, making it a suspenseful mystery for viewers eager to uncover the scares and thrills it has in store.

Do Not Disturb Movie Details

Movie NameDo not Disturb
RatingNot Yet Rated
Original Language:English
Director:John Ainslie
Producer:Rechna Varma
Writer:John Ainslie
Release Date (Theaters):Nov 17, 2023 Limited
Runtime:1h 32m
Distributor:Dark Star Pictures

Plot Summary

Chloe and Jack, a couple on their honeymoon in the vibrant city of Miami, are seeking a unique and transformative experience to strengthen their marriage. They’ve heard of a powerful peyote ritual, held by a mysterious shaman, that is said to provide deep insights and self-discovery. Little do they know, this journey will challenge the very core of their relationship.

Upon arriving in Miami, they are welcomed by the warm, colorful atmosphere of the city. They make their way to a secluded beach where the shaman, a wise and enigmatic figure, leads them through the peyote ceremony. The psychedelic experience takes them on a spiritual and emotional journey through their own minds.

As Chloe and Jack dive into their inner selves, they begin to confront the unresolved issues in their marriage. The hallucinogenic trip brings their deepest fears and desires to the surface, leading to intense emotional confrontations. It becomes a den of love, lust, and resentment, as they lay bare their hearts to each other.

Through the haze of their experiences, Chloe has a profound realization. She understands that to escape their troubled relationship, she must metaphorically “consume” the parts of Jack that have held them back, the emotional baggage and insecurities. She must embrace change and transformation, symbolized by the peyote journey.

Jack, on the other hand, has his own epiphany. He realizes that he must shed his past mistakes and insecurities to truly be the partner Chloe needs. Together, they embark on a shared vision of transformation, symbolized by the peyote‘s profound effects.

Over the course of their peyote trip, Chloe and Jack’s connection deepens, and they rediscover the love that first brought them together. The experience, rather than driving them apart, helps them rebuild and renew their marriage.

In the end, they emerge from their peyote journey stronger and more connected than ever. Their marriage, once strained and troubled, has transformed into a bond built on love, self-discovery, and acceptance.

Do Not Disturb 2023 Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity:

  • The main character flirts with two women.

Violence & Gore:

  • There are two shooting scenes where no one dies.
  • Two characters attempt suicide but do not succeed.
  • Mentions of the effects of the pandemic may be triggering to some viewers.


  • Language includes “f–k,” “f–king,” “s–t,” “d–k,” and “a–hole.”

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

  • Characters smoke cigarettes and drink beer.
  • People are referred to as an “alcoholic” and “drug addict.”

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

  • Some viewers may find the suicide attempts and pandemic-related mentions to be intense or triggering.

Do not disturb Parental Guide:

  • “Do Not Disturb” contains flirting, violence, strong profanity, references to alcohol and drug use, and intense scenes related to suicide and the pandemic. Parental discretion is advised, and viewers should consider the suitability of the content for their age group and personal preferences.

Who is in the Cast of Do not Disturb?

Here, is the list of Do not Disturb Cast and Characters

Cast & CrewName
ChloeKimberly Laferriere
JackRogan Christopher
Christian McKennaJanet Porter
Patrick McNeilRupinder Nagra
DirectorJohn Ainslie
ScreenwriterJohn Ainslie
ProducerRechna Varma
CinematographerScott McIntyre
Film EditorJordan Crute


Do Not Disturb is a horror film directed by John Ainslie, set for release on November 17, 2023. It’s in English, with a runtime of 1 hour and 32 minutes. The film follows a couple’s transformative peyote ritual in Miami to strengthen their marriage.

Key Points:

  • Genre: Horror.
  • Director: John Ainslie, Producer: Rechna Varma.
  • The couple confronts their relationship issues during a psychedelic journey.
  • The film contains flirting, violence, strong profanity, alcohol, drug references, and intense scenes.
  • Parental discretion advised.