The Canterville Ghost Parents Guide

The Canterville Ghost Parents Guide 2023 review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

NameThe Canterville Ghost
GenreAnimation, Comedy
Release DateOctober 20, 2023
DirectorsKim Burdon and Robert Chandler
CountryUnited Kingdom
DistributorBlue Fox Entertainment

The Canterville Ghost Movie Review

‘The Canterville Ghost‘ is an upcoming animated comedy film directed by Kim Burdon and Robert Chandler. The screenplay is credited to Giles New, Keiron Self, and Oscar Wilde. The film features notable actors such as Freddie Highmore, Stephen Fry, and Hugh Laurie.

The production of this series is handled by Melmoth Films and Sprout Pictures, with distribution by the well-known distributor Blue Fox Entertainment.

The story:

The Canterville Ghost’ is an upcoming animated comedy movie set for release this fall. The story follows Sir Simon de Canterville, an eccentric ghost cursed to haunt his grand castle for centuries. To break free from his eternal boredom, he must find a brave human willing to perform a courageous act. Virginia Otis, a curious and determined American, moves into the castle with her family.

Despite Canterville’s attempts to scare them away, he discovers that Virginia might be the key to his long-awaited freedom. Together, they must outsmart The Ghost Catcher and The Reverend to bring peace to their new home.

‘The Canterville Ghost’ draws its inspiration from the children’s short story of the same name by the legendary poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. This story was first published in the British literary magazine The Court and Society Review in 1887. Over the years, it has been adapted into various forms of media, including movies, television, and radio.

One of the earliest film adaptations of ‘The Canterville Ghost’ was a Hollywood blockbuster released in 1944, with Charles Laughton playing the title role. Subsequent adaptations include a Soviet animated movie in 1970, a Bollywood movie in 2008, and a French-Belgian movie in 2016.

The 2023 adaptation of ‘The Canterville Ghost’ has a unique history. Production for this film began over a decade ago, and a first look was unveiled in 2014. Originally, it was scheduled for release in 2016. However, the movie faced unprecedented delays. Despite these challenges, it is set to finally join the impressive legacy of ‘The Canterville Ghost’ adaptations this fall.

The Canterville Ghost Parents Guide

Why is The Canterville Ghost rated PG?

The Canterville Ghost’ is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) due to the presence of thematic elements, peril, and some violence. This rating is an indication that the movie may contain content that parents or guardians may consider unsuitable for children under the age of 7. However, it is generally considered appropriate for most children to watch with parental guidance, as it may contain mild or moderate levels of the elements mentioned.

The PG rating serves as a caution to parents and caregivers, prompting them to make informed decisions about whether the movie is suitable for their children based on their age and sensitivity to these elements.

The Canterville Ghost Cast

Here’s the cast of ‘The Canterville Ghost’ and their respective characters

Freddie HighmoreThe Duke of Cheshire
Stephen FrySir Simon de Canterville (voice)
Hugh LaurieThe Grim Reaper
Toby JonesThe Reverend Chasuble
Imelda StauntonMrs. Umney
Emily CareyVirginia Otis
Miranda HartThe Ghost Catcher
David HarewoodHiram Otis
Meera SyalLucretia Otis
Jules de JonghLouis & Kent Otis
Georgia SmallMarjorie Fairfax
Keiron SelfLord Monroe
Elizabeth SankeyEleanor de Canterville


The initial part of ‘THE CENTERVILLE GHOST’ sets up a spooky atmosphere with the titular ghost’s efforts to terrify his victim. The animation is vibrant, and the music strikes a balance between playful and eerie. However, the introduction of a lively American family with noisy kids quickly disrupts the gothic ambiance.

From that point onward, the film may become grating, especially for older viewers like myself, as it seems geared towards a much younger audience. Children might enjoy it, but as an older viewer outside the target demographic, it tested my patience.

Thankfully, as the main characters and plot unfold, the second half of the film becomes more engaging, particularly when delving into the ghost’s backstory. ‘THE CENTERVILLE GHOST’ is likely to entertain very young children, but accompanying adults may find themselves yearning for a different viewing experience.” I’d recommend parents to watch the Blind movie with their kids to this movie.