Full Swing Parents Guide

Full SwingSeason 2! Is a documentary-sport series that features 8 episodes and is set to release on March 6, 2024. Presented in English, it originates from the United Kingdom and the United States, distributed exclusively on Netflix.”

Series NameFull Swing
Age RatingTV-MA
GenreDocumentary, Sport
Release DateMarch 6, 2024
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom, United States

Full Swing Plot Summary

Embarks on an enthralling journey alongside a collective of professional golfers as they navigate the challenging expanse of an intense season of competition. This gripping odyssey spans not only the renowned PGA Tour but also, for the inaugural occasion, encompasses all four of golf’s prestigious major championships: the revered Masters at Augusta National, the thrilling PGA Championship, the unforgiving US Open, and the historic Open Championship.

Delving beyond the mere chronicle of their triumphs and setbacks on the golf course, the series ventures into the intricacies of the personal lives of these exceptionally skilled golfers. From the intimate dynamics within their families to the pulsating rivalries that add a layer of complexity to their journey, the narrative unfurls with an astonishing abundance of drama.

Witness as the greens become a stage not only for skillful strokes and strategic plays but also for the unfolding sagas of these athletes’ lives. Amidst the meticulously analyzed swings and putts, explore the compelling human stories that underpin each golfer’s quest for victory. It’s not just about the tournaments; it’s a captivating exploration of the individuals behind the swings, the families that support them, and the rivalries that shape their pursuit of excellence.

This immersive series promises to transport you into the heart of the golfing realm, offering a unique perspective on the ever-evolving tapestry of competition, camaraderie, and personal sacrifice. With a focus on the United States, this narrative unfolds at a reading level accessible to grade 7 audiences, ensuring that the excitement of the golfing world is brought to life in an engaging and comprehensible manner for all enthusiasts.

Full Swing Parents Guide

Parental Guide: TV-MA

  • Violence: Limited to on-course frustrations and competitive tension. No graphic or intense physical altercations.
  • Language: Occasional use of strong language, reflecting the intensity of the competitive environment.
  • Sexual Content: Minimal. Some brief references in the context of personal relationships.
  • Drug and Alcohol Use: Infrequent scenes of social drinking in non-excessive amounts.
  • Frightening/Intense Scenes: Intense competition and personal struggles may be emotionally charged, but there are no horror or excessively distressing elements.
  • Mature Themes: Explores the challenges of professional sports, family dynamics, and competitive pressures. May not be suitable for younger audiences due to complexity.

Overall: TV-MA rating is recommended for mature audiences. Content is focused on the intense world of professional golf, and discretion is advised for younger viewers due to occasional strong language and mature themes.

Why is Full Swing rated TV-MA?

Full Swing is rated TV-MA for occasional strong language, intense competitive scenarios, and mature themes, making it suitable for mature audiences.

Cast of Full Swing Season 2 Series

  1. Rory McIlroy
  2. Ian Poulter
  3. Dustin Johnson
  4. Justin Thomas
  5. Brooks Koepka
  6. Collin Morikawa
  7. Mito Pereira
  8. Tony Finau
  9. Matt Fitzpatrick
  10. Sahith Theegala
  11. Joaquin Niemann
  12. Scottie Scheffler
  13. Joel Dahmen