Kabit 2024 Parents Guide

Kabit: A Drama-Romance film directed by Law Fajardo, set to release on February 16, 2024, in the Philippines, with a pending rating. Distributed by Vivamax, the movie promises a captivating exploration of relationships and emotions.

Movie NameKabit
GenreDrama, Romance
Directed byLaw Fajardo
RatingNot Yet
Release DateFebruary 16, 2024

Kabit Plot Summary

The story centers on a coastal town of Kabit, the lives of a seemingly content married couple take an unexpected turn when they rescue a young and captivating girl washed ashore. Embracing the spirit of compassion, the couple extends their hospitality, inviting the mysterious stranger into their home. As the sun-kissed waves create a backdrop for their newfound connection, the trio’s lives become intricately interwoven.

The alluring young woman, named Esme, not only finds physical healing under the couple’s caring wings but also in a sanctuary where her past secrets slowly unravel. Drawn to the warmth of their home, Esme decides to stay, integrating herself into the daily rhythms of the couple’s life. As bonds deepen, trust blossoms and a unique familial dynamic emerges, casting a spell of unity over Kabit.

However, Ubzo, one-half of the married duo, begins to grapple with unspoken longings that challenge the boundaries of conventional relationships. The coastal breeze carries whispers of forbidden desires, leaving Ubzo torn between the comfort of tradition and the allure of the unconventional.

Kabit becomes a canvas where the boundaries of love, fidelity, and desire are redefined, urging the characters to confront their innermost truths.

Will the unconventional bond forged on the shores of Kabit withstand the tides of societal expectations and personal dilemmas? In this tale of love, longing, and self-discovery, Kabit (2024) invites audiences to explore the complexities of relationships and the untamed landscapes of the heart.

Kabit 2024 Parents Guide

Sex/Nudity: Implied intimate relations and desires between characters. Some scenes may contain suggestive content.

Violence/Gore: Minimal violence, primarily focused on emotional conflicts. No graphic gore or explicit violent scenes.

Language: Mild language throughout the movie.

Substance Use: Social drinking is depicted in a few scenes.

Themes: Exploration of non-traditional relationships and desires. Emotional complexities and self-discovery.

Cast of Kabi Film

  1. Victor Relosa
  2. Angela Morena
  3. Josef Elizalde
  4. Dyessa Garcia
  5. Onyl Torres
  6. Lara Morena
  7. Omar Flores
  8. Natts Everett
  9. Neil Tolentino
  10. Frannie Zamora

Key Points:

  • Plot: Married couple rescues Esme in Kabit, reshaping their lives.
  • Themes: Explores love, fidelity, and desire, challenging societal expectations.
  • Cast: Features Victor Relosa, Angela Morena, Josef Elizalde, Dyessa Garcia, and others.
  • Parents Guide: Implied intimate scenes, minimal violence, mild language, social drinking, and exploration of non-traditional relationships.
  • Release Date: February 16, 2024, in the Philippines, distributed by Vivamax.