The Neon Highway Parents Guide

The Neon Highway 2024 is an upcoming,’ PG-13 Drama, Family, and Music film directed by William Wages, starring Beau Bridges, Rob Mayes, and Sam Hennings. Released on March 15, 2024.

 The Neon Highway age rating, parents guide, Cast, Key points, and Plot Summary.

Movie NameThe Neon Highway
GenresDrama, Family, Music
DirectorWilliam Wages
WritersPhillip Bellury, William Wages
StarsBeau Bridges, Rob Mayes, Sam Hennings
Release DateMarch 15, 2024 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States

The Neon Highway Plot Summary

Two decades ago, Wayne, a talented singer/songwriter, found himself on the cusp of stardom in the vibrant music scene of Nashville. However, a tragic car accident abruptly shattered his dreams, leaving him to navigate the harsh realities of life as a blue-collar worker supporting his family. Fate takes an unexpected turn when Wayne crosses paths with Claude Allen, a once-glorious country music legend now relegated to the shadows of obscurity.

A spark ignites when Wayne introduces Claude to the idea of reigniting their shared passion for music. Fueled by a determination to revive Claude’s fading legacy, they embark on a journey to Nashville, armed with one of Wayne’s soulful compositions. The duo envisions that by leveraging Claude’s past fame and industry connections, they can secure a deal that will catapult them back into the spotlight.

However, upon their arrival in the Nashville of today, Wayne and Claude are met with a harsh reality: the music industry has undergone a seismic shift, rendering their old-school approach obsolete. The once-hospitable doors of opportunity are now firmly closed, and the industry’s gatekeepers dismiss them with cold indifference. It becomes painfully clear that Claude’s glory days are buried in the past, and the world has moved on.

Dejected but not defeated, Wayne refuses to abandon the dream that he has reignited in Claude’s heart. In a desperate bid to salvage their aspirations, Wayne devises a cunning plan to outsmart the contemporary music industry. The duo realizes that to make an impact, they must circumvent the conventional channels that have rejected them.

As they navigate the challenges of this brave new world, Wayne and Claude discover innovative ways to bring their song to the public. Wayne’s determination to see Claude’s talent recognized once again becomes a driving force, as he selflessly navigates the intricate web of modern music distribution. The journey not only tests their resilience but also reveals the enduring power of friendship and the lengths one is willing to go to for the sake of another’s dreams.

In the end, Wayne and Claude prove that true success transcends the superficial measures of industry approval. Through unwavering determination and ingenuity, they redefine their narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the music world.

The Neon Highway Parents Guide



  • Brief scenes of tension and conflict.
  • No graphic or intense violence.

Sexual Content:

  • Minimal, mild romantic elements.
  • No explicit or gratuitous scenes.

Substance Use:

  • Some social drinking is depicted.
  • No drug abuse or explicit substance use.


  • Positive themes of perseverance, friendship, and redemption.
  • Mild emotional intensity.

Why is The Neon Highway rated PG-13?

The Neon Highway” is rated PG-13 for mild profanity, brief scenes of tension, minimal romantic elements, social drinking, and mild emotional intensity.

Cast of The Neon Highway Film

Main Cast:

  1. Beau Bridges as Claude Allen
  2. Rob Mayes as Wayne Collins
  3. Sam Hennings as Ray
  4. Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas as Pepper Dewberry
  5. T.J. Power as Lloyd Collins
  6. Lee Brice as Lamont Johnson
  7. Pam Tillis as Self
  8. Brett Gentile as Elton

Other Cast: 9. Wilbur Fitzgerald as Buck Bates

  1. Lauren Buglioli as Ginny’s Mom
  2. Mustapha J. Slack as Engineer
  3. Jennifer Bowles as Ginny Collins
  4. Aldan Karanovich as Hal Collins
  5. Joe Knezevich as Charley Yates
  6. Javier Vazquez Jr. as Second Worker
  7. Darius Devontaye Green as Suit #1
  8. Ezekiel Bridges as Bob
  9. Freddy Boyd as First Worker
  10. Miguel Cohen as Suit #2
  11. Krystal Mosley as Receptionist Rex Recordings
  12. Tiger Dawn as Rosie
  13. Chuck Mead as Max Attaway
  14. Dawn Young-McDaniel as Guitarist
  15. Thomas Martin as Guitarist
  16. Presley Drew Miller as Angie Collins
  17. Chase Browning as Telecom Worker
  18. Jacqueline Loucks as Receptionist
  19. John Houzer as Bartender
  20. Brandon Sampson as Line man / Bar Patron (uncredited)

Key Points:

  1. Plot: Wayne and Claude aim to revive Claude’s faded music career in contemporary Nashville.
  2. Challenges: The duo faces industry rejection due to a seismic shift in the music landscape.
  3. Resilience: Wayne refuses to abandon their dream, devising a plan to outsmart the modern music industry.
  4. Themes: The film explores perseverance, friendship, and redemption.
  5. Rating: PG-13 for mild profanity, tension, minimal romance, social drinking, and mild emotional intensity.
  6. Cast: Includes Beau Bridges, Rob Mayes, Sam Hennings, and other notable names.
  7. Release: March 15, 2024, in the United States.