Best. Christmas. Ever Parents Guide

Best. Christmas. Ever (2023) is a heartwarming Comedy-Romance film directed by Mary Lambert, with a screenplay crafted by Todd Calgi Gallicano and Charles Shyer. The film’s story is based on Todd Calgi Gallicano’s work and stars Heather Graham and Brandy Norwood as old college friends.

The movie boasts an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Steve Berman, Bryan Bordon, Charles Shyer, Jimmy Townsend, and David M. Wulf. With this talented crew, “Best. Christmas. Ever” promises to be a delightful cinematic experience.

Best. Christmas. Ever Movie Details

Movie NameBest. Christmas. Ever
DirectorMary Lambert
GenreComedy Romance
Release DateNov 16, 2023
CountryUnited States

The Plot:

Every year, as Christmas approaches, Jackie, a cheerful and successful woman, takes pride in sending out her annual holiday newsletter. These letters are filled with stories of her achievements, making her old college friend Charlotte feel as if her own life pales in comparison. For Charlotte, it’s like receiving a lump of coal each holiday season.

However, this Christmas is about to bring a surprising twist of fate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Charlotte and her family find themselves on Jackie’s snowy doorstep just days before Christmas. It’s an unexpected reunion that could only happen during the most magical time of the year.

Charlotte sees this as an opportunity to finally demystify her old friend’s seemingly perfect life. As she immerses herself in Jackie’s world, she discovers that beneath the glossy surface, both women are dealing with their own set of challenges, insecurities, and imperfections. The once-distanced friends rediscover the bond they shared in college and, in the spirit of the season, help each other overcome their hurdles.

Why is Best. Christmas. Ever! rated TV-PG? 

Best. Christmas. Ever received a TV-PG rating primarily due to the presence of suggestive dialogue, which may not be suitable for very young children.

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) assigned this rating to ensure that the film is suitable for a general audience but may contain some material that parents or guardians might find unsuitable for young children.

 Best. Christmas. Ever Parents Guide and Content Rating:

  • Content Rating: “Best. Christmas. Ever” is rated TV-PG, which means it is generally suitable for a general audience. However, it may contain material that parents or guardians may find unsuitable for young children. The TV-PG rating for this film is primarily due to the presence of suggestive dialogue.
  • Suggestive Dialogue: The film includes some suggestive dialogue, implying romantic or intimate situations. While it is not explicit, parents should be aware of this and consider whether it aligns with their family’s viewing preferences and the maturity level of their children.
  • Holiday Themes: As a Christmas-themed film, “Best. Christmas. Ever” features various elements associated with the holiday season, such as decorations, traditions, and the spirit of giving. This makes it a suitable choice for family viewing during the holiday season.
  • Positive Messages: The film conveys positive messages about the value of friendship, empathy, and supporting one another through life’s challenges. It showcases the importance of understanding and helping those in need.
  • Emotional Content: Viewers can expect emotional moments as the characters confront their personal struggles. The film explores themes of self-discovery, forgiveness, and personal growth, which may resonate with audiences of various ages.
  • Language: The film is in English, making it accessible to English-speaking audiences.
  • Country: “Best. Christmas. Ever” is set in the United States and showcases American holiday traditions and settings.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to exercise their discretion when deciding whether “Best. Christmas. Ever” is suitable for their children. The TV-PG rating provides a general guideline, but it’s essential to consider your child’s age, maturity level, and your family’s viewing preferences. The film’s positive messages and holiday themes make it a potential choice for family viewing, especially during the Christmas season, but parents should be aware of the suggestive dialogue content.

What is the release date of Best. Christmas. Ever?

The release date of “Best. Christmas. Ever” is November 16, 2023, and it will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Who is in the cast of Best. Christmas. Ever?

 Here’s the cast and characters of “Best. Christmas. Ever” presented in tabular format:

Heather GrahamCharlotte Sanders
Brandy NorwoodJackie Jennings
Jason BiggsRob Sanders
Matt CedeñoValentino
Wyatt HuntGrant Sanders
Abby VillasmilDora Sanders
Madison Skye ValidumBeatrix Jennings
Nadia SineRose McCaffrey
Janet LoKeiko
Allan GrovesLoan Manager
Randy MundyStranger (Santa)
Paul KiernanWorkshop Santa
Camille CadaretteMichelle
Chase RamseyJim


 “Best. Christmas. Ever” (2023) is a heartwarming Comedy-Romance film directed by Mary Lambert. The story follows old college friends Charlotte and Jackie, who reunite just days before Christmas. Charlotte feels overshadowed by Jackie’s seemingly perfect life as she sends out impressive holiday newsletters. However, their unexpected reunion during the holiday season reveals that both women have their challenges and insecurities. They rediscover their bond and help each other overcome personal hurdles.

Key Points:

  1. Genre: Comedy-Romance
  2. Rating: TV-PG due to suggestive dialogue.
  3. Reunion of old college friends, Charlotte and Jackie, just before Christmas.
  4. Charlotte is envious of Jackie’s seemingly perfect life.
  5. Both women have personal challenges and insecurities beneath the surface.
  6. Positive messages about friendship, understanding, and personal growth.
  7. English language film set in the United States.
  8. Holiday-themed with Christmas traditions and themes.
  9. Emotional moments related to the characters’ struggles and reconnection.
  10. Suggestive dialogue is present but not explicit; parents should consider its suitability for their children based on maturity level.


What is the rating of “Best. Christmas. Ever”?

The movie is rated TV-PG, primarily due to suggestive dialogue.

Who directed “Best. Christmas. Ever” and who wrote the screenplay?

The film was directed by Mary Lambert, and the screenplay was crafted by Todd Calgi Gallicano and Charles Shyer.

What is the movie’s genre?

“Best. Christmas. Ever” is a Comedy-Romance film.

Who are the main actors in the movie and what roles do they play?

The main actors include Heather Graham as Charlotte Sanders, Brandy Norwood as Jackie Jennings, and other cast members in various roles.

What are the key themes of the movie?

The movie explores themes of friendship, personal challenges, holiday traditions, and the spirit of giving, focusing on personal growth and understanding.

Is Best. Christmas. Ever a family-friendly film?

The film is generally suitable for a general audience, but parents should be aware of the suggestive dialogue and use their discretion based on their children’s age and maturity.

Where is the movie set and which language is it in?

Best. Christmas. Ever is set in the United States, and it is in the English language.