Shelter in Solitude Parents Guide

The Shelter in Solitude Parents Guide 2023 review, Age rating, objectionable content, positive messages, cast overview, and family suitability.

NameShelter in Solitude
GenreComedy, Crime, Drama
Release DateOct 6, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorEmerald Caz Productions

Shelter in Solitude Movie Review

“Shelter in Solitude” is a really interesting movie about a person on death row who’s about to be executed. It’s set during the COVID pandemic, and it’s about how this person’s life changes because of a wanna-be country singer and some people from a small community.

The movie is directed by Vibeke Muasya and has great actors like Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Robert Patrick, Peter Macon, Dan Castellaneta, and Peter Hogan. I got to watch it at a film festival organized by Kevin Smith called the SModCastle Film Festival in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

It’s a heartwarming story about a sad inmate who becomes friends with someone unexpected. It’s funny, touching, and relatable. The cast is fantastic, the music is excellent, and the setting is perfect. You should definitely watch this movie!

The Plot:

This must-see movie shows how a woman’s faith, compassion, and kindness can make a huge difference. It’s an incredibly touching story about an ordinary woman who does something extraordinary for a death row prisoner who only has 10 days left to live.

While watching this film, you’ll experience a mix of emotions – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most importantly, you’ll be inspired by Siobhan Fallon Hogan’s heartwarming, funny, and powerful performance. Everyone involved in making this film did a phenomenal job. It’s a raw yet relatable story, and congratulations to all the people who contributed to this successful, inspirational, and beautiful creation!

Shelter in Solitude Parents Guide

Language and Profanity

Shelter in Solitude” is rated PG for mild language. The film contains occasional mild profanity that may not be suitable for young children. The use of profanity is infrequent and not excessive. The language is used to express the characters’ emotions and is not used gratuitously.

Violence and Sexual Content

The film does not contain any violent or sexual content. There is no depiction of any physical violence, blood, or gore, and the film contains no sexual content or nudity. The film is suitable for all ages.

Thematic Elements

This movie explores important themes like guilt, loss, and grief. The main character is a tragic inmate who is going through a really tough time, and he finds an unlikely friend who is full of faith and kindness.

It’s a wonderful love story set in a small town that will touch the hearts of everyone who watches it. The movie is funny, compassionate, relatable, and full of surprises. With a fantastic cast, great music, and a perfect setting, it’s a film that you absolutely must see!

Alcohol and Drugs

In terms of alcohol, there is a scene where a character drinks a glass of wine, but it is not excessive or portrayed in a positive light.

What is the age rating of Shelter in Solitude?

“Shelter in Solitude” doesn’t have an official rating, but it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for kids. This is because it contains references to sexual content and drug use. It’s recommended for viewers aged 14 and up.

Age ratings are there to help parents and caregivers make informed decisions about what content is appropriate for children based on their age and development.

Shelter in Solitude Cast

Siobhan Fallon HoganVal
Robert PatrickDwayne
Peter MaconJackson
Dan CastellanetaSam
Pete HoganChris
Michael OberholtzerKevin
Patricia ScanlonClara
Sinead HoganJenny the Hippy
Robb Bank$
Fat Nick
Liz CameronLine Dancer
Dave StefanicBass Player
Jon SeeberBoss Outside Guard


I really enjoyed watching this heartwarming tragicomedy, which highlights the impressive talents of veteran actress and comedian Siobhan Fallon Hogan. In the movie, she plays a character named Val Fagan, who is a lonely tavern keeper and former Ole Opry performer desperately searching for love in all the wrong places. Her life starts to unravel as the pandemic takes hold, and she faces mistreatment and theft. However, amidst the chaos, she discovers purpose and redemption when she unexpectedly becomes a death row prison guard during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her relationship with her brother, the warden played by Robert Patrick, is filled with ups and downs but is also quite touching. Together, they manage to come together to provide some semblance of compassion, even if it falls short of true justice, to the prisoner portrayed by Peter Macon, who is facing the death penalty. To me, I’d rather prefer The Wolf of Wall Street 2023 movie than Shelter in Solitude.