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Pastor’s Kid (2024) Parents Guide

Pastor’s Kid – a cool movie that’s a mix of drama, biography, comedy, and faith & spirituality. It’s directed by Benjamin Ironside Koppin and produced by Kristin Koppin, Natalie Pohorski, and Halynn Batterman. Slated for release on March 15, 2024,

Movie NamePastor’s Kid
GenreDrama, Biography, Comedy, Faith & Spirituality
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorBenjamin Ironside Koppin
ProducersKristin Koppin, Natalie Pohorski, Halynn Batterman
WritersBenjamin Ironside Koppin, Kristin Koppin
Release Date (Theaters)Mar 15, 2024 (Limited)
Runtime1h 30m
DistributorAtlas Distribution Company
Production CompanyIronside Films, 1988 Films
Aspect RatioDigital 2.39:1

Pastor’s Kid Plot Summary

Meet Riley, a college student with a story that’s as real as it gets. She’s been through some tough stuff like people treating her badly and not understanding her family’s beliefs. So, she decides to run away from all that pain, thinking it’ll help her forget the hurtful things.

But guess what? Life throws a curveball at Riley. Something unexpected comes up and forces her to face the main source of all her troubles – her mom, who she hasn’t been on good terms with for a while. Now, Riley has to decide: keep on avoiding her problems or be brave enough to deal with them head-on.

Riley chooses to be brave. And this choice takes her on a powerful journey, kind of like a rollercoaster with ups and downs. It’s a journey filled with faith, which means believing in something even when it’s tough. Riley also discovers the magic of making things right, of redeeming herself from all the not-so-great stuff in her past.

As Riley walks down memory lane, remembering the not-so-awesome parts of her childhood, she figures out something really important – forgiving others can be a game-changer. It’s like a superpower that gives her the strength to break free from all the tough times she faced before. So, this is a story about Riley finding her way through faith, redemption (which means making things better), and healing (getting better from all the bad stuff). It’s like a journey of becoming stronger, wiser, and happier, even when life is hard.

Pastor’s Kid Parents Guide

  • Language: The movie includes strong language, so be aware that your child will hear explicit words throughout.
  • Violence: There are intense scenes depicting confrontations and emotional struggles. Some physical altercations are shown, contributing to the movie’s R-rating.
  • Mature Themes: The storyline delves into sensitive topics such as abuse, family issues, and personal redemption. It may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who might find such themes distressing.
  • Sexual Content: The movie contains mature scenes and discussions. Sexual content is explicit, contributing to the R-rating.
  • Substance Abuse: Characters are shown engaging in substance use, including alcohol and drugs.

Why is Pastor’s Kid rated R?

Pastor’s Kid” is rated R due to strong language, mature themes involving religious scrutiny and family conflicts, and explicit content.

The cast of Pastor’s Kid Film

  1. Courtney Bandeko as Riley
  2. John Flanders as Pastor
  3. Caleb Thomas as Anthony
  4. Krista Morin as Karen
  5. James C. Burns as James
  6. Peyton Dilweg as Sarah
  7. Benjamin Ironside Koppin as Randy
  8. Samual Charles (credited as Sam Krumrine) as Lance
  9. Michael Sean McHale (credited as Michael Hennessey) as Predator
  10. Giovanni Jones as Gio
  11. David Lee Hess as Predator
  12. Ryan Q. Tran as Liquor Store Cashier (credited as Ryan Tran)
  13. Sarah Glassman as Young Sarah
  14. Marisol Miranda as Young Riley
  15. Joshua Matthew Peters as Tim
  16. Courtney Rice as Store Manager