Helen’s Dead Parents Guide

Helen’s Dead Parents Guide,” the highly anticipated American comedy-mystery film, directed by K. Asher Levin, is set to hit the screens on November 3, 2023. Starring an ensemble cast including Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Tyrese Gibson, Emile Hirsch, Dylan Gelula, and Oliver Cooper, this film promises a thrilling blend of laughter and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Helen’s Dead Movie Details:

Movie NameHelen’s Dead
DirectorK. Asher Levin
RatingNot Rated Yet
Release DateNovember 3, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorScreen Media


The film’s narrative centers on the tumultuous life of Addie, portrayed by the talented Dylan Gelula. In the opening act, Addie finds herself in the throes of an emotional storm following a gut-wrenching breakup with her long-time boyfriend. As she grapples with the pain of this relationship’s demise, she seeks solace in the familiar presence of her best friend, Leila (Annabelle Dexter-Jones).

However, the comforting reunion with her closest confidante takes an unforeseeable and spine-tingling turn. What initially appeared to be a simple heart-to-heart conversation about cheating allegations soon evolves into a heart-pounding sequence of events. Addie, with her curiosity piqued and emotions running high, inadvertently becomes a participant in a shocking discovery—a murder.

This jarring twist of fate propels both Addie and the audience into a thrilling and unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions. The film masterfully weaves humor, intrigue, and unexpected turns into the fabric of its storyline. Addie’s journey becomes a microcosm of life’s unpredictability, where love and friendship, trust and betrayal, and the ordinary and the extraordinary collide in an exhilarating and suspenseful narrative.

Helen’s Dead Parents Guide:

Why is Helen’s Dead Not Rated?

The absence of an official age rating for “Helen’s Dead” is an important consideration for potential viewers. As mentioned, the film includes sexual content, violence, murder, profanity, and alcohol use, which makes it unsuitable for children. Without a formal rating, parents and caregivers need to exercise their judgment when deciding whether the content is appropriate for the age and maturity of the viewers. It’s always advisable to consider the content of the movie and the sensitivities of the audience before deciding to watch it.

Violence & Gore:

“Helen’s Dead” doesn’t shy away from violence and gore. The film features intense scenes involving the use of strong weapons, including guns, and firing scenes that add to the suspense. Main characters are found in situations where they must make life-altering decisions, often with a violent backdrop. The murder of Helen is a pivotal point in the storyline and adds a layer of tension to the plot. Viewers should be prepared for some graphic and intense moments that contribute to the film’s mystery and excitement.


The film doesn’t hold back when it comes to profanity. Characters engage in colorful language that reflects their emotions, frustrations, and interactions. Profanity is liberally used throughout the movie, contributing to the authentic portrayal of the characters’ personalities and emotions.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking:

Alcohol consumption is a recurring theme in “Helen’s Dead.” Characters are frequently seen consuming alcohol, and drinking plays a role in several key scenes. Smoking scenes are also present, adding to the film’s atmosphere and character development. These elements contribute to the overall ambiance of the story but should be noted for those who are sensitive to such content.

Frightening & Intense Scenes:

The film delivers on its promise to provide intense and frightening scenes. The murder mystery at the heart of the story, combined with the characters’ unpredictable actions, creates moments of suspense and tension that will keep viewers engaged. The sudden and unexpected twists in the plot contribute to an overall sense of unease, making “Helen’s Dead” a thrilling experience.

The cast of Helen’s Dead

The cast of Helen’s Dead include:

  • Oliver Cooper as Garret
  • Tyrese Gibson as Henry
  • Matilda Lutz
  • Beth Dover
  • Brian Huskey
  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Leila
  • Emile Hirsch as Adam
  • Dylan Gelula as Addie


“Helen’s Dead” is an upcoming American comedy-mystery film directed by K. Asher Levin, set to release on November 3, 2023. The film stars Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Tyrese Gibson, Emile Hirsch, Dylan Gelula, and Oliver Cooper, offering a mix of humor and suspense.

Key Points:

  1. Plot:
    • The story follows Addie (Dylan Gelula) dealing with a tough breakup, confronting her best friend about cheating allegations, leading to her stumbling upon a murder scene.
  2. Age Rating and Parental Guide:
    • The film is not officially rated.
    • Contains sexual content, violence, murder, profanity, and alcohol use, making it unsuitable for children.
  3. Content Highlights:
    • Violence & Gore: Intense scenes, use of weapons, and a pivotal murder.
    • Profanity: Colorful language used throughout.
    • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking: Alcohol consumption and smoking scenes are present.
    • Frightening & Intense Scenes: The film delivers suspense and unexpected twists.