Forty-Seven Days with Jesus Parents Guide

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus,” a compelling drama in the realm of faith and spirituality. Directed by David Gutel and Emilio Palame, this English-language film, with a runtime of 1 hour and 37 minutes, is set to hit theaters on March 11, 2024, for a limited engagement. Produced by Donald Nguyen, Kristen Brancaccio, Shelby Murphy, and Emilio Palame.

Movie NameForty-Seven Days with Jesus
GenreDrama, Faith & Spirituality
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorDavid Gutel, Emilio Palame
ProducerDonald Nguyen, Kristen Brancaccio, Shelby Murphy, Emilio Palame
WriterDavid Gutel, Emilio Palame
Release Date (Theaters)Mar 11, 2024 (Limited)
Runtime1h 37m
DistributorFathom Events / Pinnacle Peak Pictures
Production CoReel Big Studios, Vero Entertainment
Sound MixDolby Atmos

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus Plot Summary

In FORTY-SEVEN DAYS WITH JESUS, the heartwarming Easter narrative unfolds within the Burdon family, led by Joseph and Juliana (Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone from THE CHOSEN). As they gather for a reunion at Poppa and Nonna’s ranch, the Burdons confront the stark reality of their familial disconnection. Amidst marital challenges, teenage struggles, and Poppa’s health setbacks, the adults decide to bridge the gap by sharing Poppa’s mesmerizing Forty-Seven Days story with the younger generation. This story takes us back in time, providing a poignant glimpse into the miracles that unfolded during Jesus’ final 47 days on Earth.

As the family grapples with unforeseen challenges, including an unexpected business opportunity that places Joseph at a crossroads, the strength of their familial bonds is put to the test. Will they withstand the pressures and uncertainties that threaten to pull them apart? Poppa’s enchanting tale serves as a guiding light, inspiring the Burdons to embark on a transformative journey toward unity. The power of faith becomes their compass, leading them to rediscover the profound essence of familial solidarity.

Set against the backdrop of FORTY-SEVEN DAYS WITH JESUS is an array of unforgettable original music that amplifies the emotional depth of the narrative. The film not only presents a captivating portrayal of the final days of Jesus’ life but also resonates with the enduring impact of The Gospel. Through moments of adversity and triumph, the Burdons, guided by Poppa’s timeless story, find solace, inspiration, and a renewed understanding of the unyielding power of faith.

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus Parents Guide

Violence: Minimal. The film focuses on family dynamics and the retelling of Jesus’ final days without explicit violent scenes.

Language: Clean. No offensive language or profanity.

Sexual Content: Absent. The narrative centers on faith and familial unity, devoid of any explicit or suggestive content.

Substance Use: Minimal. Occasional scenes may depict adults with drinks, but substance use is not a prominent element in the storyline.

Scary/Intense Scenes: Limited. The film’s focus is on the heartwarming journey of the Burdon family and Jesus’ miracles, with minimal intense or frightening sequences.

Themes: Faith, family unity, and overcoming challenges are prominent themes, making the movie suitable for family viewing.

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus Cast

  1. Catherine Lidstone as Juliana Burdon
  2. Yoshi Barrigas as Joseph Burdon
  3. Cameron Arnett as Pontius Pilate
  4. Joshua Triplett as Peter
  5. Stephen Hailo as Judas Iscariot
  6. Norma Maldonado as Nonna
  7. Reut Fish as Mary’s Mother Of James
  8. Mark Oxman as Roman
  9. Nene Nwoko as Flower Woman
  10. Kevin Williams as BG Townsperson
  11. Alican Barlas as Jude
  12. Jonathan Byram as Jesus
  13. Richard Neil as Victor
  14. Mason Greer as James
  15. Cassie Byram as Mother Mary
  16. Serenity Grace Russell as Brenda
  17. Lilli Passero as Claudia
  18. Wes Gillum as a Disabled Man
  19. Kyle D King as Officer Gideon
  20. Aliyah Camacho as Emma Burdon
  21. Tory N. Thompson as Jeremy
  22. Emilio Palame as Poppa
  23. Martin Amador as Roman Guard (archive footage)
  24. Jorge Ramirez as Townsperson
  25. Danvir Singh as James the Great
  26. Rick Ericson as Simon
  27. Cheyenne Chancellor as Believer
  28. Darren Bailey as Roman Guard #1
  29. Maria McClurg as Salome
  30. Patrick Rutnam as John
  31. Az Alvarez as Blacksmith
  32. Adam Perez Courtney as Daniel Burdon
  33. Sebastian Cintron as Matthew
  34. Daniel Evan Rogove as Jewish Guard (voice)
  35. Jason LaPenta as Thomas
  36. William L. Ball as Merchant
  37. LaTasha Wright as Townsperson
  38. Devo Pinili as Believer
  39. Angie Holmes as Washer Woman
  40. Erin Etoroma as Mary Magdalene
  41. River Thompson as Andrew
  42. Morgan Gail Langham as Townsperson
  43. Joel Foxx as Villager
  44. Makinley Patterson as Nathaniel
  45. Pat Wesson as Pharisee (credit only)
  46. Andy Pugh as Townsperson
  47. Jennifer Berry Monroe as Villager
  48. Salina Victoria as a Woman
  49. D’Ann Connelly as Townswoman (uncredited)
  50. Richard Nash as Villager (uncredited)